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Tenet: What The Critics Have To Say



Tenet is a 2020 action-thriller and spy-fi film written and directed by Christopher Nolan, who produced it with Emma Thomas. A co-production between the United Kingdom and the United States, it stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Michael Caine, and Kenneth Branagh. So The plot follows a secret agent (Washington) as he manipulates the flow of time to prevent World War III. Nolan took more than five years to write the screenplay after deliberating about Tenets central ideas for over a decade.

So, Tenet is yet to release on September 18, 2020. Though delayed time and time again due to COVID-19, most critics have already seen it. As it has hit the big screen over 70 countries. There has been a lot of controversies around it, as people and critics seem to find it quite polarizing. But after all, it’s Christopher Nolan. It’s his signature to make controversial and polarizing movies. But let’s read what the critics had to say…


IMDb- 7.9/10


via- No Film School

“Armed with only one word, Tenet, and fighting for the survival of the entire world, a Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time.”


Rotten Tomatoes- 74% (Tomatometer), 77% (Audience Score)


via- NDTV Gadgets 360

“A visually dazzling puzzle for film lovers to unlock, Tenet serves up all the cerebral spectacle audiences expect from a Christopher Nolan production.”


Times Of India- 4/5 Stars

Mixed reviews

via- Los Angeles Times

“The film’s screenplay keeps underlining and explaining its layered plot about technology that can reverse time. Thankfully, it does so with stunning cinematography (Hoyte Van Hoytema) and action-packed scenes that are executed with a natural flair and finesse. The idea of going back in time where everything moves in reverse, creates a visually appealing imagery. And the original background score (Ludwig Göransson) is so unique and immersive that it builds just the right amount of urgency and tension.”


The Guardian- 5/5 Stars


via- Junkee

“Go with it, and Christopher Nolan’s high-concept action romp will leave you ripping off your face mask for air. Even as you wonder what it was all about”


Empire- 4/5 Stars


via- Hollywood News


“The blams come thick and fast. Tenet, in fact, might be Christopher Nolan’s blammiest film yet. BLAM! A terrifying thing just happened. BLAM! A shocking moment of revelation. BLAM! Here’s a speedboat. (There really is a massive blam accompanying an otherwise ordinary shot of two people on a speedboat.)”


Some user reviews from Metacritic- 7.7/10 (Average)

A perfect 10-

“Tenet is Christopher Nolan’s Magnum Opus. On the technical side, few films in history have anything like the action of this film. Every Scene is Magic, and you will think, “How making this is even possible?”. And that “No Green Screen” rule is paying off.”

Also, a Zero-

“Probably the worst movie I’ve ever seen in a theatre. This review would contain spoilers if I had any clue what the hell was going on. So I’ll keep this short and sweet. The music is so loud you can’t hear the dialogue and every other person had an accent which doesn’t help when you are fighting to hear the words.”

So, here are the extreme polarizing reviews. Now, it’s time for you to decide if you’ll be watching Tenet or not. Because I definitely will be!

Thanks for reading!

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Indian Web Series Based On True Events



Indian Web Series
Via Pinterest

Indian streaming platforms are rife with real-life related content. The OTT platforms have been providing viewers with a semi-fictionalized account of real-life events, be it SonyLIV’s Avrodh: The Siege Inside or Netflix’s Delhi Crime. So, if you want to watch some serious content based on real-life events find below our list of Indian web series which are based on true events.

Indian web series that took inspiration from real-life events:

The Verdict: State vs Nanavati

Streaming on: ALTBalaji, ZEE5

The Verdict: State vs Nanavati borrows their storey from the notorious case of KM Nanavati vs Maharashtra state. It focuses on the murder case of 1959. Moreover, it distinguishes the 10 episode web series is that it not only observes the true tale but also uses the actual names of those involved.

Avrodh: The Siege Within

Streaming on: SonyLIV

Avrodh: Streaming on SonyLIV, Siege Inside recounts the preparation that went into the decision of the Indian government to avenge the killing of 19 soldiers at the Uri Army base camp with surgical strikes on terrorist launch pads across the Line of Control (LoC). Further, the plot of the nine-episode web series is comparable to the 2019 National Award-winning film Uri: The Surgical Attack, it is quite different in treatment.


Streaming on: ZEE5

Inspired by a true storey, Kaafir is set in Kashmir, starring Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina in the leading roles. The web series is directed by Sonam Nair and written by Bhavani Iyer. In addition, it tells the storey of a woman from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Kainaz Akhtar, who ends up in a prison in India and is branded a militant.

