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Highlights Of The Lakme Fashion Week 2020



Lakme Fashion week

Fashion has been one of the most luring industries of all time, and this industry keeps getting better every day. Recently, the world of fashion had a major event which saw many of the enticing fashion outfits along with the trailblazing designers. This was the Lakme Fashion Week of the year 2020.

The five-day gala festival which started from the 11th of February this year saw some of the amazing talents of the Fashion industry. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Fashion Week, and in order to celebrate the same, Lakme hosted the works of the Gen Next designers. This programme launched back in 2006,  has helped many of the designers to help build their brands. 


Some of the other highlights

Of all the highly talented fashion designers, Malai won the Circular Design Challenge. The Circular challenge is a ‘Fashion for the Earth’ initiative which leads to fashion from waste. Designers made designs from waste materials such as discarded textiles, plastic scraps, etc. Moreover, after her win, Malai says, “I’m looking forward to implementing all the plans I created over the past two years.”


Fashion Designers

The show also saw some of the top notched fashion designers’ outfit creations such as those of Ritu Kumar, Ashdeen and others. Ritu’s design along with her key signature of clothes has always been inspiring and was also presented in the show.  Her clothes have an ethenic syle on modern dresses.


Bollywood Stars

The Lakme Fashion Week saw some of the Bollywood Celebs such as Kareena Kapoor, Malavika Mohanan, Amarya Dastur and others.

These were a few images of the Lakme Fashion Show of this year, for it is quite impossible to showcase all the posts of the five days. Thus check out the latest posts in the insta handles and wait for the next arrival.

For highlights of the Lakme Fashion Week of the previous year, click here.

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These Quirky Quarantine Fashion Trendsetters Have Got Us Talkin’!



People around the world are combatting the novel Coronavirus pandemic in their own ways. They are saving themselves by staying indoors, maintaining social distance, sanitizing their hands from time to time, wearing masks, ensuring cleanliness and what not. For those who still have to go to work are making sure that they maintain a distance of 3 feet from other human beings. Despite this situation being unfavourable, miserable and unhappening, many people have shown us that there is an opportunity of ‘quarantine fashion’!

Pandemic, but make it fashion

The President of Slovakia showed us how to rule the game of masks and hand gloves. Bosslady showed up to a ceremony in masks that were colour coordinated to her dress. This wasn’t the first time she did something like that. In another event a few days ago, she wore the mask and gloves in tune with her blazer dress. We defo await fashionable masks to be a market in itself soon!

Dressed up for nowhere to go

The 90s iconic singer Britney Spears had put up a not-so-regular fashion show on Thursday, March 26, on her IG handle. She tried a trio of colourful outfits during her confinement in her house. If Britney ain’t us?

A Fashion Show called ‘Quarantine-Showcase’

Bored and running out of ideas about what to do during your quarantine days? This Dallas content creator found a way to keep his self-isolation at bay! On Monday, March 23, he shared a video of himself modelling his quarantine outfits while confining himself inside his home. He wrote, Quarantine Showcase for my outfits I’ll be rocking at home for Lockdown 2020′. Nonetheless, he rocked this Pyajama party without fail!


Browse through our website for more details on Quarantine:


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Less is More: Styling Techniques We Swear By!




                        Styling the World- one trick at a time!

Every new day is new hope, a new possibility. But it is also something else, the opportunity to look better. From keeping it sassy to keeping it classy, there’s a few styling tricks up every stylist’s sleeve that they wouldn’t share for the world. So we pinched and pulled a few strings and buttered up our favourite stylist:

1.Monochrome Matters

If you are trying to pull off a monochrome look, it is always better to do so with cold, subtle shades. You could wear a black blouse with black palazzo or black bell-bottom pants. Styling an all-white look is a soft option, too. The thing to keep in mind is that if you decide to layer or wear extravagant shoes with such a look, keep the addition in muted, solid colours that do not match the colour of the original outfit.

2.White Bite

Repeat after us, WE WEAR WHITE PUMPS ONLY WITH A WHITE DRESS Or white pants. To wear white pumps with anything that is coloured, floral, striped, or printed is an absolute crime. If you are a fan of white footwear, go for minimal strappy sandals but nothing outrageous.

3.Ace that Mess

If you’re wearing an outfit that is very formal or covers more than 70% of your body, go for a tied up hairstyle. You can make a low lying messy bun or a messy ponytail. If you’re worried you can’t quite work the messy hairdo, blow dry your hair as if crushing it between your hands. This will add volume to the hair. Once you are done, tie them up and get ready.

