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Modest Summer Clothing Pieces You Should Own



Summer season is soon upon us. And the sizzling summer sun usually means short shorts and bare mid-riff clothing. However, it’s time we change that. Looking sassy and classy this summer CAN be all about modesty—you just have to know how to style ‘em!

From loose-fitted, crisp white shirts to more conservative dresses, modest summer clothing can be effortless as can be.

Discover how to dress modestly in the summer-

Classic White Shirt

Go the classic route and invest in a crisp, plain white shirt. It is super easy to match with any outfit. Plus, the versatile piece makes sure you’re good to go no matter what the occasion! For some extra oomph, you can even opt for a tie-front style that’s unique and trendy in itself.



Credits- Tumblr

Dress in Leafy Greens

Looking for something that will keep you looking trendy and cute? Then there’s nothing that turns heads the right way than maxi dresses. Especially with pritsour go-to conservative wear for the warm season. These lush green motifs offer a very relaxing vibe while keeping your outfit looking well put-together no matter where you go.


Source- Cort In Session

Happy Hawaiian Vibes

When it comes to conservative attire for summer it doesn’t always have to be solid colours. Pink pineapple smoothies and the waves crashing against the shore, or the coconut palms swaying softly in the breeze and the sand beneath your feet as you wiggle your toes. With that picturesque thought alone, you can already imagine what the perfect top should be, can’t you? This Hawaiian-inspired floral top definitely seals the deal! Going a size up will give it that oversized look and make sure you stay comfortable all day with an effortlessly chic loose-fitted ensemble.

Credits- Shopby

Make the Most of Your Kimono

Modest clothing can also be sustainable and versatile. You don’t need to keep changing outfits every season. The trick is to mix and match, and layer it over a different attire each time! Floral kimonos are flexible pieces that you can way during summer, spring, fall, and winter! It just depends on how you layer it with your other clothes.

Credits- Elle Espana

Work / Play in Culottes

Let’s face it—summer doesn’t automatically translate to a season of ‘not going to work.’ You’ll still be spending most of your days in the office even if the beach is calling out to you! Even if you’re stuck inside with deadlines facing you left and right, you can still rock your office look and bring out that femme fatale in you with modest summer clothes for work.

Credits- Glamour

Show Your Flower Power

Another timeless conservative clothing for summer that you can keep coming back to during the warmer season is long, floral dresses. They’re always a favorite since you can never go wrong with floral prints—just pair it up with a cute handbag and killer sandals and you’re ready for a fun day out with the squad! For summer, sticking to pastels and dominantly off-white motifs will keep you fresh even while wearing a long dress.


Credits- Innermod

Keep it Light & Fresh

Modest clothing for summer isn’t just about tops—you can also incorporate a lighter yet more traditional style with your skirts. Clothing made from cotton is perfect for the hot weather because it’s lightweight and breathable. It can easily soak up sweat, leaving you feeling fresh and cool all day long.


Credits- Style Inc.

So go out there and experiment! Show everyone how you could wear modest clothing in summer, and still look sizzling hot. And, for more fashion related articles check out

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Cosmo India Launches Work From Home Issue



With the quarantine period and the lockdown testing our patience and sometimes getting on nerves. It is really important to keep ourselves busy in work or artistic things. And in this war, even the big names of the magazine world are coming with the best of ideas so as to keep themselves involved.  They’re not just wasting this time, which would rather prove fruitful when all of this ends. One such example is Cosmo India!

Cosmo India

Image Source- Viral Bhayani

Cosmopolitan India, the world’s biggest selling magazine has come up with a unique and exceptional Made At Home cover. Created by Sobhita Dhulipala, the Made in Heaven fame. This remotely-shot-cover is meant to celebrate the emotions of collaboration, and the details of style, concept was altogether put by Sobhita herself, in association with team Cosmo. The celebrity on the cover page too is this Made in Heaven actress who has come so forward when it comes to work. It is the first of its kind, first of the issue of Work from Home.

Cosmo India

Image Source- Viral Bhayani


Cosmo India

Image Source- Viral Bhayani

Over the next few days, Cosmo India is on its way
to publish all kinds of digital-exclusive content on issues that echo the thoughts and feelings that we are all going through in this tough time. The company is all set to publish this on all of their social media assets and on its website too.

Cosmo India

Image Source- Viral Bhayani

Several posts have come up on the Instagram page of Nandini Bhalla, the Editor of Cosmopolitan India.  Additionally, she has written about the whole concept and the journey towards this project of #WorkFromHome issue.

Image Source- Viral Bhayani


Image Source- Viral Bhayani

She mentions how the whole team has been working
overtime on this special project since the last 11 days. Also, describes how the project is related to their special way of reaching the audience through a series of videos. Featuring everyday feelings of love, life and hope and that too in the tough time that the world is going through. Furthermore, mentioning about how digital series is a proof that humans can face any disaster coming in their way through the power of unity and togetherness. She shares how thrill is about the fact that various distinct talented celebrities, influencers and the content creators have come together. Particularly, to create this masterpiece for the Cosmo India. This will be unveiled on the social media page of the magazine in the next few days.


For more, checkout what your favourite celebrities are upto-Priyanka chopra slaying the fashion game!

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Priyanka Chopra Slaying The Fashion Game With Dianna



Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra, our ‘Desi Girl’ has made India proud globally. She created a name in Bollywood and got a lot of popularity. After that, she went on to conquer Hollywood. From her awesome movies to her big wedding veil to being one of the J- Sisters, we definitely love whatever she does.

