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The Stigma Around Procrastination



Do you often find yourself struggling to work on time? Does last minute deadlines give you panic attacks?

The stigma around Procrastination makes it difficult for us to talk about because it is seen as an excuse. But it is a real problem, and we’re here to address it.

If you’re reading this, you must’ve encountered the dire consequences of procrastination. We know, it sucks! You spend hours and hours thinking about your deadlines. Your conscience constantly keeps on reminding you, but what you experience instead is an invisible force dragging you away from your goals. Should I label it as a guilty pleasure? Indeed.

It also is the sole reason that differentiates successful people from the non-successful ones. Moreover, it is an underrated term in the category of mental health. And hence, we must talk about it.

What does Procrastination mean?

So, what exactly does this term mean? The word Procrastination means the action of delaying or postponing things. It is a widespread phenomenon, as around 20% adult population and 50% of the student population view themselves as chronic procrastinators.

It affects us all

Every single person has experienced this in their lifetime. However, if you sit and talk to a successful person you admire, you might get an insight into their own struggles with procrastination.

Let us assume it’s the invisible monster attacking the entire population in the movie Bird Box. We didn’t mean to scare you, but it perhaps, shows that every single person can be affected by this. Above all, the reason for our constant emphasis on this aspect is to show you that you alone, are not vulnerable.

Lies come to rescue…

Do you remember the last time you made excuses for fulfilling deadlines? For instance, traffic is the most common excuse to justify your delayed arrival in the office, when indeed, you were busy watching the entire season of Game of Thrones. And let’s not get even started with the students and their achievements in becoming professional liars (pun intended):

So, fellow procrastinators! If you made it halfway through this article; then here’s a reward for you.

Mentioned below are some amazing tips for you to overcome procrastination and still be able to enjoy your pleasures without feeling guilty:

1.Chunk Theory

This is what Psychologists tell us often. To break a task into chunks. For instance, you’re bound to complete the most boring chapter in your Physics textbook. At that time, even staring at the blank walls seem more oddly satisfying than the textbook. Happens! Try dividing your chapter into smaller chunks and avoid reading it in one go.

to-do list

2. Set Timer

Now that you’ve managed to categorize important chunks of study, try setting alarms to adhere to these goals. This helps in optimizing focus levels and ensuring that you do not feel burdened by the deadlines. Smaller tasks with or small pieces of information are easier to grasp in comparison to larger pieces of information.

setting goals

3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

secret to a healthy lifestyle

This is the most important thing we often ignore when talking about Procrastination. See it this way, if you’re tired throughout the day, you will never regain focus. And, this will lead to failure for sure. Maintaining a healthy routine is the key to overcoming procrastination. For instance, do not miss the morning bath. Research says it helps in keeping your body and mind refreshed throughout the day. A refreshed mind tends to improve productivity levels, thus lowering the chances of delaying tasks. Also, good seven-hour sleep is mandatory for you to sustain the entire day.

4. Motivation

Did you know? Procrastination is the antithesis of Motivation.

Where the former ensures we delay adhering to deadlines, the latter is the key to combat this delay. For instance, why do you feel guilty after procrastinating? Despite realizing the consequences of your action, you still feel terrible for delaying stuff.

Tim Urban describes this feeling like the “panic monster” in his TED Talk called ‘Inside the mind of a master procrastinator’. He beautifully describes our ignorance of the things happening within our minds. We recommend watching the entire video to learn the truth.

Courtesy: Youtube

5. Set artificial deadlines

This is a proven theory that has a 100% chance of success. Basically, you must prepare your mind for constant fake deadlines. If you keep on giving yourself such deadlines, you’ll never feel burdened by the actual one. This is as similar to pushing yourself to work hard. Unfortunately, pushing oneself to fulfill tasks does more harm than good by creating unnecessary stress.

creating artificial deadlines

5. Meditation and Exercise

You need a calm mind to be able to think clearly. And an active one to carry out necessary tasks through the day. Meditating for 20 minutes is ideal for your mind’s detox process. Indulge in deep breathing or plug into some Pink Floyd music. Meditating is a flexible task, and you can suit it according to your preferences. Similarly, exercising at least thrice a week is necessary to get you all charged-up. The release of happy hormones tends to make you more active, and responsive to the necessary tasks. You must do it, to believe it.

meditation and exercising

6. Know yourself

You’ve probably planned how to initiate these achievable goals. But, none of this would work if you’re not conscious of yourself. Psychologists believe every person responds to different goals in different ways. Understand your needs, and where all you lack. This will give you an insight about your weak points, and how exactly you must target these with the above-mentioned strategies.

