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Zac Posen’s Label Is Closing; Here Are His 8 Iconic Creations



Zac Posen has come up with many stunning designs for red carpets in the past two decades. Thus, it comes as a rude shock that his famed label is shutting down. In their statement, they said that the “increasingly challenging fashion and retail landscape” was something the label found difficult to navigate. Here are the beloved celebrities he has styled over the years:

Michelle Obama in Zac Posen

Via The Fashionista

For the White House Correspondents’ dinner in 2015, Michelle Obama wore a glittering grey dress. Her curly bob, paired with heavy dangling earrings and a lovely raspberry lipstick brought her to look together.

Deepika Padukone

Via Google

Deepika Padukone stole hearts with this dramatic pink gown at the 2019 Met Gala. It was 3D printed by Posen and made for the year’s theme – camp. Moreover, a heavy cuff and diamond earrings complimented the Bollywood star’s multi-tiered gown.

Princess Eugenie with Zac

Via Instagram

Princess Eugenie wore Zac Posen for her wedding reception. He posted this adorable photo of him holding up her caped train. Also, the gown had a gauze element to it too. In fact, it has been added to an exhibition about her wedding.



Rihanna wowed us with a dusty rose gown for her very first Annual Diamond Ball benefit. The ruby necklace made her look even more charming. Also, the outfit was inspired by Posen’s own fall collection from two years ago.

Oprah Winfrey

Via Google

Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey went with an off-shoulder Posen creation for the 2011 Oscars. In addition, the sequins and the overall detailing of the dress made for a stunning look.

Nina Dobrev

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Dobrev wore this 3D printed and body-hugging dress by Posen. It was truly one of a kind outfit. It further established Posen as an innovative designer.

Liu Wen

The 2014 Met Gala saw Model Liu Wen in an unforgettable seafoam ball gown by Zac Posen. In fact, the dress was taken from his pre-fall collection for the same year.

Claire Danes


For the 2016 Met Gala, Claire Danes wore a custom made, glow-in-the-dark gown by Posen. It was made using fibre optics and organza. Indeed, Danes looked gorgeous in the powder blue outfit. She paired it with minimal accessories and makeup.

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The Lakme Fashion Week Launches Virtual Showroom



The Lakme Fashion Week

The Lakme Fashion Week has launched a new initiative known as the Virtual Showroom.  This initiative aims to support different fashion designers. In addition, it also supports the artisans and the whole fashion business which has been hit by the Corona Virus Pandemic. For instance, many designers and artisans have seen a great fall in their business owing to the lockdown. Therefore, as a way to boost business and support them, The Lakme Fashion Week has launched the Virtual Showroom.

In addition, The Lakme Fashion Week also aims to promote the “All About India” initiative. With this, it hopes to bring into the limelight sustainable fashion and localisation in the fashion industry. Above all, it supports the homegrown businesses that work together with local craftsmen to bring out the best of fashion.

What is Virtual Showroom?

Under the idea of Virtual Showroom, The Lakme Fashion Week lets the designers and artisans display their works. For instance, any past, present or future work can be put to display. This will help the designers raise up their sales of the stock that could not be sold due to the lockdown. In addition, since the designers can display future works, they get a market for their upcoming works as well.

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Lakmé Fashion week presents the “Virtual Showroom” Ashwath Swaminathan, Head of Innovation at Lakmé quotes, “Under the circumstances, designers will need new ways to reach their buyers and consumers. The virtual showroom is an initiative which can fulfill this need by leveraging technology. The showroom offers many tools to make transacting more transparent and convenient." . Jaspreet Chandok, Head of Lifestyle Businesses, IMG Reliance, states, “With the LFW Virtual Showroom, there’s hope for the fashion world to adapt in new ways that may provide better solutions. We hope that innovations such as these will provide the strength and support our industry is in the need of thereby keeping the Lakmé Fashion Week platform as relevant as it has always been.” . @jaspreetchandok @itsstillash #VirtualShowroom #LakmeFashionWeek #LFW #5DaysOfFashion #coronavirus #pandemic #covid19 #stayhome #staysafe

A post shared by Lakmé Fashion Week (@lakmefashionwk) on

In addition to all this, the best relief is provided by Lakme Fashion Week to the designers by not charging them anything to be a part of this initiative.

The designers can upload their products and pricing. In turn, there will be buyers with pre-approved access to the collections. They will be able to place direct orders to the designers.

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Lakmé Fashion Week presents ‘All About India’, an initiative that aims to bring to light, localisation & sustainability while actively supporting homegrown businesses that work collaboratively with craftsmen to bring their designs to life. Italian born #StefanoFunari is known for approaching fashion with an eco-ethical model which focuses on a ‘triple bottom line’ – analyzing its social, environmental and financial impact and its relationship with each other. Through his premium lifestyle brand ‘I was a Sari’, recipient of India's largest Sustainable Fashion Award – Circular Design Challenge, Stefano attempts to upcycle not just pre-loved & owned saris, but also upcycle the lives of numerous women artisans belonging to the underprivileged communities by empowering them to express their creativity. @i_was_a_sari @r.elan.official @unep @uninindia #MakeFashionGood #AllAboutIndia #LakmeFashionWeek #LFW #5DaysOfFashion #LFWWF19 #20YearsOfLFW #Coronavirus #pandemic #covid19 #stayhome #staysafe

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COVID Impact: Tech Walks The Ramp In Fashion Makeover



Via Pinterest

While COVID-19 seems to disturb the economy, there are fashion companies that are making a new statement through use of technology. Globally, big names such as Joor, Odre are digitalising wholesale and e-commerce experiences. These include introduction of virtual showrooms, catalogues, and 3D imaging. Not only globally, the Indian brands are too seeing a same shift. The industry has started writing new and fresh rules for business, since the pandemic hit, and is seeing a makeover. Moreover, it is pivoting towards remote working, digital draping and trials.