Apart from her marrying Nick Jonas, we also love her for always holding on to her Indian roots. In addition, another member in her life who keeps us awestruck is her baby, Dianna.

See how fashionable Priyanka Chopra and Dianna is in their Instagram accounts. Priyanka and Dianna step out for walks very frequently. Above all, these walks are a treat to fashion lovers. In addition, Priyanka also celebrates many special occasions with her baby Dianna. In conclusion, Dianna is the most stylish pet in Hollywood.

Searching for her Glass

The ‘Awe’dorable Candid

View this post on Instagram

Mommy and me… #CandidMomentswithPC @priyankachopra

A post shared by Diana Chopra (@diariesofdiana) on

Lighting up the streets of New York

Some of Mommy’s Friends

This is a picture from when Dianna met Indian actress Sonali Bendre Behl and her little one. Both mommy’s and both little ones are enjoying each others company. The pictures are filled with smiles and happiness.

Not just fashion Inspo but also cuteness overload!

Dianna is also quite wise. For instance, read what she has to say here. “Find someone who looks at you the way mommy looks at me” says the cute little Dianna.

Learning some Fashion Hacks from Mommy on Sets

Take a look at the ever so fashionable Priyanka Chopra on sets with her Baby Dianna.

Fashion Game on Fleek

Well Dianna and her mommy need no one to tell them how pro in fashion they are. For instance, here is Dianna telling us herself about their fashion game being on fleek.

Slaying on the Elle Magazine Cover

While most people aspire to be on that cover, Dianna has already made her debut. Similarly, Elle Magazine has found a new cover girl in Dianna!

Another fashionable debut !

Walk-in Style

View this post on Instagram

I’m my mommy’s best accessory 😬 @priyankachopra

A post shared by Diana Chopra (@diariesofdiana) on

View this post on Instagram

Miami baby! @priyankachopra

A post shared by Diana Chopra (@diariesofdiana) on

The Fashion of Twinning

The Grand International Music Video Debut

Well I’m sure that just like Priyanka even you are in love with Dianna now. I also know that many of you are extremely jealous of her. Check out more about Diana’s life on her official Instagram page, Diaries of Diana.

If you liked this article and are a fashion lover just like us quarantined at home, here’s some advice. Check out some awesome fashion documentaries in this post.

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Fashion Youtubers You Should Follow For Inspo!




There are innumerable fashion vloggers sorting our lives with the best possible fashion tips and beauty hacks. We list down six most amazing Indian fashion Youtubers you need to follow to sort all your fashion-related issues and always be at the best of your fashion game.

These girls from different backgrounds with a common love for fashion, are spreading a bit of glitz and glam with everyone else through their vlogs and you totally need to follow them now-

Shruti Arjun Anand 



(Photo Credits: @shrutiarjunanand)

Shruti Arjun Anand, a 31-year-old woman who is also a mom is one of the most popular Indian fashion Youtubers. She isn’t the regular fashion vlogger with a high glam quotient.  Her DIY videos  are meant for those who love simple graceful styles. Her niece who makes regular appearances on the show add to the fun quotient of her videos. They make funny videos like TV shows vs Real Life etc. The most unique thing about Shruti is that her videos aren’t targeted to a particular age group. Almost any woman with an interest in fashion can watch and enjoy her videos and also learn a thing or two about fashion.


Sejal Kumar 


(Photo Credits: @sejalkumar1195)

The 23-year old YouTube star Sejal Kumar has many feathers in her hat. She has a degree in economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce, one of the top commerce colleges in Delhi. Sejal also won the Miss Multimedia and Miss Rampwalk titles in the Miss Diva pageant 2016. Also, she is an actor and recently featured in The Timeliners’ show Engineering Girls. What’s more? This talented fashion Youtuber is also a talented singer! Although short, her  videos on fashion and beauty are quite insightful.


Shreya Jain


(Photo Credits: @shreyajain26)

The girl with a relatable body type and absolute confidence, Shreya Jain is proof that you don’t need the media created notions of the “perfect” body. All you need is grace and conviction to look fabulous. From makeup tutorials to product reviews, Shreya’s videos feature everything related to fashion on her channel. She also often makes videos trying celebrity outfits, makeups and accessories. Recently in collaboration with the cosmetic brands YBP, she launched her own makeup line called YBP Color Creams.


Ankita Chaturvedi


(Photo Credits: @corallistablog)

Better know by her vlog’s name Corallista, Ankita is a popular face on YouTube. She is the perfect example of beauty with brains. Ankita is an IITian who decided to not take up engineering as a career but follow her passion for fashion and beauty. Her channel has various videos like tutorials, tips and DIY.  She also has a blog with the same name.


Aashna Shroff 

(Photo Credits: @aashnashroff)

The Snob Journal’s Aashna Shroff is anything but a snob. Her fashion game is absolutely on point. You can follow her for a positive fashion boost and get some really cool ideas from her vlog. Her channel has tips, tricks, tutorials, product reviews, fashion advises and shopping experiences.


Komal Pandey

(Photo Credits: @komalpandeyofficial)

Komal Pandey gained popularity after her stint at PopXO. She later started her own channel. You can follow Komal for the best fashion tips, interesting outfit ideas and some fun fashion-based videos like how to wear a saree in different ways etc.


These are six popular YouTubers every girl with a love of fashion can follow and take some inspiration for a wardrobe update, outfit ideas and makeup queries.  For more fashion-related articles follow

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