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Best Of Falguni Shane Peacock: Kim K To Kareena K



The dynamic duo- Falguni Peacock and Shane Peacock own a designer luxury clothing line on their names- Falguni Shane Peacock! Their haute-couture epitomises meticulous use of exquisite feathers, sequence and prints. From bridal ensembles to western wear, they stitch everything. Their elaborate gowns, feathery shoulders, garment construction and crystals-studded lehengas, their creations are all about unique elegance in a wide range of colours and silhouettes. Not only Bollywood but Hollywood celebrities have donned their pieces as well.  The brand’s red-carpet-worthy gowns with metallic embellishments and sweeping trails seamlessly blend elegance with eccentricity.

Recently, they launched their pret collection on their e-store, ahead of the opening of their pret store in Mumbai. Called The Tuscan Tour, it is inspired by the spirit of an Italian summer and features loungewear essentials such as maxis, tunic and bomber jackets.

10 Times Celebs Dazzled In Falguni Shane Peacock:


1. Britney Spears


Shane peacock posted a picture recently. He wrote that, Britney Spears in our gold bodysuit on her latest album cover. I hope you turn #moodring up sooooo loud.


2. Alejandra Espinoza



Alejandra Espinoza is a Mexican- American model who sported a red couture gown.

3. Kareena Kapoor Khan



Dripped in gold, Kareena Kapoor Khan turned a showstopper for Falguni and Shane Peacock. Her bronze make-up and minimalistic jewellery completed her look.

4. Sara Ali Khan



Sara Ali Khan dressed in the peacock signature ensemble as she walked their show as a showstopper for the Indian Couture Week, 2019. This marked the actress’ ramp debut.


5. Beyonce



Donning a couture handcrafted metallic gown with a gold train, Beyonce and Blue Ivy (her daughter) turned heads in Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles in 2018.  The gown was specially crafted for the singer by Falguni and Shane Peacock.


6. Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian West also garnered attention when she wore the golden dress made by the peacock duo for the Vogue Magazine shoot. She looked absolutely stunning.

7. Amanda Cerny




The witty internet sensation Amanda Cerny rules our hearts, and is often seen sharing the same screen with Indian Youtubers. She also posed for the Peacock Magazine for the April issue. Moreover, she is called Jacqueline Fernandez’s twin.


8. Ananya Pandey




Student Of The Year 2 actor, Ananya Pandey got the glittery opportunity to be on the cover of the Peacock Magazine. Her blingy black-bow dramatic gown and the light floral dress absolutely grabbed eyeballs. The tiny details like the beaded hoops absolutely accentuated her look. The makeup was beautifully done with nude-toned lip shade and smoky kohl.

9. Gwen Stefani



Gwen Stefani slayed in custom-made Peacock Couture several times. Moreover, Shane Peacock tweeted, “Popstar and Voice coach Gwen Stefani in a custom-made Falguni Shane Peacock golden bodysuit with exaggerated sleeves, as she performed her hit song ‘Rich Girl’ to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release of Stefani’s multiplatinum debut solo album, ‘Love.Angel.Music.Baby. (LAMB).”

10. Huda Kattan Of Huda Beauty

Hud Kattan rules the beauty industry. Her cosmetics and products like are raved and are more expensive than any drugstore brand. She also dazzled in Peacock dress for the cover of Vogue. Huda, the founder of Huda Beauty reposted the image with the caption

“Vogue India turned me into a water fairy.”

I might not be where I want to be yet but I get closer every day. Ardent reader. Fervid junk eater. Hail Hydra!

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The Worst Red Carpet Appearances Of All Time



Red carpet appearances are the perfect opening for Bollywood stars to show off their style while also setting fashion goals, but seldom things don’t go out as intended. With styling and fashion picks gone terribly wrong, red carpets are also where the worst sartorial decisions are evident.

From all-over glitz to underwhelming gown ensembles, here’s taking a glimpse at some of the worst red carpet arrivals in Bollywood:

Shilpa Shetty


Shilpa Shetty is habitually dressed up to nines in her flawless dresses, but at the Red Carpet of Beauty Awards in Mumbai last year, the actor’s Reema Acra gown didn’t match up. The bling, the semi-sheer element, the dual-tone and that glossy hairstyle gave in to a rather disappointing red carpet look.


