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Kay Beauty By Katrina Is Winning Our Hearts



katrina kaif

A brilliant actor that has set the bar very high, the face of a multitude of brands and an actress with a repertoire of roles are only a few of them. Now, Katrina adds makeup mogul to that winding list with the launch of her own line, aptly named Kay by Katrina. Beauty and Bollywood have been collaborators for decades. Joining the ranks of Kareena Kapoor and Lara Dutta Bhupathi, who have their names on makeup and skincare lines respectively, is Kay by Katrina.


The brand has been launched with the campaign — #ItsKayToBeYou — that aligns with the cause of encouraging women to be themselves without paying heed to societal judgement. “either way it’s okay to be you,” reads the ad copy. It’s interesting how the brand chose the cause-advertising route right from the start of its journey. It would be interesting to see how it carries it forward.

“It is courageous of a brand like Nykaa to launch Kay Beauty and not feature a makeup product in their ad film. Probably one of the few times this has ever been done and takes a great amount of belief, passion and forward-thinking to greenlight a project like that. It’s just a piece about what we feel at Kay Beauty, about being a woman and celebrating being a woman. That authentically who you are in the most beautiful version of yourself. It’s about having fun with makeup, enhancing our natural features and how we look.

Katrina’s Insights 

“As a person, I’m very demanding of myself. Kay Beauty has been created with this same rigour. Asking a very demanding question of how can we get more out of makeup?. The answer that the collection offers is a unique formula of that are long-lasting, glam and cares for your skin,” says Kaif. “Each product is infused with ‘kare’ ingredients so that you can indulge in makeup without any guilt. It was very important that the collection was versatile enough to cater to different skin tones, ages, and emotions. With the range of shades and buildable formulas, every woman can find their look. I’ve taken all the knowledge I’ve gained in my career and put it into these products. I hope that they give you the tools to explore your creativity and celebrate your own unique idea of beauty.”

Kay Beauty

When it comes to Kay Beauty, there’s much more to it that a famous face and celebrity stamp. With a vision of high-performance and long-lasting product, the brand has released a collection of 48 products which include 3 lip ranges, 3 kajal ranges and eyebrow products. If the wide selection wasn’t enough to leave you amazed, Kay Beauty also aligns itself as #MakeupThatKares. The hashtag is enough to tell you to expect products that don’t only look good but work hard while doing so.

Products List

The products come in paper boxes that are covered in the K monogram, which include a cool feature of coloured panels that match the product shade inside. Like the boxes, the products too are covered in matching shades along with the K monogram. It is easy to go unnoticed but can make selecting shades easier even without needing to remove it from the box or physically try it.

Starting the lineup are the MATTEinee Lip Crayons. In crayon-like packaging and 24 shades, these lipsticks give a rich matte finish and luxuriously hydrating formula which is enriched with chamomile and marula oil.

Then there’s the Matte Action Lip Pencils in 12 unique shades which offer precise lines and pigmented colouring.

The Kay Beauty MaeStrobe Lip Topper by Katrina is the most unique pick from the lip offerings in the collection. The shades vary from light to dark. Many of them have a high shimmer gold liquid that can be worn over a lip product to add a bit of shine. They are all priced at Rs 699.

Now moving on to the eyes. The eye makeup enthusiasts will be pleased to know that 2 Kajals will be part of the collection. The KohlStar 24 Hour Kajal and Ink Artist Gel Kajal promises an intense black colour that resists smudging. Additionally, they are enriched with ceramide and chamomile to soothe the eyes.

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This Is How Vidya Balan Promoted Shakuntala Devi



Credits- VOGUE

With the suspension of the coronavirus slowly lifting, life is gradually returning to normal, and every once and a while we even see celebrities making their way around town as they go on errands. Although, how long it has been since we saw our favorite celebrities dolled up as they support their campaigns. Watching Vidya Balan dressed up in the nines for Shakuntala Devi’s promotions was a sight to sore eyes. Moreover, the singular, typical conventional fashion sense of the versatile actor is enviable.

