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Put On Your Dancing Shoes C/o These Instagram Accounts




“To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?” – Michael Jackson

Are you someone whose shoulder and legs start shaking as soon the music reaches your ears? Dancing is one of the most loved exercises and low-key therapy that everyone loves. People say that the best way to dance is to dance like no one is watching. But if the whole country is watching you, you better bring your A-game to kill the scene and set fire to the dance floor.

The dance scene has always been big in India, but these dancers are taking the standards to the next level.

If you are a dancer or a dance enthusiast, check out these dancers on Instagram to help fuel your desire to move.

Shazeb Sheikh, @shazebsheikh

Shazeb, who was earlier a business development executive, is a choreographer and creative director who has a popular YouTube channel.

Sadhwi Majumder, @sadhwimajumder

She is not only a trained Bharatnatyam dancer but also a reality show’s ex-contestant. Her poise and grace leave us spending hours on her profile.

Anisha Babbar, @anisha.babbar

Anisha is a healthcare consultant by day, and a dancer/choreographer by night, and has trained for 10 years as an instructor in the Mona Khan Company. Her YouTube channel boasts over 5 million views.

Amit Patel, @_amitdances

Amit is a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher. He calls his unconventional style of dance ‘Indian Contemporary’. He is equally notable for his rebellious pieces in heels, known as “Bollywood Heels,” which challenge the norms of sexual identity in dance

Sonali Bhadauria, @sonali.bhadauria

Sonali was working as a software engineer at Infosys when she made the decision to quit her job and pursue her passion fulltime. Her risk has paid off, her YouTube channel LiveToDance With Sonali really took off with more than 16 lakh subscribers.

Sagar Bora, @sagar_bora

Sagar is the founder and member of the hip-hop dance crew ‘13.13’, which is touted as the next best thing to happen to the hip-hop dance scene in India.

Melvin Louis, @melvinlouis

Melvin is based out of Mumbai is well-known for his individualistic style of dance. He was a banker before he turned to dance and choreography. With over 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel, he is one of the most talented and popular choreographers in India

Let us know your favourite in the comments below. And while we put on our dancing shoes, here is hoping you groove to them too! 😉

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12 Years Of Deepika Padukone’s Queendom In Bollywood




November 9th, 2019 marks 12 years of Deepika Padukone’s in Bollywood and going strong. The queen has risen to the very top of the Bollywood food chain with several memorable hits and characters under her belt. Bollywood falters without the mention of the multi-faceted actor who in 12 years has shown us both her acting chops and the off-screen charm to pull anything off. To give you a peek into the life of Bollywood’s queen, here are some of her most iconic films and iconic characters over these 12 years. India is in love with her and here’s why –

1) Om Shanti Om

zee news

This was Deepika Padukone’s debut film back in 2007 in which she starred opposite Shah Rukh Khan. A debutant’s dream, the movie was a box office blockbuster and launched her right into stardom. Playing a double role, Deepika Padukone absolutely nailed her first stint as the dream girl and stole the show. Who can forget the iconic, “Ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya jano Ramesh babu” and super hit songs like Dewaangi Deewangi and Ajab Si.

2) Cocktail

12 years

hindustan times

Before Cocktail, Deepika Padukone had a series of hits and misses which never quite met the mark. But it’s widely agreed that Cocktail changed the game for the actor. With this movie, Deepika Padukone showed off her more rebellious, dark and disturbing side as opposed to the more usual role of the girl who has her life together. Her acting chops were on full display and critics raved about her character. Deepika Padukone basically carried the film and it definitely was career-defining.

3) Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

12 years

zee news

This movie was the talk of the town when it released. Exes Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor were going to star opposite each other after their breakup and the whole country was waiting for the tea. The movie was a blockbuster hit with a heartwarming coming-of-age story about love, friendship and finding yourself. With beautiful songs and fantastic acting, this movie was definitely a defining moment in Deepika Padukone’s filmy career.

4) Goliyon Ki Rasleela: Ramleela

india today

This film marked her successful collaboration with director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and her now-husband Ranveer Singh. This film basically spearheaded Deepika’s movement to absolute super stardom and cemented her place as the reigning queen of Bollywood. The film was an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with iconic dialogues, heart-stopping scenes, drama, fights, politics, forbidden romance and so much more.

5) Piku

12 years

times of india

Piku starring Amitabh Bachchan who plays Deepika’s father and Irrfan Khan who plays her love interest. Its a road trip film that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside and shows off an absolutely heartwarming relationship between the father-daughter duo. Deepika is absolutely raw and comes off thoroughly honest in the movie. Critics adored this movie and so did the masses.

6) Bajirao Mastani

rtl passion

In her second collaboration with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Deepika Padukone took on the role of a fierce warrior princess. With Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh in the mix, the movie was bound to be a box-office success and it was a complete smash hit.

7) Padmaavat

hindustan times

Padmaavat was marred by controversies and political scandals. The months leading up to the release were filled with turmoil and absolute chaos but the release shook the country. Deepika Padukone’s Padmaavat was her most successful film to date which broke all box-office records. The movie was SLB’s masterpiece and Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh were fabulous in the film.

8) What’s Next?


Deepika Padukone has two upcoming movies that are already causing much hype. She will be seen in ’83 which is based on the 1983 ICC World Cup Cricket victory of the Indian team. She will also be seen in the movie Chhapaak which is based on the life of Malti, an acid victim-survivor. 83′ will release on January 20, 2020, and Chhapaak will release on April 10, 2020.