learning about self

7. Procrastinate in a productive way

Avoid distractions, if you may. We get it! It is tempting to play your favorite game or watch that insanely good TV series over completing your deadlines. So, how can you do both at the same time? Perhaps, try rewarding yourself with these temptations for the deadlines you complete. For every little task, you complete, watch an episode of your favorite show. Or indulge in that dessert you kept hidden in your refrigerator. Chances are, you’ll eventually enjoy working the tasks you once hated.

comfort zone

8. Perfectionism

Oftentimes, Perfectionists struggle to complete the task because they fear doing it immediately would not produce good results. The feeling of not being “good enough” becomes a hindrance. They procrastinate to the extent, that they keep on working on the same thing while ignoring other deadlines. In turn, the workload becomes massive and they’re unable to cope. Calm your perfectionist mindset and organize work within subsequent periods. This way, you’ll never miss out on any task.

The fear of not being "good enough"

Voila! You made it till the end. Incorporate these strategies in your life, and you shall succeed with flying colors.

Do you have a unique strategy that helped you overcome this issue? We would love to hear it. Mention in the Comments section below. Follow Little Letters Linked for more updates.

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Different Sleep Cycles You Could Adapt To



Sleep is perhaps the best medicine the modern man ever gets. We all have over the time formed habits like surfing the internet on the bed that has given us a bad sleeping pattern. Did you know there are different sleep cycles and we can basically adapt to all of those in a short time. Go on to read about it.

Monophasic Sleep

sleep cycles

Via Pinterest

Monophasic sleep is what today’s society would refer to as a “normal” sleeping pattern. There is, however, discussion that this has not always been the case. This sleep pattern became “the norm” during the industrial revolution’s longer-than-normal hours of working time. Some argue that since the advent of electricity and increased exposure to bright light, melatonin levels are decreasing, as they would if a person were exposed to sunlight. This can interrupt a person’s sleep-wake cycle and have a negative impact on their sleep durations.

Biphasic Sleep

sleep cycles

Peaceful Woman Asleep In Bed As Day Break Through Curtains

Those who practice biphasic sleep typically sleep for a long duration at night, for 5-6 hours, and have a shorter period of sleep or siesta during the day. The shorter period of rest typically lasts 30 minutes and gives an energy boost to finish the day. However, a siesta can last for longer, perhaps 90 minutes. An extended siesta of 90 minutes allows a person to have one complete cycle of sleep. Some say that biphasic sleep is a healthier sleep pattern than a monophasic pattern, and some countries have adopted a biphasic sleep pattern as the normal one.

Polyphasic Sleep

Polyphasic sleepers can rest 4 to 6 times during a day. These sleep combinations are broken down into categories including:

  • Everyman: A long sleep time of around 3 hours with approximately three 20-minute naps throughout the day.
  • Uberman: Only 3 hours of sleep per day in the form of six 30 minute naps throughout the day.
  • Dymaxion: Only 2 hours of sleep per day, in the form of 30 minute naps every 6 hours.

No one person’s sleep requirements are exactly the same. Some require 8 solid hours of sleep for optimal function. Someone else, however, may lead a productive and healthy life on 5 hours of sleep per night with a short nap or naps during the day.

What Exactly Polyphasic Sleep?

Most people are monophasic sleepers, meaning they get all of their rest in one long chunk, typically at night. Polyphasic sleepers, meanwhile, snooze in short bursts throughout the day instead of sleeping all night. There are many different polyphasic sleep schedules, according to the Polyphasic Society, but one of the most popular involves a longer “core” sleep anywhere from 90 minutes to six hours, supplemented by 20-minute naps.

Tips For A Better Sleep 

There are several things you can do to improve your sleep cycles including

  • Keeping regular hours
  • Exercising regularly and eating well
  • Limiting caffeine and alcohol intake close to bedtime
  • Turning off electronic devices an hour before bed
  • Making sure the environment is right for sleep ie. cool, quiet and dark
  • Sleeping on comfortable, supportive bed.


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Chill With These Benefits Of Chia Seeds



Chill With These Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds are some of the healthiest seeds on the planet. Chia seeds, on the other hand, have an edge over other seeds because of their nutrients. They are supremely good for the brain and body.

Taking about its origin, Chia seeds are from Mexico. In comparison to its small size, it is a pack of powerful and wholesome values. In appearance, they are found in black, brown, and white colour. They are available in small and oval shapes and are soft and delicate to eat.

Let us see the proven benefits of chia seeds in this article:

1. Little fats

Omega-3s- chia seeds

The size of these seeds is enough to say that they have fewer calories in comparison to other seeds. However, the fats that chia contains is fully nutritional. Each ounce contains 9 grams of fats. Out of this, 5 grams are omega-3s. So it is seeds of hope for those who feared the fat files.