Via Pinterest

Megha Saraogi, co-owner of New Delhi-based tech solution company, Styledotme tells how her phone has been ringing off the hook. The company mainly caters to jewellery companies. Further, she shares how her clients were been secretive about jewellery catalogues. But Covid-19 changed the game. She informs how it is easier to get the iPads sanitized on which the customers can virtually try on their jewellery. She thinks that the next huge thing in jewellery just might be contactless selection and try-ons. Moreover, the company has seen an increase of 150% in inquiries since the beginning of lockdown period. And tells how company has also been getting requests from foreign companies too. In addition to this, she shares the fact that this month may just have been best business month.


Via Pinterest

Another company, BigThinx, Bangalore-based, mentored by Prada, is in midst of working on an e-fashion event. The event is held by a New York technology company Fashinnovation. Further, buyers can easily view digital avatars of the models and then, place online orders, once done with selection from collection. Thus far, the copany is looking forward to international clients. The stats have shown 5x increase in enquiries since beginning of Covid.
The pandemic also brought opportunities for tech companies such as TryndBuy. The company enables customers to try apparel through virtual stylists and trial rooms. Founder Nitin Vats informs that stores only have to rely on manager suggestions made to buyers based on body signs. He further shares his views and mentions the importance of technology in apparel industry in coming months.

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7 Reasons Why Men Should Embrace Pink





Pink and blue weren’t originally gender-specific colors in the earlier times. The color has caused major stigma around the specificity of gender. But the real question is who defined it to be girly? Also who said that men should not wear the color? We are in the 21st century. A major change has to bought about this. We give some major reasons why more men should embrace the color.

1. Pink Used To Be Masculine 

Via The independent

History tells us that pink wasn’t always a feminine color. Men were known to wear silk suits that had floral embroideries. Those outfits were considered very masculine at that time. History also mentions how the color was considered a warlike color since it was resembling red. This fashion and way of thinking got lost as society changed over time. The early 1900s saw the very first pink dress shirt. It become a hit. It was initially meant to target female students but it caught on more with college guys.


2. Don’t Follow The Society’s Norms

Via mankind

If there’s anyone to blame for making it a girly color, it’s the clothing businesses. They made that decision before most of us were even born. Parents started to know a child’s sex from an earlier age. So companies capitalized on this and introduced gender-specific clothing. This would mean that parents could no longer hand down a baby girl’s clothes to a baby boy and vice versa. They’d have to buy a second set. So the tradition of pink is for girls and blue is for boys began.


3. Pink Catches Women’s Attention

Via Pinterest

We know women adore pink. It appears they’ve always loved it even when it was considered masculine. But did you know our biology can sort of explain why? A recent study reveals that the color of girls clothing and toys might’ve been caused by innate bilogical preferences. Among people who like the color blue, women lean towards reddish-purple hues of blue while men prefer greenish-yellow ones. So you want to attract a woman by wearing the color.


4. You Stand Out From Crowd

Via wall-street

Pink has been used to represent power. Ribbons were given to those who ran in the New York survivor race in 1991. A year later, the same kind of ribbon became the official symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was said other events throughout the ‘90s and 2000s brought out a fierce character to the color. So you actually portray a very powerful image in the color. Be a different person and set your own path.


5. It Goes Well With Most Colors


It is a versatile color. The fact is any skin tone works with some shades of it. Men with darker complexions look good in lighter shades such as barbie, cherry blossom and lavender. Meanwhile guys on the fair side can go with deeper shades like purple rose and hot pink. Choosing a right shade of the color is essential as it could either build or break the entire attire. Aside from picking the right shade, wearing it requires steely self-esteem.


6. Pink Works Well For Formals

Via Xacus

Pink makes a great addition to outfits that have brown, khaki, monochrome or dark shades of blue. That’s why it’s appropriate for both formal and casual styles. If you’re more not comfortable, experiment with smaller, subtle pieces that are worn away from the skin such as a pocket square or a pair of pink socks. Another easy option for injecting some personality into formal attire is a pink tie. It is a sure way to up your game.


7. Casuals Are Fun Too

Via Pinterest

Pink is also a romantic color. It’s a blend of red and white which combines passion with purity. So it’s no surprise that many weddings incorporate pink neckties for the groom and groomsmen. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to be out wearing pink. The sun makes it pop out some more and you feel great in it. Try pairing a pink polo shirt with blue jeans, or a pink Oxford shirt with white chinos. These combos allow the color to stand out and give off that warm, youthful vibe.


So wear pink with pride. Let’s save this color from the stigma that came out of business greed. When it’s worn the right way pink makes any good style an awesome one. Also read- 5 Must Own Jeans For Every Woman

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