Deepika Padukone


Recall Deepika Padukone’s Cannes 2019 look that gave direction to a number of memes? The lime-green tulle gown by Giambattista Valli had many layers to it, complete with sleeves that didn’t seem right. The headscarf and the bows on the gown certainly did nothing to add anything to the couture outfit, making it a case of red carpet style gone horribly wrong.


Sonam Kapoor


Sometimes, even Bollywood’s fashionista Sonam Kapoor can go wrong, and her red carpet look from a few years back is testimony to it. Opting for a neon-green gown with pink bikini top was a big no-no! Moreover, Sonam Kapoor’s peacocky eye-makeup was a blunder as it didn’t compliment her outfit at all. Sonam Kapoor’s fashion goof-ups make us wonder is that the same style icon we all adore.


Kiara Advani


Draped in an appliqué yellow gown by designer duo Pankaj & Nidhi, Kiara Advani’s red carpet appearance failed to dazzle. With plenty of things going improper aesthetically—placement sheer element, embellishment and tassels, the Bollywood actor could’ve given this one a miss for her excursion. The gown had a sheer bodice and Kiara worked every bit of that look. Furthermore, she was compared to the yellow sticky note pad. HAHA!


Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Padnekar was dressed in a fringed cape cinched at the waist which did nothing to oomph her style. Opting out of the usual gowns, the actress opted out of glamour as well. And yes, those sneakers should’ve been left far behind.

Rani Mukerji


For a rare awards excursion, Rani Mukerji moved out in all the glitz you could believe, and the result was not one of our favourite appearances. The ill-fitted jacket and the all-over metallic bling could have definitely been bypassed if you had asked us. She was massively trolled for this and people advised her that she needed a stylist.


Priyanka Chopra


As someone who is constantly setting style goals, Priyanka Chopra doesn’t go wrong with her sartorial preferences. Nevertheless, Priyanka’s lavender Fendi Couture dress had a sheer, scalloped skirt while Nick stayed traditional in a sharp black suit at the Chopard Love event. This lavender dress wasn’t appreciated by the netizens. Moreover, her first public impression post her wedding with Nick Jonas didn’t work in her favour as well.


Check this out:


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Most Expensive Masks- You Wouldn’t Believe The Prices




Well, you probably won’t be buying these masks because of their criminally high prices. Even though they probably serve the same purpose as your Rs.100 or Rs.200 Masks. These are just purely for aesthetics. Made from finely crafted materials, you wouldn’t even want to wear it and ruin it. Nonetheless, here’s a compilation of the most expensive masks we found for you on the internet.


D Kushalbhai Jewellers – ₹4 lakh

Most Expensive Mask

via- MobyGeek

The Surat-based D Kushalbhai Jewellers have been adding luxurious sparkle to regular N95 masks with gold and diamonds. The owner Dipak Chokshi reportedly told the publication that the idea came to them as customers are now demanding masks to wear at weddings. These can cost you anywhere between ₹1.5 lakh to ₹4 lakh. They also have cheaper options that begin at ₹70,000. The masks are reportedly reusable and washable. Moreover, Chokshi said that people are considering these masks as investments because the jewellers have offered to turn the studs into bracelets, rings or necklaces in the future. This belongs at No.1 as it makes the most expensive masks.


Gold Mask from Pune – ₹3 lakh (approx)

Most Expensive Maks

via- The Tribune

Recently, a Pune-based businessman who thought to himself that creating one mask that costs the same as the price of 175,000 disposable masks and over 700 PPEs was a good idea. Shankar Kurade, from the Pimpri-Chinchwad area, seems to have an obsession with gold and wanted to have a mask built out of the yellow metal after he saw a Karnataka-based man wear one in pure silver. This bizarre idea cost this 49-year-old man a staggering ₹3 lakh, according to The Economic Times. However, it does go well with his various bracelets, rings and gold chains.

