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Louis Vuitton Items That Are Ridiculously Expensive



Louis Vuitton, Oscar De La Renta, Gucci, Dior: Luxurious, High-end, Exorbitant, but these brands define what fashion is today! Even if you buy a plain tee with a basic logo printed or embroidered on it, it will leave a hole in your pocket. However, brand fanatics love these high-end brands and shell out money to buy their products. Moreover, they get several custom-made things especially for themselves by these brands. Louis Vuitton Malletier commonly referred to LV is a French fashion brand founded by Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton products are lavish and expensive due to its high manufacturing cost. For six consecutive years (2006–2012), Louis Vuitton was named the world’s most valuable luxury brand. People buy Louise Vuitton items as they have high durability, and are often considered to be an investment.

Here are 10 most ridiculously expensive items that Louis Vuitton has made for its customers:


1. Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear


This Teddy Bear is a collaborative success of a German toy company Steiff and Louis Vuitton. It was sold at an auction in Monaco back in 2000 to Jesse Kim, a South Korean billionaire who has a fondness for teddy bears. However, it costs $2.1 million Dollar which is approximately 13 crore.


2. Monogram Crayon Set


This 40 coloured pencil set comes in a roll-up case which has LV’s signature monogram motif on the exterior. It retails for 900$ which is a whopping 70 thousand INR (approx).


3. Louis Vuitton Wireless Earphones


These beautiful black Horizon Wireless Earphones are a luxurious and cutting-edge travel buddy. It has the quintessential LV monogram on the buds. These cost around 1000$, you probably can buy 4 apple AirPods instead of one LV Pods.


4. Monogram Fluo Coasters

LV Coasters? Did you know that they actually make coasters? Considered a delightful gift for friends and colleagues, these coasters are available in myriads of colours and LV signature logo motifs. It comes in a set of 6. They cost around 500$ per set. So, trust me, your mother wouldn’t want these coasters in her kitchen as they are ridiculously exorbitant!


5. Kite


The classic LV monogram imprinted on the kite, this is a perfect collectable for outdoor enthusiasts. Obviously, you can fly it as well. It comes with a case which is extremely sleek. It costs around 90$.

6. Luxury Cricket Trunk


This Cricket Trunk is an ultimate sign of luxury. The customized trunk holds everything from tea sets, to surgical instruments, shoes, cigars with humidor and even a solar panel to charge up all the gadgets on the go. It costs for $170,000 (Rs 1,18,06,925) and was specifically designed for Michael Clarke, which was the blueprint of success for Australia in 2015 as they holder the World Cup. The Cricket Trunk was a tribute to Michael Clarke’s achievements.


7. LV Dumbbells


For all our health freaks, you can show-off these dumbbells in your gym, but probably you won’t have any money left to resume your membership! These dumbbells are made of lustrous metal with LV engraving on both sides. Moreover,  the handles are wrapped in Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Eclipse canvas. They cost around $2700 that is approx 2 lacs!

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Bhumi Pednekar In Her Latest Mag Shoot Is Vacation Goals!



Bhumi Pednekar in the latest mag cover

Bhumi Pednekar in her latest Travel + Leisure India cover shoot is giving us some major vacation goals! In this edition, she speaks about how to be more conscious and responsible towards the environment. Just 4 years into the industry, this actor and climate warrior is more than what we see in her roles. Her striking weight transformation in just a year had stirred crazy motivation into many around. Her latest shoot showcases one such distinct avatar.

Bhumi Pednekar has carved her niche in the industry and simultaneously, established herself as a brand altogether. Her choice of roles, undoubtedly, makes her standout. A stereotype breaker in her movies like Dum Laga Ke Haisha and Lust Stories, she has strengthened our admiration for her.

In a conversation with Adila Matra, Bhumi Pednekar talks of her new launch called ‘Climate Warrior’. A climate warrior herself, she talks of her environment endeavours of clean-up drives and climate strikes and calls upon fellow colleagues to do the same.

