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Maintaining Mental Well-being: Your Go to Guide



Mental Health issues have always remained a topic of stigma. Open discussion on these topics is still a dream. However, with the cases of psychological issues rising in number, the trend has seen a shift. These days, Mental Health concerns are more openly addressed. Another reason for the shift in trend could be due to the open discussion about mental well-being and mental health issues by the stars whom we admire. Actress Deepika Padukone opened up about her struggles through depression. A lot of bollywood mommies also have talked about Post-partum depression, the recent one being Esha Deol Takhtani.

What is Mental Health?

According to WHO, Mental Health is “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.”

Mental Health affects your functioning in every aspect of life and thus it is an important topic of discussion. In this article we will look at ways to improve and maintain your mental well-being. These are simple, not very demanding tasks that each and everyone can implement in their day to day life.

Tips to improve your Mental Well-being

1. Positive Talks

How you think about yourself has a positive effect on how you feel. When we look at things in a negative way, we look for evidences confirming our belief. Same is true for thinking positively. Simple affirmations like “I can do it.” can work wonders. Whenever in doubt or feeling low just use an affirmation. You can create as many positive affirmations as you like.

2. Gratefulness Journal

We often keep cribbing about the things that we don’t like. In doing this we forget to thank those that we have. Expressing gratefulness and counting your blessings is one way you can maintain your mental well-being.

The best way you can habituate yourself to do this is by maintaining a Gratitude Journal.

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3. Mindfulness: Being Here and Now

Mindfulness is nothing but the awareness of the moment. In simple words, it is being here and now. It is to not worry about the future. It is to not stress over the things that happened or could have differently happened in the past.

The whole process sounds very simple but sit to do, one will realize how hard it actually is.

4. Exercise

It is proven that exercise not only has benefits to the physical body but is also beneficial for the mental Well-being. It works a magic by releasing the happy hormones in the body. This releases the stress in the body and ultimately makes one happy.

Join a gym and if you are not a gym person just set out for a walk. Another way to stay fit physically and mentally would be doing Yoga.

5. Open Up

Often in our fast paced lives one thing that we have forgotten to do is to connect. Our connections and relations all are built and flourish virtually. In such times it is very important that one opens up and share what they feel to someone else who is close to them.

This would not only help them feel free from all their cluttered thoughts. It will also help them in building and nurturing relationships with their closed ones. This will also help in building trust.

There are many more ways in which one can take care of their Mental well-being, art being one of them. Check out the benefits of art here.


7 Buddhism Principles To Follow For A Happy Life



Buddhism is all about finding inner peace and controlling one’s self-desires. Not many people are aware of the fact that Buddhism is the fifth largest religion being followed all over the world. It has over 520 million followers who comprise almost 7% of total world’s population. The religion is encompassed by the teachings and beliefs of Buddha.

1. Be mindful


One of the core beliefs of Buddhism is the idea of right mindfulness. When we’re mindful, we stay in the present moment and really pay attention to what we are doing rather than dwelling on past events or worrying about future ones. This is the real heart of Buddhism. Wisdom will emerge if your mind is pure and calm. So next time you practice mindfulness  you would certainly see the difference in your mood.

2. Avoid comparisons


The Buddhist principle of equality says that all living entities are equal. In addition, the Buddhist belief that we are all connected makes a nonsense of comparing ourselves to others. There is no superiority or inferiority when we are all parts of a unified whole.

3. Don’t strive for money


Buddhism says that relying on materialism to bring us happiness is a false refuge. While money is important in that it helps us meet our physical needs, we will not find long term satisfaction in striving for money and material goods. Scientific studies have suggested the same. People who put money high on their priority list are more at risk for depression.


4. Work towards meaningful goals

Bodhipaksa says that ‘The whole point of being a Buddhist is in order to attain spiritual awakening — which means to maximize our compassion and mindfulness. What could be more meaningful than that?’ The Buddhist principle of right effort tells us to find a balance between the exertion of following the spiritual path and a moderate life.

5. Develop close relationships

Adults and kids sitting on the grass in a garden

To the Buddha, spiritual friendship was the whole of the spiritual life. Generosity, kind words, beneficial help, and consistency in the face of events” are the things that hold people together. Buddhism also emphasizes the idea of non-attachment, which allows us to love our friends and family unconditionally without any need or desire to control or change them.

6. Practice gratitude

The Buddha said that gratitude, among other qualities, was the highest protection, meaning that it inoculates us against unhappiness. It is by being grateful and appreciative that we begin to focus on the blessings in our lives, which makes us more positive and happy.

