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Try Music Therapy To Rejuvenate Your Soul



Music Therapy

Music is evidently the only medium which is processed in the entire brain.

It’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t feel a strong connection to music. Even if you can’t carry a tune or play an instrument, you can probably reel off a list of songs that evoke happy memories and raise your spirits. Surgeons have long played their favorite music to relieve stress in the operating room. They also extending music to patients has been linked to improved surgical outcomes. In the past few decades, music therapy has played an increasing role in all facets of healing.


What is Music Therapy?

music therapy

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This is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish goals by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. It is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. After assessing the strengths and needs of each client, the qualified music therapist provides the treatment including creating, singing, moving to, and/or listening to music. Through musical involvement in the therapeutic context, clients’ abilities are strengthened and transferred to other areas of their lives.


Music therapy is much more complicated than playing records in nursing homes. Therapists are trained in psychology, group interaction, and the special needs of the elderly.


How Music Therapy Helps Children? 

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Study proves that music therapy enhances the efficiency and concentration of children while doing mental tasks. Specific background music in a class of growing children, for instance, can be helpful in increasing their concentration on education, while helping reduce aggressive behavior. Scientific music therapy also enhances the mathematics skills and attentiveness of students.


It Can Restore Lost Speech 

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Music therapy can help people who are recovering from a stroke or traumatic brain injury that has damaged the left-brain region responsible for speech. Because singing ability originates in the right side of the brain, people can work around the injury to the left side of their brain by first singing their thoughts and then gradually dropping the melody.


 Pain Relief Gets Easier With Music

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Music therapy has been tested in a variety of patients, ranging from those with intense short-term pain to those with chronic pain from arthritis. Overall, music therapy decreases pain perception. It reduces the amount of pain medication needed, helps relieve depression in pain patients. Additionally, it gives them a sense of better control over their pain.


Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Philosophers from ancient times, such as Aristotle knew about the benefits of therapy for stress. The buzz has always been around. However, the scientific and psychological implications for modern-day medicine were initially proposed by Sigmund Freud. Music therapy can help reduce the effects of stress and anxiety in a variety of ways. It can improve one’s mood, self-esteem, vitality and personality.


How Does This Work?

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Physiologically and neurologically, this is processed throughout your entire brain. It has this really great power on healing, both emotional healing, physical healing, social healing. Then there is the idea that music is kind of a universal phenomenon. Everyone has some idea of music, from newborn infants to preborn infants, all the way through to the very elderly.

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Harry Potter At Home With Your Favorite Celebs!



Harry Potter At Home

Famous celebs and film personalities from around the world have come together. Above all, the purpose of this union is even more exciting. Celebrities from around the world have got together for an initiative, Harry Potter At Home.

What is Harry Potter At Home?

Happy Potter At Home is a hub where one can find the latest magical treats. For instance, there are special contributions from Scholastic and Bloomsbury. In addition, there are various craft videos, quizzes, articles, puzzles and much more. There are many exciting activities for newbies as well as for those well versed for the wizarding world.

The Book

Under the initiative of Harry Potter At Home, the celebs are reading the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/ Sorcerer’s Stone.


Chapter 1 by Daniel Radcliff

Harry Potter At Home


The narration of Harry Potter by Harry himself! Wow! Isn’t that just amazon. Firstly Daniel has left us all awestruck with his portrayal of Harry Potter. Now he is all set to woo us with his narration of Harry Potter.

Chapter 2 by Noma Dumezweni

Chapter 3 by Eddie Redmayne 

The third chapter of the book, The Letters From No One is read by Eddie Redmayne.

Chapter 4 by Stephen Fry 

Stephen Fry took up the task of introducing the listeners to Rubeus Hagrid. For instance, it is a pleasure to hear the vivid description of Hagrid arriving with a birthday cake, a pink umbrella. Most importantly, he brings to Harry a news that will change his life forever.

Chapter 5 by Simon Callow, Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch

The chapter 5 of the book, Daigon Alley takes us through the most exciting and magical trip of Harry’s life in this session of Harry Potter At Home.

Chapter 6 by The Cursed Child Broadway Cast

This reading of Harry Potter At Home is a special one. For instance, it is read by the Broadway Cast of The Cursed Child. Further, it is about The Journey From Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

Chapter 7 by Olivia Colman, Jonathan Van Ness and Kate McKinnon

The seventh chapter of the series is about The Sorting Hat.

Chapter 8 by Alia Bhatt and Alec Baldwin

The Potions Master, which is the eighth chapter is read by our very own Alia Bhatt. To accompany her there is Alec Baldwin. In addition, there is a treat for us as Alec is joined by his daughter as well.

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Best Adventure Movies Ever Made



Via Pinterest

With the world reeling under the coronavirus outbreak, going on an adventure trip seem like a very distant site. Although, you can always have some adventure virtually by binge-watching some great adventure movies.

Here are some brilliant movies that will take you on a fun roll. Moreover, it will escape you into a new adventure journey making the things happier compared to the ones we are living in right now!

