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Luxury Train Rides In India You Can’t Miss!



Does the fantasy of traveling back in time and experiencing the grand royalty interests and intrigue you? Then luxury train rides in India might well exceed your expectations. Managed by Indian Railways and the IRCTC, there are a total of 7 luxury trains in India. Namely Maharajas’ Express, Palace on Wheels, The Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Royal Orient Train, and Fairy Queen Express.

These are all certainly a must-try.

1. Maharajas’ Express

Luxury Train


Best among all Indian luxury trains, Maharajas’ Express is also one of the 5 most luxurious trains in the world. This half-a-mile long train boasts of professionals prepared to meet the highest quality of hospitality. Fully stocked bars, lavish suites, butler services and whatnot, and is one of the most expensive trains in India! Tourists on board get to experience the richness of the country in the most distinguished way possible. Also, it was voted ‘World’s Leading Luxury Train’ for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, consecutively.

2. Royal Rajasthan On Wheels

Luxury Train

Credits- Trivago

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is one of the most special luxury trains in India. And is known for offering supreme quality of comfort and an everlasting traveling experience. This train has 14 luxury cabins modeled on erstwhile royal palaces, multi-cuisine restaurants, bars and spa services on board. Thus this train lives up to its name and remains in great demand for luxury train journeys in India.

3. Palace On Wheels

Luxury Train

Credits- Trivago

‘Palace on Wheels’ is another in the list of the luxury train ride in India. It boasts of luxurious cabins, exquisite wallpapers, a well-stocked bar, gracious hospitality. And also local culture displayed by the artistic use of paintings and handicrafts. Thus it is very much like a palace on wheels that recreates the bygone era of kings. No wonder why it was voted as 4th best luxurious train in the world. If you are planning a luxurious trip to Rajasthan, this is the best bet!

4. The Deccan Odyssey

Luxury Train


Inspired by the traveling style of the kings and rulers during different royal eras of ancient India, Deccan Odyssey is a 5-star hotel on wheels. Ir that takes you to some fascinating destinations of India. It has a royal treatment for passengers, palace-like interiors of the cabins, multi-cuisine restaurants, lounges, a conference car, an onboard spa.

5. Golden Chariot

Credits- Rajasthan Travels

The Golden Chariot is one of the superb luxury trains in India that takes you to some of the most famous tourist places in South India. Also, The train has AC chambers. It also has with royal interiors, bars, restaurants serving multi-variety cuisines, mini gym, Ayurveda spa and other 5-star facilities.

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10 Times Janhvi Kapoor Gave Road Trip Outfit Inspo




Janhvi Kapoor has known for her easy-breezy style and carrying herself so well, that too effortlessly. Some of her outfits make a perfect road trip outfit combination. So, today we are going to sneak into her wardrobe and pick out some comfy outfits that we can opt for while going on a road trip with our friends or close ones.

The Casual Style

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We can start by saying that this is the most preferred road trip outfit style, the casual style. What could be better than a pair of denim, a comfy t-shirt and stylish sneakers for all the adventure coming your way!

The Chic Way

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Denim jackets are our personal kind, and when styled in an indo-western way so what could be better? The easy-breezy outfit is stylish yet keeps you comfortable throughout the entire journey. You can wear a pair of jhumkas to make it more interesting!

The Ethnic Kind

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A kurta with palazzo, so comfy and pretty, eh? And how can we forget the pair of beautiful jhumkas to pair along with the outfit? Then just tie your hair in a bun, mix and match the accessories, carry your tote and you are good to go!

The Girly Trend

We have heard girls do not like to repeat their party clothes but what if we tell you that you can style them and wear them again and again? Pick out your favorite dress and pair them with shoes and a backpack for an amazing road trip outfit.

The Elegant Fashion

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A midi or body con dress for a road trip? Hell yes! You can pair it up with a comfortable pair of footwear and ditch your heels for the road and you will be all prepped up.

The Chill Outfit

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Spotted at Bhoot Screening.

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If you are planning to go on a road trip during winters, then a hoodie is a must! The cozy hoodie or jacket will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the journey! Pair it with denim and comfy shoes.

The Folk Fashion

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Visiting a heritage place or the fields? Then this folk avatar will work the best for you and will also fetch you beautiful pictures for your social media account. Remember, keep the dupatta light so it is easy to manage.

The Contemporary Vogue

Road trip with the girls? A crop top with joggers can be your rescue from this fashion trouble. Keep your hair, accessories makeup simple as the long journey can make you feel uncomfortable.

The Easy Fad

Pants are totally in, so extend your hands for flared pants and style it with a simple t-shirt, top or shirt. Hang your sling around and grab easy to go wedges or espadrilles.