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Top 7 Movies To Look Out For In Nov’19




November of 2019 will bring about a few much-awaited releases. These include animated releases as well as some other interesting movies. Here are the top seven to look out for:

1. Frozen 2

Release date: 22nd November


A Disney movie is unanimously loved worldwide. Most of us grow up watching Disney movies or remakes of the same. The sequel to Disney’s Frozen will be coming out in the third week of November with yet another story of Elsa and Anna and all their friends and foes.

2. Lady And The Tramp

Release date: 12th November

Another animated Disney film comes out the second week of November with the story of Lady the dog who is pampered and pampered and Tramp, the savvy street dog and the adventures that they go on together.

3. The Warrior Queen of Jhansi

Release date: 15th November

This movie tells the brilliant story of Rani Lakshmi Bai, more commonly known as Jhansi ki Rani, the Queen of Jhansi. She was a freedom fighter during the time of the British rule in India. She led an army into battle during the time of the mutiny of 1857-58 and became a feminist icon.

4. Dark Waters

Release date: 29th November


Starring actors like Anne Hathaway, Mark Ruffalo and others, Dark Waters is inspired by a true story. An attorney (Ruffalo) finds out a dark secret that ends up connecting to a string of unexplained deaths, which in the process of his discovering it risks everything

5.The Irishman

Release date: 27th November

The story of organised crime and crime lords in the context of the World War II period. The film stars Robert de Niro and takes a look into the world of organised crime, from how things are done to how things are covered up, gang rivalries, and other things. A must watch if you are into crime movies.

6. The Good Liar

Release date: 15th November

Based on the book The Good Liar by Jeffrey Hatcher, a con-artist finds his newest victim online, a wealthy widowed woman. However, as he grows closer to her, he finds himself beginning to genuinely care about her.

7. Dolphin Reef

Release date: 12th November


Another new Disney film, the story of Echo, a young dolphin, navigating through life in the dolphin society. Echo has to choose between having fun and going for adventures in the big, blue sea or staying close to family and doing what he is obligated to do.

Some Last Words

Watching different movies with your family and loves ones always bring joy and happiness. Watch out the latest movies of different genres this winter season and enjoy your leisure time with your family.

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Top 7 Genres Of Photography You Could Pursue




Photography as a career has really reached new heights in this era. Which type of the art should I master? That is probably the most challenging decision to make when you are starting your pursuit of photography as a career. When you think of all of the various subjects there are to capture, and all of the different ways to create the image, the field of photography really is dynamic and varied. There is something for everyone in this field, and the types of photography jobs are just as exciting.


1. Portrait Photography


Via Pinterest

Chances are you’ve probably done at least some portrait shots, no matter where you are in your career. But if you spend some time really focusing on this style you can take your portraits from good to great or great to amazing. There are a few tricks to taking stunning portraits, but first and foremost it’s important to have the right gear. There are lots of lens options, but a 50mm lens is a great place to start. A lens with a wide aperture of f1.4 or f1.8 will let you create a creamy, blurred bokeh effect that will make your portrait subject really stand out.


2. Fashion Photography 

Via Pinterest

Fashion photography is one of the more glamorous and more difficult to enter jobs. From cover shots of the top fashion magazines to documenting the latest styles and trends on the runway, fashion photographers work in the design districts of New York, Paris, and Milan etc. Runway shoots require an element of documentary photography, while posed shoots on location demand one-on-one work with the model. Fashion shoots are all about teamwork, and they are done by a group of people. Stylists, wardrobe specialists, makeup artists, art directors, and others make up a team that keeps the shoot on track and make the magic happen.


3. Landscape Photography


Via Pinterest

If you’re looking to capture some truly breathtaking shots and level-up your skills without the pressure of a human subject, landscape might be the photography style for you. Landscape is a great genre for getting comfortable shooting raw files and mastering your camera’s manual settings. A tripod can make a world of difference when it comes to landscapes, so make sure you have the right accessories before you head out in search of a great shoot location.


4. Architectural Photography 


Via Pinterest

Architecture photography (also referred to as building photography or structure photography) generally means photography that focuses on buildings. It can include shooting building exteriors and interiors, as well as bridges, other structures, and cityscapes. A subdivision is real estate photography. Realtors always need excellent photographs, especially in today’s market where many customers view many properties online before deciding to go see them. High-quality architectural pictures are difficult to get right, and realtors will pay for professional photos especially in the high-end market.


5. Pet Photography 

Via Purple Collar Photography

If your perfect subject is a furry friend, then this might be for you. This is a growing sector and is very similar in working conditions and type of styles to portraiture; only your subjects may require treats when they are good. If you love animals, then there is no better job as a photographer. The genre involves a fun mix of studio sessions and outdoor, on-location shoots. With connections to your local pet daycare facilities and dog show circuits, you can build your business fairly quickly.


6. Sports Photography

Via Format

The photographers in this area work with wire agencies, newspapers and magazines. These positions range from staff photographers to freelancers. These photographers hide in VIP areas and shoot from afar. Or gather on the sidelines of the field, capturing closer to the action. Depending on the sport, the photographers find themselves sandwiched. Usually between the sportsmen and the spectators. Other photographers sell their freelance work on stock websites. These are also good for advertising purposes, helping to build brands. This genre includes other, more specific photography fields. Here, you need to incorporate portraiture, action and group shots.


7. Food Photography

Via Pinterest

Much like other kinds, food photography is a great way to branch out in your business. Restaurants, magazines, and food stylists need photos that make the food look so good people want to eat the page. If you master this skill you’ll always be in demand. While everyone with an iPhone and Instagram might like to think they’re a food photographer, there are definitely some tricks to capturing professional, drool-worthy shots. Light is crucial to capturing eye-catching food photos, so this a great chance to hone your lighting skills at lighting your photos properly. Natural light is fantastic, but it’s a good idea to invest in a reflector.


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