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Hungry? Try These Best Food Trucks



food trucks

Have you ever came across the idea of food travelling? Well, this is something which ‘is possible’ by the means of Food Trucks. I guess now you would have known what I meant, right. These food truck could not provide you with the one of cheapest but at the same time could deliver you mouth-watering flavours. These trucks are no longer thought as the food on wheels but are also considered as exceptional dining zones. From selling to ice- creams to selling desserts and from Chinese to Indian, these trucks have a huge variety. So let us read about some of the best and most popular food trucks in India.

1. Super Sucker, Delhi

Founded by Karan Malik, this truck serves some of the best-known dishes just under the very same roof. Being a foodie himself, as and when he opened this truck, people appreciated the idea and did go and try the varieties. The multicolour truck offers American, Mediterranean, Mexican and French cuisines and has won hearts of people.  Some of the famous dishes which are a must-try are Desi Burritos Mutton, Keema pav, Tandoori paneer Sandwich and Dark Fantasy Super Shake.

super sucker



2. Mumbai Rolling Kitchen, Mumbai

This truck is one of the most popular food truck of Mumbai and it was started by Sagar Waghule. Earlier the truck was just popular in the regions of Airoli, but later as the demand grew, it expanded its services to Thane, Belapur and Navi Mumbai as well.  Famous for its grilled sandwiches and omelettes, the truck also serves an exotic taste of Hyderabad.

mumbai rolling kitchen



3. Lalit Food Truck Company, Delhi

The truck which is mostly seen in and around the outskirts of Connaught Place is none than Lalit Food Truck Company. This truck could be found with red and yellow strip as shown below in the picture. The idea of this truck was an initiative of Keshav Suri, the Director at The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group. As soon as the truck made its debut, people got attracted to it for its sizzling hot brownies and Mexican Dishes.

lalit food trucks



4. Oh Buoy, NOIDA

The truck has been one of the first and has been amongst the best in NOIDA. Being the first, Oh Buoy has established its monopoly in NOIDA and serves as an excellent place for meals. They not only offer delicious chicken wings and burgers but also do have an amazing flavour for Mexican and Lebanese. The truck being situated near the Commercial hub, Sec 127, is a must ‘pay-a-visit’ place.

food trucks

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5. Burgertron, Pune

If you are a burger lover, then please do pay a visit here. The Burgertron has some of the best burgers which would definitely love to taste, for these are amazing in taste and cost-efficient as well. The burgers here are some of the best ones which you would have eaten for the crispy patties, fillings and a variety of sauces.  Some of the lip-smacking burgers which you might want to try are the Chicken Steak Burger and Manchurian Burger.




6. Chaska, Chennai

Being the first food truck in Chennai, Chaska definitely brought about a change in the culture. Founded by 4 members, the truck is situated in Thiruvanmiyur Beach and serves all sorts of Tibetan dishes.  Though the truck started nearly 3 years ago, it witnesses many customers on a daily basis. People over here can fulfil their desires of having Schezwan, Momo, Noodles, and other dishes without travelling distant places.

food trucks



7. The Cheese Truck, Pune

If you find a yellow coloured truck somewhere near CCD Pune, then you just came across The Cheese Truck. As the name suggests, this truck does everything in the Cheezy way. So, if you are a cheese lover, do not forget to pay this truck a visit, for you could satisfy all the desires for cheese here. Some of thee exotic dishes here is the Mac & Cheese, Stoners Chicken and Stoners Stuffed Nutella.

the cheese truck - food trucks



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Feel Free To Eat These Without Gaining Weight



While there’s no such thing as a zero-calorie food, there are foods you can enjoy freely without having to worry about packing on the pounds.

1. Tomatoes


The soluble fibre in tomato forms a gel-like substance in the large intestine and acts as a food source for the good gut bacteria. This also helps to increase your satiety. Insoluble fibre in tomato binds itself with fat and prevents its absorption, thus weight gain. Tomatoes are also considered an appetite-suppressant high-volume food, which means they have high amounts of water, air and fibers.

2. Cucumbers

A pile of fresh cucumbers lying diagonally with drops of water with one cut open

A fruit that is mostly made up of water, cucumbers only contain 16 calories per serving. The seeds and skin contain most of the fruit’s nutritional value, so you’re best off not peeling your cucumbers. The peel and seeds provide both fiber and a form of vitamin A known as beta-carotene, which is known to be good for your eyes. So go munch on some cucumbers right now!