View this post on Instagram

This August, Travel + Leisure India & South Asia (@travelandleisureindia ) curates the 40 most amazing experiences in India, plus 10 from the rest of Asia. Actor and climate warrior Bhumi Pednekar (@bhumipednekar) graces our first projection photography cover and offers tips to travel more responsibly. At a time when borders are more real than ever before, destinations closer home offer much-needed respite from the lockdown. Rebound trips to Uttarakhand and Sariska Tiger Reserve provide a template for our future travels. If you can't travel yet, find your escape in compelling and insightful travelogues about Goa’s favourite local drink, surfing in Canggu, architectural jewels in Penang’s capital, the ancient Silk Route junction of Jaisalmer, the compelling history of Junagadh, intriguing museums in Turtuk and Kochi, and much more.⁠ ⁠ Editor: Aindrila Mitra (@aindrilamitra)⁠ Concept & photographs by Laksheta Modgil (@lakshetamodgil); Bhaktee Modgil (@bhaktee__ ); and Nimisha Tiwari (@melomaniacc)⁠ ⁠ Head to the link in bio to access the Magzter edition of the magazine NOW!⁠ ⁠ #TnlIndia #TnlCoverStar

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She talks about her initiative ‘Climate Warrior’. She describes it in the following excerpt:

I have been very conscious about climate change since I was a little girl. I spent many nights thinking of it when I was a teenager. After I became an actor, my work and opinions regarding the crisis came to the forefront. Subsequently, my team at Yash Raj Films (YRF) and I decided to use my social media platform to communicate, and to celebrate the people who were actively working towards saving the planet. Climate Warrior is an attempt to change the thought process and help people recognise that climate crisis is the biggest threat that mankind has ever faced.

If one wants to contribute to the environment, one has to practice sustainability. She then talks about the post COVID 19 challenges that will pose a threat to the environment which she believes may cause another pandemic.

People should not discard masks on the street. Set aside a place in your house to dispose of masks, and send them to a recycling plant as bio-hazardous waste. In Mumbai, the high tide throws up gloves and masks on the shore—it is a horrible sight. Making basic adjustments can have a huge impact. Discard your plastic straw, use a bamboo toothbrush, try to not take long showers, plant a tree, cycle, walk, share your rides. These are adjustments we all can make. Until a few months ago, my family and I were the only ones in the building who segregated waste; now all the floors are doing it. Most of our plastic is sent to a recycling facility, and wet waste is turned into compost. This can go a long way because landfills are some of the most toxic places on earth.

Next, the interview asked Bhumi Pednekar about her travel ventures. These endless trips that were for either film shoots or for a private getaway. She talks about her favourite escape destinations. See what she has to say:

I had great fun shooting for Saand Ki Aankh in Johri village, Uttar Pradesh. I was there for two months—there were huge farms; we would pluck our own vegetables and cook on chulhas. Another enriching experience was shooting in Chambal for Sonchiriya. I have never seen terrain like that—the ravines are spectacular, and the river is so serene. We also stayed at a rustic heritage property that had been converted into a resort. My mom, sister, and I took a road trip from Mumbai to Haridwar around eight years ago. We have travelled the world since and before then, but nothing beats that trip. I want to visit Gulmarg; I’ve heard wonderful things about it. I haven’t really explored the south of India, so Kerala is definitely on the list. I also want to explore the Seven Sisters, hopefully soon.

As a final word of thought, Bhumi talks about a healthy way of living and minimising the negative impact on the the environment. We hope that people would add value to that thought.

You can start with small things like carrying your own cutlery when you travel and being mindful of the waste you generate on a road trip. When you go shopping, try and opt for sustainable brands, support local businesses and those that are conscious about animal cruelty, water consumption, and child labour. I stay with my family, so my days are busy. Cooking, cleaning, organising, reading books, watching shows—there is a lot to do. Another thing that has kept me going since the first day of the lockdown is a workout routine. It makes me feel positive and happy, and I recommend that all of you try to squeeze some kind of workout into your routine every day. Even if it is 50 jumping jacks, it will make a huge difference to your mood.

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Myntra Acquires Deepika Padukone’s ‘All About You’ Fashion Brand



Via Instagram

Myntra Fashions has reportedly acquired a 100 percent stake in ‘All About You’ from Deepika Padukone for an undisclosed sum, in what is one of a series of recent celebrity brand dealings.

Established in 2015 with 50 per cent stake each owned by Padukone and Myntra. All About You has since become a leading women ‘s wear brand on the internet.

All about you

Via Instagram

“Collaborating with Myntra and creating a brand like ‘All About You’ was not only creatively satisfying, it also taught me a lot.” Deepika Padukone explained.

“I wish the brand and the team great success as they embark on a new journey,” she said. As part of the next step, Myntra aims to further popularize the brand by making the collection available to consumers in unexplored Indian markets.

All about you

Via Instagram

“Our relationship has been extremely fruitful with Deepika Padukone and All About You,” said Manohar Kamath, Head of Myntra Fashion Brands.