2. Counting the nutrient value

Nutrient Value- chia seeds

As we stated before, chia seeds are a power-packed pack of nutrients. From fiber to protein and calcium to manganese, chia is the seeds to chill with. An ounce also contains a decent amount of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, zinc, and potassium.

3. Helps in Digestion

helps in digestion

If you are someone who suffers from constant irritation or inflammation in the stomach, chia may come to your rescue. Constipation and other stomach problems can be kept at bay with these seeds.

4. Cholesterol check

cholesterol check

Our body makes cholesterol to make hormones and Vitamin D. However when this cholesterol level increases in the body, it needs a force to counteract. Then, chia seeds are super for the overall metabolic and digestive health.

5. Beating high/low blood sugar levels

sugar levels- chia seeds

As a blood pleasure patient, eating or not eating something is a substantial decision of a normal day. Chia seeds, just like your everyday medicine could be a great addition. It not only keeps the blood sugar in check and control but also maintains heart health.

6. Bone Nutrient Value

Bone health

Rich in calcium, magnesium, protein, and phosphorous, there is nothing that can beat chia in this. If you are a not so dairy person, you may have just found your alternative!

7. Maintaining the bodyweight

maintaining the bodyweight

To the fiber, the proteins, and the unending nutritional value list, we add another benefit- the profit of maintaining weight. However, more than losing weight, one can find a greater benefit for gaining weight. So if someone amongst you has a low appetite, chia seeds may be a rather boon.

8. A daily diet option

A daily diet option

If you are a dry fruit person, it wouldn’t be very tough to incorporate a chia diet into it. If you are not a dry fruit person, it is never too late to start. A mix and match of several food items with chia seeds such as in porridge, juices, and curries can also be tried.

Let us all start chilling with chia seeds to a better and healthier today and tomorrow!

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Rose Quartz Roller and Jade Roller: Everything You Need To Know!



Via Pinterest

There’s a lot of hype, and for good reason, surrounding facial massage! Not only does facial massage improve your lymphatic system, but it also provides you with the toned, tightened and radiant post-facial radiance we all like! Daily facial massage practise does more than just get you glowing! There are so many options available in the market, it is very difficult to choose one! For which having a choice between Rose Quartz Roller and Jade Roller is totally justified!

Actually, the deliberate practice of facial massage often slows your mind down, welcoming you to a moment of comforting self-care. This helps you to tune into what you need and concentrate on one thing you.

Let’s begin with understanding the difference between Jade Roller and Rose Quartz Roller!

Rose Quartz Roller

Rose Quartz Roller

Via Pinterest


Fills your skincare routine with purity and calmness.

Juicy Details:

For a next-level skincare routine, the Rose Quartz Roller is the most creative pink skincare tool crafted from the heart stone. For its healing and anti-ageing properties, Cleopatra is said to have bathed with bits of rose quartz. This soft pink crystal glides so effortlessly over your face and leaves you with beautiful, sparkling eyes. To foster a sense of deeper love and acceptance for yourself and others, the energy of the rose quartz will work with your guiding energy. For the ultimate deliberate skin care routine, it ties the mind and body.

Rose Quartz roller

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Power of Rose Quartz Roller:

1. Rose Quartz is the heart stone (often referred to as the Heart Stone),
2. Used as a soothing stone for the heart and body,
3. Unconditional love symbol
4. Supports attachment, attracting and obtaining love with others and with yourself
5. Allows you to forgive, consider and see circumstances, allows restore faith and harmony
6. It inspires the love of beauty in oneself and others (perfect if your life needs more self-love!)
7. Soothing, comforting, and soothing-a wonderful crystal for good sleep

To buy, click on the link. 


Rose Quartz roller

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Benefits of Jade Roller:

Gives you a cool facial massage that gives keeps your skincare routine in Harmony & Calm and Peace!

Juicy Details:

The Jade Roller is a beautiful skincare treatment that dates back to ancient Chinese history and, for its beauty and strength, is considered a strong beauty device. Since it has been around for literally centuries and practised … they’re probably onto something! “Jadestone was actually used in traditional Chinese medicine to expel harmful energy and restore the balance of life force + energy, which is known as “chi”. The facial rolling act is an invitation to self-care. Also, a constant reminder to slow down and indulge in good practice and self moments.

Via Pinterest

Power of Jade Stone:

1. For years, jade has been used to prevent harm and encourage wellbeing and natural healing.
2. Promotes a distinct inner peace and sense of calmness
3. Balances the energy and increases the positivity of
4. Protects and clears any still current negative energy and feelings from the advent of negative energy.
5. Works on stabilising inner feelings
6. Promotes simple thoughts, ideas, emotions, and perspectives.

Click on the link to buy.

Also, know more about Jade Rollers in detail, here.

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