Delhi Crime

Streaming on: Netflix

The Netflix series of seven episodes brings us back to the horrific rape that occurred in Delhi in 2016. It highlights how the Delhi police nabbed the six men responsible for the murder. What makes Delhi Crime a great binge-watch is its competent Shefali Shah-led cast and Richie Mehta’s crisp narrative. Indeed, it’s one of Netflix’s best Indian series.


Streaming on: ZEE5

The first episode of ZEE5’s crime thriller Abhay took inspiration from the horrific account of serial killings, cannibalism, sexual assault and necrophilia. Which held in Nithari, a small village in the Noida suburbs that had left everyone shocked in 2006.


Streaming on: Netflix

The tale of Jamtara-Sabka Number Ayega is based on real events in the town of Jamtara, Jharkhand, linked to phishing scams. A gang of school dropouts led by Sunny Mondal rob people of their money by posing as employees of respectable firms. Moreover, to extract personal information including passwords and credit card numbers.

Special Ops

Streaming on: Disney+ Hotstar 

Disney Plus+ Hotstar spy drama Special Operations, led by Kay Kay Menon, draws inspiration from many terrorist attacks. Mainly the ones that have taken place in India over the past 19 years. Beginning with the attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001, it continues to pursue the one mastermind behind 26/11 attacks and terror attacks in Kashmir.

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Salman Khan’s SK27 Gym Opens In Vasant Vihar, Delhi



Salman Khan is known for his chiselled physique and brawny body. And yes, he was the one who started the trend of going shirtless in Bollywood. Bhai is all about fitness. From regularly sharing his workout routine to cycling on the streets of Mumbai, he promotes the importance of keeping fit. We all know that he is a gym enthusiast, never skipping his gym workout even after having such a hectic schedule. A lot of his male fans love his body and strive to attain those abs and cuts. Well, good news for them as Salman Khan has just opened a new gym in New Delhi: SK27 Gym. After the success of the ‘Being Strong Fitness Equipment’, Salman tried his hands on this venture. He aims to open 300 gyms across the country.

SK27 Gym



3 Basant Lok PVR Priya Complex,
Vasant Vihar Delhi – 110 057

 Landmark – Opposite PVR Priya Cinema

+91 9907040704, +91 9907050705

SK27 Gym Facilities


The gym specialises in various arenas like Cardio, Strength Training, Functional Training, Free Weights, Shower, Pro-Shop, Group Fitness Studio, Nutritionist & Physiotherapy.

SK27 Gym- Virtual Tour

View this post on Instagram

A Virtual Tour of Delhi’s First Premium Gym – SK-27 Gym. Pre book your slot now. Contact: 9907040704 / 9907050705 Visit: Mail: To know more about our facilities and safety guidelines and SOPS. #virtualtour #strengthtraining #beingsalmankhan #sk27gym #sk27gymvasantvihar #delhis1stgymbysalmankhan #beingfit #crossfit #beinghuman #beingstrongindia #fitindia #feelthepain #committobefit #indiafightscorona #protectivemask #healthylifestyle #workoutmotivation #nevergiveup #fitnessmotivation #yoga #strengthandconditioning #weareback #sanitisation #socialdistancing #youarestrongerthanyouthink #believeinyourself #boostyourimmunesystem #reopeningsoon

A post shared by SK-27 Gym New Delhi (@sk27gym_vasantvihar) on

The SK27 gym is quite spacious. There are separate spaces for different types of training. Don’t forget to look at the washrooms which appear to be immaculately clean–Well, that the need of the hour!

Safety Procedures – Vacuuming/ Sanitation

View this post on Instagram

Your safety is our priority. Each floor and touch points are thoroughly sanitised after each slot. We strictly comply with the COVID-19 guidelines shared by WHO. We are extremely excited to announce that we are open! #back2gym The Delhi government has lifted the ban from the gyms and fitness clubs to operate with complete adherence of COVID SOP’s and norms. We shall be deploying 15th, 16th and 17th for deep cleaning and sanitising and therefore official open for workout from Friday that is 18th September 2020. Pre book your slot now. Call us: 9907040704 / 9907050705 Visit: Mail: To know more about our facilities and safety. #weareopen #weareback #thenewer #sk27gym #sk27gymvasantvihar #delhigym #delhipremiumgym #vasantvihar #beingsalmankhan #sanitisation #safetyfirst #indiafightscorona #covidguidlines #delhis1stgymbysalmankhan #beingfit #crossfit #beinghuman #beingstrongindia #fitindia #feelthepain #committobefit #indiafightscorona #healthylifestyle #workoutmotivation #nevergiveup #fitnessmotivation #socialdistancing #believeinyourself #boostyourimmunesystem