The Colorful Comfort

A bright t-shirt with a pair of shorts and white sneakers! The trip already brightened up, eh? This chic avatar is gonna fetch you many pretty Insta worthy pictures.

For more such news, visit here.

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Pickpocketers- Outsmart Them On Your Next Travel



 Whenever You Travel, Be Prepared For A Worst-Case Scenario

Even the smartest travelers may let their guard down. If there are Pickpocketers, don’t worry. It can happen to anyone. But how you handle the situation after-the-fact can protect your identity and credit rating. Before you travel, make copies of all your important papers and your credit card numbers and leave them with a trusted friend in the states. It’s even better if you can memorize your credit card numbers plus the phone number on the back of the card to call for fraud protection.


8. Don’t Bring Valuables

Minimize the valuables you travel with.  Unless you’re attending a wedding, hanging out with a posh crowd or staying at a cousin’s house there’s no reason to bring expensive jewelry.  Theft can happen in transit as well as hotel rooms and if you’re constantly on the move. It’s also something you can easy leave behind by accident. Find a way to make it look a little trashy and personalized. That way, it’s easily identifiable and not an item thieves will target to resell.


7. Avoid Keeping Money In Your Back Pockets

It’s often said that the best invitation for a thief is a wallet in the back pocket. Keep all of your valuables concealed, and consider using a decoy wallet which holds no cards and a minimal amount of cash to distract thieves. When you store your wallet and money in a place which you cannot see or feel, then pickpockets and thieves can easy lift it from you without your notice. Some folks will say that you put your money in your backpack, choose a place few will look or keep a dummy wallet up front to lure thieves to the wrong target.


6. Ditch The Purse



Ditch the purse and go with a sturdy day pack. Many will disagree with this advice, claiming a backpack makes you look more like a well-targeted tourist. Maybe so, but backpacks hold more and are harder to rip off your back by a thief.  When you look at purse-toting tourists, we assume four worldly things to fit in it– credit cards, an I.D, a mobile phone and money! Backpack wearers meanwhile can stash jackets, water, snacks. Pickpockets happen only if you can fish through them all you might find money.


5. Leave Clues For Honest Finders


Accidents happen, and even the most cautious traveler can leave something behind. Maximize your chances of getting it back by taping a tiny note with your email address or travel partner’s phone number to any item you really don’t want to lose, making it easy for a kind soul to return it. For phones, you could use an -If Found Please Return To note as your lock screen, or tuck your business card inside the case.

4. Keep Material Losses In Perspective

Many tourists get indignant when pickpocketed or ripped off. If it happens to you, it’s best to get over it. You’re well-off enough to travel, and thieves aren’t. You let your guard down and they grabbed your camera. It ruins your day and you have to buy a new one, while they sell it for a week’s wages on their scale. If a thief has robbed you of your belongings, don’t let them rob you any further by allowing the loss to ruin your entire trip.


3. Leave Valuables In Your Hotel Room


Expensive gear, such as your laptop, is much safer in your room than with you in a day bag on the streets. While hotels often have safes in the room or at the front desk. Some travelers leave their passports secured in the room safe while out for the day. Theft from hotel rooms happens, of course, but it’s relatively rare hoteliers are quick to squelch a pattern of theft. You can have the hotel management to be accountable for your luggage.


2. Stay Away From Large Crowds

Vigilance is the best defence against pickpockets, so keep your bags in front of you, either on you or at your feet when using escalators. If you feel like you’ve walked into a sandwich scam situation, politely but firmly ask the people who are blocking the way to move aside and make your way through. It’s easy for a thief to steal away with your wallet in the midst of a bustling commotion. If you see a crowd, walk on the opposite side of the street.


1. Trust No One


Pickpocketing is an unfortunate reality of travelling, but a reality nonetheless. That’s why travellers should assume the worst when approached by a stranger, even if you feel rude. The general rule of thumb is to be especially careful if strangers ask for something, whether that be a picture or a donation. Keep your valuables close to your chest when travelling in crowded places. If you find that your attention is drawn elsewhere, remember to keep the safety of your possessions at the front of mind.



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Royal Rides by Indian Railways!



India is fast moving on the path of development. Not just the private sector but also the government owned entities are progressing. One such entity is the Indian Railways. Check out the Royal Rides by Indian Railways which promises a wonderful experience for all.


Anyone who has traveled with Indian Railways will surely vouch for one fact. Trains travels give you the exposure to being around real Indians. The thing with Railways is that, the more the stops, more diversity in Indian lifestyle you get to witness. Therefore, even though train travels are not always very pleasant they show you different colors of life.