BAPE – ₹15,015

BAPE 1st Camo Shark Mask Yellow -

via- StockX

In case you’re unaware, BAPE, or A Bathing Ape, is a Japanese streetwear brand. It has been very popular for its sartorial geniuses. Identified with its iconic shark teeth logo, this brand has collaborated extensively with everyone from Coca Cola to Wiz Khalifa, is all the rage right now. While they don’t have an official store in India, you can get your hands on the goods from websites like StockX, Grailed or eBay. This particular model is going for ₹15,015 a pop.

Off White – ₹14,940

Most Expensive Masks

via- StockX

Another mask that we loved on Farfetch came from none other than the streetwear brand, Off White. This one is made with 100 per cent cotton, it is ergonomically designed to fit you comfortably and can be machine washed. This mask is cool and can make you look like a hypebeast without much effort. You can also cop this from StockX.

Who said safe can’t be stylish?

Supreme – ₹19,500

Most Expensive Masks

via- StockX

Supreme is also an extremely popular hype beast brand. Firstly popularized by musical genius, ‘Tyler, the creator.’ Many of the Bollywood celebrities are also spotted wearing Supreme merch on the daily. May it be shoes, t-shirts, caps. jackets and even masks! Supreme merch value always sky-rockets for reselling. That is why people need to buy it from stores at a much cheaper rate. But Supreme merch always sells out under minutes. You need to be really quick and really lucky to get your hands on stuff by Supreme.


Thanks for reading  🙂

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Velvet Saga- The Story Of The Gorgeous Material



This sumptuous fabric can be elegant and luxurious. Soft, elegant, classy, and fashionable is what velvet is all about. This fabric is one that would never fade out of style ever. You get them in various styles to wear and carry around, and in many ways too. From bags to shoes, clothes to sarees, jumpsuits, overalls and more, the velvet will always rock the fashion scene. Velvet fits well into casual looks, especially if you want to give them a fashionable twist.

What Is Velvet?


Velvet is a soft, luxurious fabric. It is characterized by a dense pile of evenly cut fibers that have a smooth nap. Velvet has a beautiful drape and a unique soft and shiny appearance. This is due to the characteristics of the short pile fibers. Velvet fabric is popular for evening wear and dresses for special occasions, as the fabric was initially made from silk. Cotton, linen, wool, mohair, and synthetic fibers can also be used to make velvet. Velvet is also a fixture of home decor, where it’s used as upholstery fabric, curtains, pillows, and more.

It Is Versatile 


Velvet is intimidating for sure. The fabric feels and looks more luxurious than most textiles, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less adaptable in the home. Because it’s available in such a wide array of forms from large pieces such as upholstered beds to smaller options like throw pillows, you can go all out or keep it simple. It also transcends trends and styles beautifully.

It’s Easy to Clean

via architectural digest

The simplest way to maintain your velvet is to incorporate it into your regular cleaning routine. When vacuuming the carpet, use the hand-held nozzle on any velvety pieces to get up dirt that might be caught inside the pile. As far as spills are concerned, it is often treated with stain repellents, so you should be able to gently dab the liquid up with a damp towel. It does get a little trickier once the stain has dried.

Velvet Bags Are Classy 


via pinterest

A velvet bag is a perfect way to use the material in your everyday outfit. Not only is it soft to the touch, but the material itself can be cut into a number of different sizes, giving you the perfect choice of material with a wide range of colours and fittings. In addition to this, the material allows for customisation such as badges and embroidered patches to showcase your own style and add an element of customisation. Simply pick your favourite colour and away you go!

Classy Dresses


No matter what the fashion scene out there would be like, this as a fabric will never ever fade out. Dresses made from velvet will always be in vogue, especially when autumn and winter seasons are around. They create a very elegant look for sure and they keep you warm from the icy winds out there. There are many colors in which the material can come.

Sarees Are Great Too

via Girlicious Beauty

If not a whole velvet saree, you can have a sari which is lightly colored and the pallu could be in the material. This would be a great fashion statement to wear and flaunt, don’t you think? There are even semi-stitched saris available these days that have borders made from the material. You can even have a netted saree paired with a velvet blouse.

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