3. Grapefruits


Studies have shown that adding grapefruit to your diet can increase weight loss, which is often why it’s considered a diet food. This is because grapefruits are high in fiber, which keeps hunger at bay by stabilizing blood sugar levels and helping you feel fuller for longer. There are only 50 calories in one half of a grapefruit.


4. Broccoli

Broccoli is most nutritious when eaten raw or when steamed. This super vegetable contains sulforaphane, an anti carcinogen that works to destroy cancer-causing chemicals that the body might take in either through the environment or through food. Besides vitamins A, C, E, and K, one serving of steamed broccoli contains approximately 20% of your daily fiber requirement.

5. Cauliflower

Although its white color may make people think otherwise, cauliflower is actually a very versatile and nutritious vegetable. It contains antioxidants and phytochemicals  both of which help to fight off chronic disease and it’s an excellent source of folate, fiber, and vitamins C and K. There are around 25 calories in one serving.


6. Blackberries

Blackberries’ health benefits are incredibly versatile. Like many other berries, the fruit is rich in vitamin C as well as antioxidants are known as bioflavonoids. Beyond that, eating blackberries can aid with digestion and staying alert, and tightens tissue, leading to younger-looking skin. There are around 62 calories in a single serving of the berries.


7. Strawberries



There’s more vitamin C in one serving of strawberries than there is in one orange. In addition, strawberries are also bursting with polyphenols, a type of antioxidant. Strawberries are also a good source of potassium and fiber, and they’re fat-free, sodium-free, and cholesterol-free, which makes them healthy for the heart. One cup of the fruit only has around 50 calories so you don’t have to worry about your weight.

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Delicious Low-Calorie Indian Recipes For Dinner




We are often stuck between soups and salads for our low-calorie dinner options. However, we do not know that there are many low-calorie Indian recipes that we can include in our diet for a healthy yet tasty dinner. These recipes are easy to make and get you into the habit of healthy eating by opting for a rich and nourishing diet rather than picking up diet food from the market.

Here are a few low-calorie Indian recipes you can add to your diet for dinner:

Oats Idli

Image result for oats idli

Image Source- Veg Recipes Of India

Idlis are light, delectable and puffy and very tasty to eat. Since it is not fried, you can have it guilt-free without worrying about the calories you are going to intake. Oats idli will provide you with fibre and lots of protein for your dinner.


Image result for dhokla

Image Source-

This Gujrati steamed snack is perfect for a delicious dinner during the days you are avoiding all the extra calories at night. The best part about this dish is that it is light yet very filling. You can easily prepare it in your microwave and the ingredients used in this particular food item are besan, suji, green chilli, curd and curry leaves.

Green Peas Upma

Image result for green peas upma

Image Source- Portabites

Protein-rich green pea along with good for weight loss upma makes a great combination for your diet food and kick starts healthy eating with delicious flavors. The dish is also said to regulate the hunger hormone ghrelin and help further in the weight loss while keeping your cravings in control.

Ragi Dosa

low-calorie Indian recipes

Image Source-

We all just love dosa, don’t we? It is one of the most favorite dishes in South Indian cuisine.  Ragi dosa is a prime choice for all those who are trying to lose weight and cut back on the extra calories. Ragi is rich in fibre and unlike other dosas, it does not use rice in its preparation.

Sabudana Khichdi

low-calorie Indian recipes

Image Source- Simply Tadka

This delicious dish is made with tender tapioca pearls, tossed with vegetables and a medley of mild spices and peanuts. Sabudana khichdi is mostly consumed during Navratri. While it is cooked in ghee, you can replace it with low-fat vegetable cooking oil for your dinner recipe.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grocery shopping and start adding the nutrient value to your dinner and yes, of course, start losing all the extra weight from your mind and body that had been bothering you with these light and healthy dinner options!

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Majestic Thalis Of India



India is a paradise of a variety of cuisines. Each region has a different taste, different cuisine and a different thali. In this post read about the various Majestic Thalis Of India that you should try at least once in your life.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to West Bengal, you will find a different thali.


What is Thali?

A thali is a platter of different delicacies that signify a particular culture. It contains a full course meal right from the starters to the main course to the dessert. The sweets that the Thali contains are just delicious.

Majestic Thalis Of India- A short guide

Punjabi Thali

Punjabi’s are fond of food is a known fact. They love heavy meals loaded with shudh desi ghee. A typical Punjabi thali consists of rajma- chole, paneer, rice, naan or chapati, dal makhni. It also contains the famous makke di roti and sarsoon da saag. The Punjabi thali will obviously be incomplete without butter chicken. To complement all this, the thali is served with a large glass of Lassi.

Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthan is a land of Royals. Rajasthan is known for its hospotality and culinary skills. The thali is loaded with a lot of sabzi. The speciality of Rajasthan, Dal bati with churma is also served.

A famous city restaurant that serves authentic Rajasthani thali is Rajdhani Thalis.

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Starting my weekend with this super scrumptious Rajasthani Thaal…😍😋😍 . . So few days back I visited Shree Rajbhog which is known for serving amazing Rajasthani Thaal. Enjoy your unlimited meal with some soothing Rajasthani music and I bet u will be tired of eating but they won't be tired of serving you dishes. 😋 Also the Price of this Thali is just Rs. 350 ( inclusive of all the taxes) . . P.s. A lot many items are missing from this thaal since I had no space to keep it in this thaal 🙊. . . Tag your friends and ask them to finish this Thaal all alone 😜 . . Where @shreerajbhog Ratings 4.5/5 . . #rajasthanithali #vegthali #daalbaatichurma #indianthali #food52 #foodgasm #f52food #eeeeeats #nomnom #f52gram #desikhana #foodphotography #foodvsco #delhifoodie #mumbaifoodlovers #delhifoodwalks #mumbaifoodie #lucknowfood #foodreview #foodshot #foodsofinstagram #foodiefeature #foodwalk #foodstagram #foodielife #foodtalk #foodstylist #foodtalkindia

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Gujarati Thali

Gujrati’s are vegetarians so their thalis too are strictly vegetarian. However, this does not at all compromise on the taste. In a gujrati thali one can find, thepla, dhokla, dal- dhokli, chevdoh, khakhra. It contains other typical gujrati dishes like Fafda, khaman, and undhiyu.

Maharashtrian Thali

There are different styles of cuisines that people of Maharashtra eat. As one part of the start is near the coast their main food items are seafood and rice, while the other part is on the extreme end at Vidarbha, so the cuisines are widely distinct. One of the specialities of a Maharashtrian thali is pickles. Maharashtrians are fond of spicy food, so a thecha made of chillies will be found in all thalis. Apart from that, there is batatyachi bhaji, vangya cha bharit, usal, bhaat (rice). For special occasions in summer seasons the thali also contains aamras and poli. Another popular dish is the Puran Poli.

Malvani Thali

Malvani Thali is also one of the thalis from Maharashtra. It finds a special mention here as the thali is full of curries, fishes curds and pickles.

Bengali Thali

A Bengali thali is a mixture of sweet and spice. Fishes dominate any bengali thali. Some of the common dishes are potol bhaja, kumro bhaja, dal, chutney and payesh. There are mouth-watering desserts like rosogolla, mishti dio and saundesh that are unmissable.

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জামাই ষষ্ঠী আরো স্পেশাল করে তুলতে চান ? ঘুরে আসুন সন্তোষপুর এ 'রাজবাড়ির খাওয়া' তে । আজ এখানে থাকছে স্পেশাল কিছু পদ শুধুমাত্র জামাই ষষ্ঠী উপলক্ষে । . . . . ছবিতে রয়েছে এখানের বিখ্যাত কয়েকটি পদ : . . • ভাত , • পোস্ত বড়া , • সবজি ডাল , • ভেটকি পাতুরি , • ছানার ডালনা , • চিংড়ির মালাইকারি , • মটন কষা , • আমের চাটনি ও • পাঁপড় । . . . . For More Updates Keep Following @calcutta_tadka ( Don't Repost Without Permission ) . . . . #jamaisasthi #jamaishoshti #jamaisoshti #bengalifood #bengalithali #bengaliculture #thegreatindianfoodie #incredibleindia #foodtalkindia #indianfoodtales #thekolkatabuzz #calcuttacacophony #ig_calcutta #northindianfood #indianstreetfood #indianfoodlovers #southindianfood #calcuttadiaries #instafood #instalike #nomnom #foodporn #f52grams #buzzfeedfood #streetfood #indianfoodblogger #delhi_gram #delhifoodie #whatmumbaieats #odiafood

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Kerela Thali

A kerela thali is usually served on a Banana leaf. It contain rice, sambar, kootu, curd, payasam. Their cuisine in rich in different types of chutneys.

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#sadya #bananaleaf #kerelathali

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Goan Thali

Goan thali contains the special kokum curry. Apart from that, there are dishes like kele ambat, Rice bhakri, banana halwa and many more. The main dishes contain kokum, seafood and coconuts.

Try out all of them as soon as you can.

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