Vidya Balan

Credits- Times ot India

Here are some of her most recent looks of Vidya Balan from Shankuntala Devi’s promotions.

In one of her most recent images, she is seen wearing clothes from the label Nadiya Paar. It is a beautiful handwoven Bhagalpuri sari. The off white sari is full of floral motifs. The actor shared the pictures and said, “This @nadiyapaar saree, hand-woven in Bhagalpur has hand-drawn oleander flower motif printed on gauzy linen. The sari is inspired by the childhood memories of the designers gathering certain flowers to make garlands.”

Before that, she is seen stunning in the Deep Thee mark. An ultimate deep purple chanderi sari. The look is completed with a matching blouse, and her hair is seen tied into a tidy knot.

On July 31, Vidya Balan’s film about ‘Shakuntala Devi’s life and accomplishments is released exclusively on Amazon Prime. It is a comedy-drama biographical film written and directed by Anu Menon. In the film we see Balan embracing the various phases of the life of Shakuntala Devi, making for a brilliant fashion journey.

In one of her promotion looks, she is seen experimenting with the brand name red shibori. Mainly, famous for providing hands-free sari. Also, equipped with a matching blouse, it finishes out with a sleek hairdo.

Tradition over Modern

In another look she is wearing the label, Chanchal-Bringing Art to Life. A gorgeous black and gold tussar sari. Also, it is matching with a sleeveless black blouse and complimenting with a sleek hairdo. “This Classic Black & Golden Tussar Dupion Silk Saree has a lovely ghicha silk pallu crafted by artisans, weavers, and patrons,” she wrote.

Moreover, after her debut in the Indian film industry, Vidya Balan has always been a sare connoisseur. Also, she is an inspiration to many young girls who are ready to leave modern clothes for more traditional Indian sarees and kurtas. Accompanied by her lustrous black hair and classic Indian features, compliment her fashion choices to the degree that it has us all screaming ‘fashion goals!’ She is always a treat to the eyes whenever it comes to her choice of sarees.

Instead of her recent film, Vidya Balan is mostly posting promotional images on her Instagram account. It is a wide array of delicately designed sarees and kurtas offering the perfect mix of modern and traditional. Furthermore, balan is also active in supporting local artisans and designers too. Mostly, to promote a part of India’s rich cultural heritage as an advocate for ‘saree life.’

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Bold Lipstick Shades Worn By Our Stars



B-Town beauties are known for their peculiar fashion experiments. Some trends leave us astounded while others, just become a faux pas. Getting started on Bold lipstick trends, every season brings a new lip colour that becomes the favourite of our celebs. However, several times our celebs become trendsetters and try bold lipstick colours to make a statement. Thinking to try something new, but ended up in getting massively trolled on social media platforms.

Check out some Actresses wearing bold lipstick shades:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Although she is known as the world’s most beautiful woman, she is inspected carefully as well. Majority of the people found this bold-look hilarious but there were people who appreciated it as well. On that day, twitter was flooded with tweets and retweets of trolls.  It was her only who challenged, “You guys can troll me as much as you want…..”. Many of her fans took her challenge seriously and trolled for her look. Many poked fun at Aishwarya’s bold move of purple lips. Many compared her purple lips to ‘kala khatta gola’.




Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is often known for her experimental sense of style. Her greyscale lip colour was perfectly matching with her brown skin. Also, her dog was matching with her amazing lip colour. Due to this weird lip shade, she became the favourite target of online trollers. Still the actress continues to entertain us by her flawless looks and an amazing sense of fashion.

Sonam Kapoor


Right when Aishwarya Rai became the butt of ridicule for wearing purple lipstick, Sonam Kapoor stole the limelight by wearing black lipstick. Moreover, introducing it with the brand she endorses! Sonam astounded her fans by wearing black lip colour. The actor has made quite the buzz in B-town due to Nepotism.

Sonam Kapoor in an interview to a leading magazine was quoted saying, “I really want to try black lipstick. Possibly even a beauty line with L’Oréal Paris – and then get them to introduce black lipstick.”