Just so that the travelers get to experience more fun on their journey, Royal Rides by Indian Railways have been designed. These trains cover different routes in India. Each train is unique in its own way and has a different experience in store. In this post, take a look at the Royal Rides by Indian Railways.

Royal Rides by Indian Railways

The Desert Queen

The Desert Queen is one of the best Royal Rides by Indian Railways. It runs between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. In spite of being priced more than the normal rides of Indian Railways, the train does not fail to attract lovers of luxury.


The Desert Queen offers a desert safari of the blue city of India, Jaisalmer. The train will take you through the famous destinations while being surrounded by the golden time round the clock.

The Maharaja Express

The Maharaja Express runs on the route of Mumbai to Delhi. The train is quite expensive but the experience is unmatched. The train comes with facilities like Large dining bar, LCD TV’s, direct dial phones, internet, lounge, temperature control facilities, suite bathroom. In addition to this the train has large windows perfect for sight seeing.

The Himalayan Queen

The Himalayan Queen is a little different from the above two trains. It is a rather rare experience. To ride the Himalayan Express one has to travel the route of Kalka to Shimla. The train is a toy train the passes through the beauty of nature. On your way you will pass through flowing rivulets, colorful meadows and jungles. The ride is sure to fascinate each and every one in some way or other.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

This one is another of trains on the Himalayan side. This train runs between the Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling tracks. The train will take you through the famous tea hills of Darjeeling. The scene is straight out of some Bollywood movie.

Mandovi Express

This train runs on the Mumbai- Madgaon route. A ride by this train will tak eyou through the beautiful Sahyadri Hills. In addition to this, you can witness the Arabain Sea on the other side of Sahyadri.  The whole area is blessed by nature. There are plenty of rice fields and coconut tress that one will come across this region. Inspite of all this, the area is not yet very popular. So, one can also expect a calm tour on this route.

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FOLLOW👉@wheel_on_track ▪️TRAIN NO & NAME: 10104/MANDOVI EXPRESS. मांडवी एक्सप्रेस  मांडवी एक्सप्रेस ▪️FROM: MAO/MADGAON JUNCTION ▪️TO: CSMT/CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ TERMINUS. ▪️TRAVEL TIME: 12H 25M ▪️HALTS: 18 ▪️DISTANCE: 581 ▪️AVG SPEED: 47KM/HR ▪️MAXIMUM PERMISSIBLE SPEED: 110KM/HR ▪️RUNS: DAILY ▪️DEPARTS MAO @ 09:15 ▪️ARRIVES CSMT @ 21:40 ▪️TYPE: MAIL/EXPRESS ▪️RAKE ZONE: KR/KONKAN RAILWAY ▪️INAUGURAL RUN: TUESDAY JUNE 08,1999 ▪️✔️PANTRY CAR ▪️✔️ON BOARD CATERING ▪️✖️E CATERING ▪️RAKE TYPE: LHB RAKE ▪️TOTAL COACHES: 22 ▪️RSA/RAKE SHARING: 10111/KONKAN KANYA EXPRESS. 10112/KONKAN KANYA EXPRESS. ▪️LOCO: MAO TO CSMT PUNE(PUNE)/WDP-4D . . . ————————————————— TO GET FEATURED: ————————————————— USE #wheel_on_track OR TAG:@wheel_on_track OR EMAIL: ————————————————– . . . 📸: ©@panya_rk . . . #indianrailways #incredible_india #irctc #southwesternrailway #centralrailways #northwesternrailway #westernrailways #easternrailways #konkanrailways #wheel_on_track #photooftheday #photography #instagram #love #railfans_of_instagram #railfan #railphotography #windowseatproject #yesteam #travelling #trending #travelphotography #trainspotting #travelblog #instatravel #instafollow #instagram #10104 #mandoviexpress #foodking #konkan

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Island Express

The train runs between Kanyakumari and Trivandrum. It is advisable that when on this train do not even think of your books or phones. This is because the beautiful view around is sure to have you captivated. The whole journey is of two hours.

The Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot runs on the Bengaluru Goa route. It wouldn’t be wrong to call this train the pride of Karnataka. This train is named after the famous stone chariot of Hampi. It has a total of 19 coaches. It has all the amenities that one could possibly need ranging from spa, gym, conference room, bar and many restaurants.

The Palace on Wheels

The Palace on Wheels is the famous Rajasthan tour train. The train is quite popular than the other trains on this list. The train has set high standards when one comes to talk about the of Royal Rides by Indian Railways.

Indian Railways has a common ticketing portal for all trains under them. To book your tickets visit here.

Take a look at other destinations in India where you can visit.


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