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Visiting Delhi? Here Are The Best Spots For Pictures



Delhi, the capital of India is a beautiful place to visit. However, if you are visiting Delhi anytime soon, you’ll realise that the beautiful city has so many picturesque spots that you will get confused as to which one to visit and which one to miss! But worry not as we have the perfect guide for you. Just scroll down and go through the following places and you’ll know the places to tick on your next visit to Delhi.

Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village, the beautiful place where you will often spot engaged couples for their pre-bridal shoot. The heritage vibes of the place and the perfect features such as lake, tombs and greenery make it the perfect spot for clicking photos! You must get one good picture clicked here, especially during the sunset. It is pure beauty! You can easily reach there via the Hauz Khas metro.

India Gate

India Gate from the British era. While visiting Delhi, you must visit India Gate. Firstly, to pay respect to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the war for freedom. Secondly, to enjoy your time with friends and family for a picnic, boating, and of course, getting clicked. You will also find many food stalls around it so it is the perfect place for spending your evening and getting some good clicks. You can reach there by getting down at Central Secretariat or Janpath metro station.

Agrasen Ki Baoli

Do you see the view above? Beautiful, isn’t it? Such is the feel of Agrasen Ki Baoli. It is situated on the Halley Road in New Delhi. To reach there, you can get down at Barakhamba Road or Rajiv Chowk metro station. But the places close by 5:30 p.m., so make sure that you reach on time for such beautiful clicks in this 15-meter wide historical step well.

Humayun’s Tomb

Another historic place for getting beautiful pictures is Humayun’s Tomb. Whether it is a couple picture, or some stylish clicks for yourself, this beautiful place near Jor Bagh metro station is the perfect spot for you. The monument from the Mughal era does not fail to impress anybody. It also has huge lawns for somebody who loves getting clicked among the greenery.

Qutub Minar

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F R A M E 😍 . Picture Credits : @starspullingmyhair – Him Vs Me (When you have a social worker wife!) 💑 Mani and I were in the kitchen cooking dinner. I gave him a task to cut vegetables. He was about to cut onions and exclaimed in surprise “Look, this onion is so big. It must be a father onion”. 👫 Me: Whoa! That is so patriarchal. It could be a mother onion as well. (laughing at him😄) 👫 Him: Yes. You right. 💏 Me: It is funny, don’t you think? Anything larger than its usual shape and we automatically say it must be a father. 💕 Him: lol. Yes, it is sad how patriarchal society has programmed our mind. Anything greater is attributed as a male♂️ first. 💞 Me: Whoops! Sorry that you have a social worker wife who brings this gender equality topic in the dinner table. ✨ Him: I am glad to have a wife who advocates for equality and change. 🌠 Mani, coming from a patriarchal Indian society happily chooses to be a feminist and believes in gender equality. He has never till this date said “This is a girl’s job”. Despite the fact, he never had to do any house chores when in India because they have maids helping out. In Sydney, he heartily extends his hand in everything I do. ✨ Feminism for us is respect to all genders and accepting each other as equals in all grounds. I find a man with feminist values to be super sexy. 😜 Do you believe in feminism♀️? What it means to be a feminist for you? #starspullingmyhair . Use #delhiwale to get featured 😊

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This beautiful and tall monument which also a metro station named to it, is well known worldwide. We have also seen many tourists especially visiting Delhi to get clicked at Qutub Minar. Another cultural addition by the Mughals, this place also has many beautiful restaurants and cafes around it which you must visit during the day time.

Yamuna Ghat

Yamuna Ghat, which is near to the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station is a outstanding place for getting pictures clicked. The calm water and the birds flying all around is so magical. Especially, if you visit during the golden hour i.e. the sunrise or the sunset. Another pro tip is get clicked while on a boat in the Yamuna, we assure you will get a perfect shot.