Nia Sharma


Nia Sharma was wearing a Silver shade lip colour in which she looked dazzling. However, the Jamai Raja actress was ripped-apart for choosing this unconventional lip shade. Furthermore, she was compared to Lady Gaga and her lip shade to milk powder while some advised her to choose a better lip colour next time. But surprisingly, the actress took all the criticism in her stride and continued to flaunt her choices on social media with elan.

Amy Jackson



Amy Jackson is one of the bankable stars in the South film industry. Her peaceful aura and exotic attractiveness have brought her deserved popular success, however, this fandom wasn’t enough when she sported yellow lips. She was trolled on the internet. For us, the actress pulled off the funky lip colour with great ease and charm.

Urvashi Rautela



We all know Aishwarya was massively trolled for wearing a purple-blue shade, but that didn’t scare Urvashi.  Urvashi Routela jumped on the bandwagon and sported purple lip shade. She was, of course, trolled for this look just like Aishwarya.

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The Golden Girl Of Bollywood



We all know who is the Desi Girl of Bollywood. But who exactly is the Golden Girl of Bollywood? Well, that’s for you to decide. Over the years fashion and fashion trends in Bollywood have been changing. It is a rather daring move to wear something that is golden in color from top to bottom. Nevertheless, our Bollywood actresses have done it. Of course! After all there is nothing that these superwomen cannot do! But who ultimately becomes the Golden Girl of Bollywood, is for you to decide. Because ultimately, it is what and whom the viewers love to watch.

Who is your favorite Golden Girl?

1. Deepika Padukone

Golden Girl Of Bollywood

The most number of experiments in golden color is done by none other than Deepika Padukone. In addition, she is rocking them all. But wait before you make up your mind. Check out the other actresses who have become the Golden Girl.

Alia Bhatt

Golden Girl Of Bollywood

Just like Deepika, Alia too has worn the color multiple times. All are in different styles. But are equally beautiful. One color and many different styles. Over the years, Alia has surely become an inspiration to all young girls when it comes to fashion.

Janhvi Kapoor

Golden Girl Of Bollywood

Even the new coming actresses are not behind when it comes to keeping up with Bollywood trends. Janhvi Kapoor has really carried the color well.

Priyanka Chopra

The Desi Girl, Priyanka Chopra Jonas is also one of the contenders for being the Golden Girl Of Bollywood. Check out her bold yet beautiful style that will make the decision process harder for you. In addition, the golden dress was worn by her for the Golden Globe Awards.

Ananya Panday

Golden Girl Of Bollywood

Ananya Panday, the daughter of Chunkey Panday and another newcomer in Bollywood is also no less. She too is embracing the trends and styles. In addition, the cute looks of the actress make her look just like a doll in this shimmering golden dress. She is surely brave to experiment with the color in different styles.

Katrina Kaif

The actress who recently celebrated her birthday never fails to amaze us. She has always won our hearts with her fashion sense, her dance movie and emotional acting skills. Here is how she sizzles in gold. Also, it doesn’t feel at all that she is a foreigner. For instance, the way she has gotten along the Indian Ethos and is seen wearing Indian traditional clothes with so much ease definitely makes us feel she is one of us.

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Anushka Sharma

The producer and wife of Indian Skipper Virat Kohli is bringing us a lot of refreshing entertainment on her work front. She is producing movies with strong feminist characters. In addition, she also dazzles in some gold once in a while to soothe our eyeballs.

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor has been a frequent representation of India abroad in the Cannes Film Festival. There she has gone and shown some of her amazing styling skills. She is also a pro at carrying the dresses she wears.

Aishwariya Rai Bachchan

Golden Girl Of Bollywood

Just like Sonam, even the former Miss World has put India on the globe. She has been a frequent representation at the Cannes Film Festival over the year. In addition, we see along with Aish now her little daughter too who attends the film festival with her. Both of them dress up to impress and put India on an international focus.

Let us know in the comments below who is the Golden Girl Of Bollywood according to you?

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