7. Be generous

Young woman doing yoga in morning park for Relaxing . Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle.

Buddhism has always emphasized the practice of dana, or giving. As well as giving money or material possessions, Buddhism recognizes the benefit of giving less tangible gifts such as time, wisdom and support. Generosity is a gift you can give yourself. Being generous take courage but it liberates you heart and mind.

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Best Nail Care Tips For Stronger Nails




nail care tips

Nail care is something that we ignore many a time. However, you cannot deny the fact that nails are an important part of our body and should not be ignored at any cost. Today, we have brought to you some nail care tips that will help you get stronger, healthier and nourished nails. These tips will help anyone who is trying to grow their nails, improve the quality or just wanting to maintain them.

We have some tips from the nail experts of the industry, right here:

Use cuticle oil regularly

We have often seen our cuticles become dry and rough, so do not let them damage and get it the habit of applying cuticle oil daily. You can also apply olive oil before going to bed, that works just fine!

Do not miss your nail tools

While taking care of our nails, we forget to take care of our of the tools we use for nail care. Thus, one of the most prompt nail care tips would be to clean and sterilize your nail care tools.

Use A Good Moisturizer

We know how much popular hand creams have become nowadays, hence, it shows how important it is to use. Keep your nails well-nourished and that will benefit your nails as well.

Give your nails a break

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While we all may just love getting nail extensions, it is necessary to give your nails a break. The acrylic can make your nails brittle and affect the growth of your nails.

Keep your nail filer handy

You must invest in good nail care tools. A filer is a requirement that you can never ignore and one should keep one handy in case of emergencies and keep your nails in shape.

Consume more vitamins

B-complex vitamins are vitally essential for healthy nails, also known as Biotin. Also, applying vitamin E oil helps in the growth of stronger and healthier nails.

File your nails in one direction

When filing your nails, make sure that you file them in one direction only. You can also decide which shape you want to opt for, which is almond, round or square.

Do not stress

In the end, do not take the stress of the maintenance. Just try to have fun, keep them moisturized and clean and once in a while experiment with colors and keep up with the joy!

Have you started your nail care routine yet?

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Popular Genres Of Music Of All Times



genres of music

Music nowadays has become a part of our lives. There are various genres of music which could suit-up according to every mood of a person. Be it music for times when you are happy, when you are sad, at times when want to pump yourself up, while your are romantic, and what-not. There is music for everything. It has not only inspired millions but also has given a new direction to the world. In this post we are going to talk of some of the popular genres of music which have been millions of fanbase all across the globe.

1. Hip Hop/ Rap

This music was developed in the United States of America and has grown its popularity ever since that time. Hip Hop probably originated in the 1970’s and is generally known as the Afro-American Music form.  Some of the popular musicians of this genre are Drake, Eminem, Kanye and others.


2. Rock

This genre evolved from the rock n roll form of music and was introduced back in the 1950’s. The Rock music is somewhat known as the pop from the rock n roll. This genre is further sub categorised into hard rock, metal rock, classic rock, opera rock and psychedelic rock. Some of the popular musicians of the genre are the Linkin Park, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc.


3. Pop

Perhaps the most common genre of music is this one. The Pop music originated from the UK and US and emerged from the mid-1950’s. This genre not only creates maximum no of hits every year but also is the easiest to create of all other genres. Pop is known ‘pop’ because it is popular. The best example for the musician of this genre of music is Michael Jackson.


4. Classic

This music genre has its deep roots from the Western culture and is probably one of the oldest forms of music. With its traces from as back as the 17th century, the classic genre has witnessed some of the greatest musicians the world has ever seen, such as Mozart, Beethoven, etc.


5. EDM

The EDM or the Electronic Dance Music came up during the late 1970’s and is mostly comprised of digital music. This genre can usually be heard in the nightclubs and parties and is more of a funky style. This style of music has been enlisted as the 3rd most popular music genres of all time and has quickly captivated hearts and minds of millions.


6. Folk

This music genre is basically one of those styles that of the country music and generally involves people who are not very much professional in this field. The singers of this genre do not just sing the song, but they convey their emotions through their singing. The Folk genre uses the traditional instruments for it gives it the special charm to the songs.


7. Jazz

This genre of music emerged from the African-American communities and it derives its features from the Blues and ragtimes. Also known as the American Classical Music, this music genre originated in the 19th century. Some of the popular musicians of this genre are Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, etc.


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