Champa Gali

Looking for a perfect evening with food, shopping, drinks and Instagram worthy pictures? Well, we suggest you visit Champa Gali, which lies near the Saket metro station. You will find there many cute cafes and stores which will fulfil for a checklist for street shopping and perfect evening with delicious meals and drinks. The wall art is pretty famous and you’ll see many influencers getting clicked at the specific spot.

Connaught Place

Shopping, clubbing, movies, eating and what not! Get down at the Janpath or Central Secretariat metro station and enjoy all this at one place. Not just this, the beautifully built during the British rule, Connaught Place has strong pillars and decorative restaurants which means endless pictures coming your way!

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Top 8 LGBT-Friendly Holiday Destinations In The World!




The world has been extremely cruel to people with queer identities. However, there are nations that embrace such humans and support LGBT rights. People in love have often found it hard to convince the world around them, making them understand their love. Meanwhile, there are nations that have always celebrated love for the sake of love, and not discriminating it from “defined notions” of the same.

There are some exotic places on the face of the earth that’ll add to the wonder of your trip with your partner, whoever, they may be. Let’s thus get into naming these amazing places on the face of the earth that’ll be super-fun to be in!

1. The Canary islands


Credits: Two Bad Tourists

The Canary Islands are much known European destinations for the LGBT community. The place is a perfect escape for the people in love with the beaches, the scorching sun and an aesthetic landscape.

The islands across the Spanish archipelago are extremely  liberal to sexuality, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy the LGBT beaches, bars and nightclubs without someone to interrupt you! Moreover, the annual Maspalomas Gay Pride event in Gran Canaria, attracts up to 100,000 attendees, includes a mammoth 10-day celebration that consists of LGBT parades, pool parties and organised boat trips.

2. Berlin


Credits: Travel Gay

Well, Berlin is the dynamic Gay Capital of Germany, and is known for its rich cultural history. The partying atmosphere is way too happening. The bars, clubs and carnivals rather get you hooked in!

Berlin Pride, known as “Christopher Street Day”, is one of the biggest events on Berlin’s LGBT calendar and sees thousands march proudly through this great European city.

3. Zurich


Credits: Travel Gay

Zurich is one of Switzerland’s largest city. Moreover, it offers visitors a colorful sight of LGBT-friendly bars and nightclubs, further complimented by snow-capped Alps in the back drop. The “Zurich Pride Festival”, which takes place between June 15 to 17 this year, is a multi-day event that brings people from all nooks and corners, in to the very heart of Zurich every year. Festival highlights include grand parades, concerts and pro-LGBT rights demonstrations.

4. Sitges


Credits: Sitges Gay Pride

In Spain’s Catalonia region, to the southwest of Barcelona, lies the coastal town of Sitges. Your go-to events in Sitges include the annual “Gay Pride Sitges” which includes a customised enticing, little village with places to eat, drink and party, right in front of the setting and the rising sun.

5. Israel

Credits: ISRAEL21c

Israel be the only tolerant places in the Middle-East that is notoriously gay-friendly. Tel Aviv is the country’s second city, famous for the queer nightlife, and also for the fact that it hosts a grand Pride Celebration, that too, funded by the Government. Same sex people can be seen doing all the normal things, enjoying the aesthetics, the beaches, and parties.

6. Sydney


Credits: Sydney Star Observer

Sydney has its own queer, cultural history that keeps reiterating itself. Newton, the city’s primary area for queer women, is a true revelation. Moreover, The Mclver’s Ladies Bath are the only women-baths remaining in Australia, and a big hit with the Sapphic set. However, the main hub for LGBTQ+ activity is seen around Oxford Street in Darlinghurst, but shopping, bars, and venues for queer interests are found across in the inclusive city!

7. Brighton


Credits: Pinterest

It’s the “hippy” city in UK that welcomes each and everyone falling under the rainbow flag. The nightlife is super duper fun, along with the Pride festivities. Even Britney Spears seems to have made her appearance in the festivities, in one of the August parties.