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 

The first film from the Hobbit trilogy by Peter Jackson divided audiences, but it was one of the best films with an adventure at its heart. Our hero, Martin Freeman’s Bilbo Baggins, is forcibly thrown into a quest of dwarves by Sir Ian McKellen’s crafty wizard Gandalf to reclaim their homeland, and yet we later discover that the hobbit ostensibly staying-at-home had an adventurous streak.
Adventure movies

Picture Courtesy- Business Insider

2. The Lord of the Rings 

The epic of all epics by Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings was based on a hefty tome of the same name by JRR Tolkien. It mixed brilliant storytelling, spectacular visual effects and pitch-perfect casting
to tell the everlasting battle against evil an emotionally heavy story.
Adventure movies

Picture Courtesy- Economic Times

3. Indiana Jones 

The quintessential adventure film, one of the Indiana Jones film is hard to pick. A poll a few years ago deemed Harrison Ford ‘s fictional archaeology professor to be the most famous character in the series, beating Batman and his own Han Solo. It is easy to understand why. Indiana Jones lives the fantasies of many lifetimes. 

Adventure movies

Picture Courtesy- Cinema Blend

4. The Man Who Would Be King

Starring two British film giants, Sean Connery and Michael Caine, The Man Who Would Be King has been adapted by John Huston and Gladys Hill from the eponymous novella Rudyard Kipling. The two legends play the part of the non-commissioned officers of the British Army who embark on a little adventure and end up in Kafiristan after they meet dacoits, elemental powers, and so on. It is indeed an adventure movie!
Adventure movies

Picture Courtesy- Indian Express

 5. The Goonies 

The classic adventure movie involving a bunch of children discovering an old map which aims to uncover a legendary pirate’s treasure. The kids are determined to save their homes from foreclosure, calling themselves the Goonies, and think this treasure can be a way out of the problem. Although, their trail features a whole family of criminals.

Picture Courtesy- Indian Express

6. Up

There is no other Pixar movie that has the same effect as Up. Ok, maybe with Coco aside. The movie is such an incredible and unlikely concoction of sorrow and joy. Moreover, the characters and plot are outstandingly well-written. The film keeps it straightforward enough for a kid to understand in the classic Pixar style, but everything in the film can cater to the hardest-bitten adult.

Picture Courtesy-

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Top B-Town Celebs Who Are Also Staunch Vegans



Veganism is all set to be the top food trend of 2020. Scores of people are turning away from having animal products and adopting a healthy style of living. The concept of veganism is not new, but it has received a lot of limelight lately and we have to thank the Indian celebs for its popularity. Here is the list of hottest celebs from B-Town who are part of the vegan community.


1. Sonam Kapoor 

Via DNA India

Recently Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor was named the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India’s Person of the Year for 2018. The diva is not only an advocate of animal welfare but also keeps animal skins out of her handbag line for her fashion brand Rheson. She is also a staunch follower of veganism. Sonam Kapoor has revealed that she is iodine deficient. The actress took to Instagram to announce the news. Sonam is a vegan and says that the easiest way to fulfil the Iodine need of the body is table salt.


2. Virat Kohli

Via Free press journal

Virat Kohli who is hitting 30, is also among the vegan club of athletes and celebs. The Indian cricket team captain recently adopted veganism in October. He went through a major fitness transformation after deciding to steer away from animal-based products. Kohli even admitted that the change in his food habit has improved his game. He isn’t missing meat, eggs or dairy, he says.The nation’s biggest sports star eats only plants. The Delhi boy and self-confessed lover of all things makhani is now completely off dairy.

3. Kangana Ranaut


One of the most acclaimed actresses of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut turned vegan in 2013. Prior to this, she was a non-vegetarian. The B-town diva ditched dairy-based products after she realised that it was giving her acidity. She is very vocal about her take on veganism and cow slaughtering. Kangana Ranaut was once a hardcore non-vegetarian, then turned vegetarian and then vegan. ” I realised that consuming dairy products was not agreeing with me and was giving me acidity. Hence, I switched to being a vegan”, She says.


4. Aamir Khan & Kiran Rao 


Via Huffpost

Star wife and a producer, director, and writer of B-town, Kiran Rao is also a vegan. She gave up animal meat and dairy product for the good of her health. Following his wife’s footstep, Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist also chose to change his food habits. Aamir decided to go vegan in 2015. He took the decision after his wife showed him a video about the common diseases caused by consuming animal products and how a diet change can prevent them.


5. Sonakshi Sinha

Via Daily times

The Dabangg actress turned vegan because of her love for animals. She confessed to have shed a lot of weight after adopting the new food style and had said that vegan diet helped boost her metabolism. Sticking to a vegan diet has worked wonders for Sonakshi Sinha. The actress has lost much of her weight and is in great shape. She also revealed that she made the switch to boost her body’s metabolism to a great extent. She completely transformed herself after the switch.


6. Jacqueline Fernandes


Via DNA India

Jacqueline has been quite vocal about animal cruelty and has been following meat and dairy-free diet from several years now. She has apparently also started a restaurant in Mumbai to serve people healthy vegan food. She also supports many NGOs and other organisations that support veganism and condemns animal cruelty.


7. Neha Dhupia 


Via DNA India

Veganism is taking popular leaps in the world, and several B-Town celebrities have turned to adopted this lifestyle. One of them is the former Miss India pledged to protect the environment and animal by adopting veganism. Neha opted for plant-based foods and even helped PETA launch their V-Card, India’s first-ever discount savings card for vegans.

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