A post shared by SK-27 Gym New Delhi (@sk27gym_vasantvihar) on

Taking all the safety measures and precaution, the gym owners shared various pictures of sanitisation. Moreover, they captioned one of the posts as,

“Your safety is our priority. Each floor and touchpoints are thoroughly sanitised after each slot. We also vacuum the whole training floor to maintain pristine hygiene. We strictly comply with the COVID-19 guidelines shared by WHO.

We are extremely excited to announce that we are open! #back2gym

The Delhi government has lifted the ban from the gyms and fitness clubs to operate with complete adherence of COVID sops and norms.
We shall be deploying 15th, 16th and 17th for deep cleaning and sanitising and therefore official open for workout from Friday that is 18th September 2020. “

Pre-book your slot now.
Call us: 9907040704 / 9907050705
To know more about our facilities and safety.

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Marvel’s She-Hulk Casts Its Lead Heroine



Via Wire

The fate of Marvel’s She-Hulk series on Disney+ appeared to be in doubt for the longest time. But we heard a few days ago that the show had landed its first producer, with TV helmer Kat Coiro signing on to direct the pilot and several episodes. Brace yourself, because in terms of moving Jennifer Walters’ adventures into the streaming world, the biggest step so far has been made.

In the eponymous Disney+ Marvel series Tatiana Maslany will play She-Hulk, with the original Hulk Mark Ruffalo and She-Hulk producer Kat Coiro confirming media reports from earlier in the day.


Via Wire

Maslany is best known for leading the sci-fi thriller Orphan Black, available on Netflix in India, in which Maslany played multiple clones of herself during the five-season run of the show. Among several other honours, she received an Emmy for her performance. Maslany will presumably play She-Hulk alongside Ruffalo, although the involvement of the latter is still unconfirmed.

View this post on Instagram

Couldn’t be more excited @tatianamaslany 💚

A post shared by Kat Coiro (@katcoiro) on

Coiro took to Instagram and shared a screenshot from with a caption, “Couldn’t be more excited @tatianamaslany ????”. Less than an hour after that, Ruffalo shared the news on his Twitter account and added: “Welcome to the family, cuz! @tatianamaslany #SheHulk.” This is as official as it could be.

Via Indian Express

Maslany’s hiring as She-Hulk comes only days after it’s announced that Coiro herself is in direct talks.

View this post on Instagram

💚 💚 💚

A post shared by Kat Coiro (@katcoiro) on

Beyond Orphan Black, Maslany has played roles in the long-running family drama Heartland, the World Without End 2012 miniseries, the Woman in Gold 2015 biopic film, the Other Half 2016 romantic drama, the Stronger 2017 biopic drama, the Destroyer 2018 neo-noir crime film, and the Pink Wall 2019 romantic drama. Maslany is part of the lead cast for Perry Mason, HBO’s period drama, which is renewed for its second season.

In the comics, She-Hulk is Jennifer Walters, a prosecutor who receives the abilities of the Hulk after her cousin Bruce Banner gets a blood transfusion. As She-Hulk, she becomes an intelligent and managed version of the Hulk. Thanks to Mark Ruffalo ‘s Smart Hulk in Avengers: Endgame, something MCU viewers have already experienced. When it comes to adaptations, Marvel has always been open to tweaks.

Other cast and storey specifics for She-Hulk are not yet disclosed. Also, it is planned that the series will start production in early 2021. It will demonstrate the legal battles of Jennifer Walters as an attorney, and also fight crime as a superhero. Mark Ruffalo is also said to make an appearance in the show in his MCU role as Bruce Banner / Hulk. The Marvel series is speculated to air at the end of 2021 or 2022 straight on Disney Plus.


There are various series being produced by Marvel and She-Hulk is part of them. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, and Moonlight are some others that are common. Furthermore, some of them are already in development, and will be released between late 2020 and 2021. Moreover, on Disney Plus, all the series will stream and be associated with the MCU as a whole.

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