8. Lesbos


Credits: Matador Network

Women seem to have migrated in this ancient city, and have rather served for the name, “Lesbos coming from Lesbian”. The annual Eressos International Women’s Festival is a two week celebration embracing women in love with other women.

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Wardrobe Essentials You Need To Pack On Every Trip!




Who doesn’t love to travel? I highly doubt there’s any person out there who can say that he/she doesn’t enjoy traveling. If you’re someone lost in Wanderlust and loves exploring new places, you must have to pack a lot. And packing can be quite the task. However there are a few essentials that you need to pull out of your wardrobe and pack every time!

These, basically are wardrobe essentials that you need to pack on every trip. So, you too can pre-plan a capsule travel wardrobe that is all-weather- and all-occasion- appropriate! Stock up on these travel essentials so that you, too, can eat, pray, love your way through any travel destination without any stress.

These are the wardrobe essentials that you need-

1. All Rounder flats

Let’s start with the shoes. You need something comfortable, that you can wear on the plane or that doesn’t take up too much room in your suitcase, and that goes with multiple outfits. Versatile flats are the best option! They are nice enough to wear out in the evening and super comfortable to double as a minimalist daytime walking shoe.



2. Black pants

Next up on our list is the perfect fitted black pant or tights. Slim black pants that you can dress up for a night out and that are comfortable enough to wear on the plane  are a necessary component of your wardrobe essential travel bag.


Credits- Pinterest

3. Neutral tee

Of course you’ll need a basic tee that’s a perfect layer and also nice enough to be worn alone. The key to this piece is to find a tee that won’t stretch out easily and that has a slightly fitted shape.


Credits- Pinterest

4. Little Black Dress

The little black dress is so often named as a wardrobe essential, that listing it in our recommendations for a travel wardrobe will come as no surprise. Think of the simple black dress as your foundation to layer upon your personality with jewelry and scarves —  items that take up very little room in your suitcase.

Credits- Fame Cherry

5. Tote bag

Next you need a large tote bag to carry on the plane. And also, to hold all of those fabulous souvenirs you’ll no doubt pick up on your travels. You can go for a zippered one, or an open tote for easy access.

Credits- UrbanSouthern

6. Over sized wrap

An over sized wrap is the smartest thing you can carry with yourself on a trip! It can help you stay comfortable and keep you warm, and at the same time make you look chic and stylish! This is a must have.

Credits- Gorgeuatiful

So, do you think these items made it to your travel essentials list? For other travel related articles check out

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Travel Podcasts That’ll Give You Serious Wanderlust



Finding a good reason to travel isn’t hard. Actually getting out on the open road and committing your time and hard-earned money to travel is where it gets a little more difficult. Where to go? What to do? Can I really sleep in a hotel with 20 other people? Is street food safe? These are all legitimate questions to ask. For the answers, there are scores of travel podcasts out there to help you plan a trip, large or small. The best among these answer the hardest questions honestly. They’re where practical guides meet some enchanting storytelling.

1. Flight of Fancy

Hosted by travel journo Ben Groundwater, Flight of Fancy offers 30-minute episodes on just about everything you could want to hear in a travel podcast. Listen to Aussie Ben who talks about everything from scary travel moments to various travel tips & hacks in 30 or 40-minute podcast sessions. Very easy to listen to and it won’t take much of your time. Each week he interviews travel professionals on topics like terrifying border crossings, cliched travel experiences (that are still totally worth doing), and how travel can mend a broken heart.


2. This week in travel

This Week in Travel is a weekly travel podcast hosted by Gary Arndt, Chris Christensen, and Jen Leo. Started in 2009 it has become one of the most popular travel podcasts on the internet. It is a three-time NATJA medalist for “Best Podcast”. This Week in Travel keeps up with all the industry gossip and news, via a weekly chat with travel industry heavyweights. If you want to keep your finger on the travel pulse, tune in to Chris, Gary and Jen as they chew the fat on what’s going on in the world of adventure and travel trends.