Via Instagram

Collaboration with Myntra

“Throughout the years, we have succeeded in building a brand that resonates with the modern Indian consumer. Now, as a part of the next growth process, Myntra has now acquired a complete stake in the company,” he said. Myntra has collaborated with many celebrities for different brands. Which includes brands like HRX, co-owned by Exceed Entertainment, Hrithik Roshan, and Myntra. Also, with a brand named, ‘House of Pataudi’ which is co-owned by Myntra and Saif Ali Khan.

All about you

Via Instagram

Coming to the brand, ‘All about you’ is presented by Deepika Padukone to showcase her vision towards western-wear creations. Moreover, at the time of launch, they were done over a nine-month period. Though, in collaboration with the French design agency, Carlin and online fashion portal, Myntra. The designs are refreshingly on the spot, combining the love of the actress for dressing ‘comfortable, romantic, feminine, and enjoyable.’

The idea of ‘All about you’

Her idea was refined on the new definition of fashion. Earlier at the launch, Deepika shared, “For me, fashion means a sense of openness and coziness that can be seen in my designs. These clothes are an extension of my personality, of a multitasking woman in the 18-35 age group.”

All about you

Via Instagram

The latest acquisition comes at a time when Myntra is expanding globally. It has recently forayed into the Middle East and launched brands like Myntra Fashion there. The Bengaluru-based company has partnered with leading regional e-commerce platforms,, and Furthermore, to give millions of fashion-forward shoppers in the region brands of Indian origin. Also, Myntra is looking forward to gathering the unexplored markets in India. Clearly, it is on a mission to expand the business to new heights.

Via Instagram

You can click on the link, to buy some great designs and apparel. The vision and mission of Deepika Padukone is a treat to our eyes and it must top your fashion list as well. Moreover, you’ll find many unique indo-western designs and prints which you’d love to the core.

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This Is How Vidya Balan Promoted Shakuntala Devi



Credits- VOGUE

With the suspension of the coronavirus slowly lifting, life is gradually returning to normal, and every once and a while we even see celebrities making their way around town as they go on errands. Although, how long it has been since we saw our favorite celebrities dolled up as they support their campaigns. Watching Vidya Balan dressed up in the nines for Shakuntala Devi’s promotions was a sight to sore eyes. Moreover, the singular, typical conventional fashion sense of the versatile actor is enviable.

Vidya Balan

Credits- Times ot India

Here are some of her most recent looks of Vidya Balan from Shankuntala Devi’s promotions.

In one of her most recent images, she is seen wearing clothes from the label Nadiya Paar. It is a beautiful handwoven Bhagalpuri sari. The off white sari is full of floral motifs. The actor shared the pictures and said, “This @nadiyapaar saree, hand-woven in Bhagalpur has hand-drawn oleander flower motif printed on gauzy linen. The sari is inspired by the childhood memories of the designers gathering certain flowers to make garlands.”

Before that, she is seen stunning in the Deep Thee mark. An ultimate deep purple chanderi sari. The look is completed with a matching blouse, and her hair is seen tied into a tidy knot.

On July 31, Vidya Balan’s film about ‘Shakuntala Devi’s life and accomplishments is released exclusively on Amazon Prime. It is a comedy-drama biographical film written and directed by Anu Menon. In the film we see Balan embracing the various phases of the life of Shakuntala Devi, making for a brilliant fashion journey.

In one of her promotion looks, she is seen experimenting with the brand name red shibori. Mainly, famous for providing hands-free sari. Also, equipped with a matching blouse, it finishes out with a sleek hairdo.

Tradition over Modern

In another look she is wearing the label, Chanchal-Bringing Art to Life. A gorgeous black and gold tussar sari. Also, it is matching with a sleeveless black blouse and complimenting with a sleek hairdo. “This Classic Black & Golden Tussar Dupion Silk Saree has a lovely ghicha silk pallu crafted by artisans, weavers, and patrons,” she wrote.

Moreover, after her debut in the Indian film industry, Vidya Balan has always been a sare connoisseur. Also, she is an inspiration to many young girls who are ready to leave modern clothes for more traditional Indian sarees and kurtas. Accompanied by her lustrous black hair and classic Indian features, compliment her fashion choices to the degree that it has us all screaming ‘fashion goals!’ She is always a treat to the eyes whenever it comes to her choice of sarees.

Instead of her recent film, Vidya Balan is mostly posting promotional images on her Instagram account. It is a wide array of delicately designed sarees and kurtas offering the perfect mix of modern and traditional. Furthermore, balan is also active in supporting local artisans and designers too. Mostly, to promote a part of India’s rich cultural heritage as an advocate for ‘saree life.’

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