3. Amateur Traveler

The Amateur Traveler is a travel show that focuses primarily on the question -where to travel to and what to do when you get there. It includes both a weekly audio podcast and a twice-monthly video podcast. It also includes travel news and resources. Amateur Traveler is all about destinations, which makes it pretty handy for those suffering from the travel version of Kid-in-a-Candy-Store Syndrome. Chris started the show in 2005 and he’s racked up an amazing database of over 600 episodes, all chock-full of useful info on a particular spot.

4. Zero to Travel

If your ears are after something a bit more esoteric, Jason from Zero to Travel regularly digs down into what travel is, why we do it, and how we can do it better. Throw in a few tips on offbeat travel methods and episodes devoted to answering listener questions and you’ve got an inspiring mix for the train commute home. Whether you’re a travel newbie trying to figure out a way to explore the world, an occasional traveller longing to make your holiday every day or a seasoned traveller seeking unique ways to continue wandering you’re all welcome here!


4. Women Who Travel

Hosted by the editors of Conde Nast Traveler, Women Who Travel is a high-five to globe-trotting women around the world, and deep dives into what it’s like travelling as a woman. It started out as a Facebook group, where women could share stories, advice and ask questions, but quickly grew into a fortnightly podcast about the highs and lows of travel. It’s fun and informative and covers a huge range of topics. This podcast once started out with a Facebook group where women across the globe could exchange travel experiences. It became so popular, that they decided to create this hub of travel information. From planning the ultimate road trip, why to travel solo, to the best destinations for 2020.


5. The Budget-Minded Traveler

Are you interested in travelling more this coming year but don’t want to break the bank? Listen to The Budget-Minded Traveler. Jackie interviews guests on interesting (and cheap) travel destinations anyone can take with practical tips on how to travel the world on a budget. The Budget-Minded Traveler offers listeners destination inspiration and practical tips to get their travel goals off the ground, without blowing their whole budget. Hosted by Jackie Nourse, each episode interviews guests about their super-interesting travel experiences. Travel the world pocket-friendly using some of the best ideas through these podcasts.


6. The Thought Card


Hosted by Danielle Desir, this podcast focuses on world travel, paying off debt, and building wealth. Danielle gives her audience the confidence to make smart financial decisions that will allow them to accomplish both their travel and financial goals. Give the episode with Denis O’Brien a listen. He is the founder of Chain of Wealth and shares his tips on how to create passive income. Danielle shares with her readers and listeners how to creatively save money, and also gives practical travel and budgeting tips. Based in Connecticut, Danielle is a Grants Manager who managed to pay off 44 lakhs worth of student debt in just four years while still managing to save for a house and travel the world on her own terms.

7. Chronicles Abroad Podcasts


Hosts Nubia Younge and Frantzce Lys highlight their experiences living abroad as well as those of others who took risks to live their dream to be location independent. Don’t miss the episode with Yan and Lee, a couple who decided to pay off their debts and live abroad. They had graduated from college but found it difficult to find jobs in the United States, so they took matters into their own hands they got jobs overseas! Even though they initially had little travel experience, In 2016 Frantzces embarked on a journey half-way across the world and lived abroad for three years. They’ve been to 17 countries.

8. Extra Pack of Peanuts


What happens when you get two people passionate about travel together for an audio interview? They talk. A lot. So much that it requires few podcasts to get through. Gotta love the podcasts whose host who knows when to keep the tape running, and how to make it fit the format of his audience. This is a great podcast for travellers who want to stay on a budget while on the road. Travis, who hosts the show, interviews nomads, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who give insight and firsthand tips on how to embark on your own affordable adventures. Give the -7 Lessons Learned episode with Travis and Heather a listen. They share what they have learned from living a location independent life for seven years.


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