4.Eyes Wise

Your eye make-up can make or break your look. If it’s ethnic, black kohl is the way to go. if it’s formal, tight line your upper waterline and adds some mascara. If it’s a semi-formal brunch look, you can always spruce it up with coloured liners. Even when you do so, make sure to tight line with a black kohl pencil.  The safest option to fall back on is to tight line with a white liner pencil; it gives the illusion of brighter eyes.

5.Layer Care Styling

If you are adding a printed scarf to your sweater, make sure that their colours coincide. Conversely, wearing two solid colours of the same colour range like browns and inks or greys and blues is also a decent option. If layering with a shrug, the same rules follow.

6. Watch That Look

Wearing the right watch is just as important as being on time. If you are wearing a bling piece, get rid of the rings. If it’s a simple strap watch, you can add chain-based bracelets. If you’re wearing a simple chronograph with a chain and simple dial, thin cuff bracelets or two mid-finger rings are the way to go. Pro styling tip: wear your watch at a gap equal to two fingers’ width from the wrist joint.

7.Bag Swag

It’s fine if there is no money in your bag, but they’re better to be one. If you are wearing a huge baggy outfit, choose a medium-sized shoulder bag instead of a huge tote. Also, you do not carry a sling to the office, nor take it to a club. It is meant for outings and lunch meetings. Wristlets are acceptable but clutches are what you take to fancy outings.

8.Dare Denim

There is a right way to wear denim, but there is no wrong way either. If you want to get the best of your denim look, pair a black jacket with blue jeans and strappy sandals. Or pull up those jeans above your ankles and add a classy anklet, and complete the look with pointed pumps. Also, if you wear red inside a black jacket, you can never go wrong.


For more styling tips, read-up,

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Films on Fashion That’ll Entertain You During Quarantine



Fashion Films

A lot of things are happening around. Most of us are locked down at home due to the quarantine. Although we long for such free time, now that we have it most of us are clueless. Worry not! To kill your boredom and do something you like here is a little advice. For all the fashion lovers, here is a list of best fashion films and documentaries.

                                                        FASHION FILMS

Styling Hollywood

Celebrity Stylist Jason Bolden, who has also founded the JSN Studio hosts Styling Hollywood. This is an eight-part series where one can see the fashion life of Hollywood closely. For instance, the stylist takes us through the iconic looks designed for the red carpet. In the series, audiences also get to meet Adair Curtis, Bolden’s husband. An interior designer by profession he oversees the luxurious digs of the star.

Next In Fashion

Next In Fashion is a 10 episode reality show. In this show, 18 professional designers were against each other to win a cash prize. In Addition, the winner would get a chance to debut their collections at Net-a-Porter.

India’s resort wear designer Narresh Kukreja also participated in the show. The show was hosted by Queer Eye’s fashion expert Tan France and Designer and British Television personality Alexa Chung.

Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer

This is a biographical film on Jeremy Scott. It is a documentary which came out in 2015. It shows the journey of fashion rebel who is famous for turning everything into from graffiti to Bart Simpson references.

A lot of his famous clients like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus drop in during the course of the documentary.


A 2014 documentary based on the life of Iris Apfel. Watch her journey in fashion in this documentary.

Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

This 2017 documentary is based on the life of Manolo Blahnik. For instance, this biographical documentary traces his journey right from his childhood to working with top stars in Hollywood.

House of Z

Zac Posen rose to fame at the young age of 20. Later, he saw many highs and lows in a small span of a decade. This documentary takes the audience through the rocky ride of Posen in the industry.

Casablancas: The Man Who Loved Women

“I’ve been approached many times by people wanting to tell the story of my life. Does it all add up to something meaningful? That, I really don’t know—but by God, have I had fun doing it!”

These lines are just what Designer John Casablancas says. He is the founder of Elite Model Management. In addition, he is responsible for the careers of Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell and other famous personalities.

The documentary takes us through the 30-year-old career of Casablancas. It was released shortly before his death in 2013.

Franca: Chaos and Creation

The documentary is based on the life of Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia. The documentary traces the fashion revolution from 80’s.


Another biographical gem. This drama film is based on a British designer’s journey. In addition, it shows you around some of his best fashion shows.

Maddman: The Steve Madden Story

Because you know you can never have enough Steve Madden. See how Madden built his fashion empire in 65 countries.

Let us know about any other fashion films which tops your list apart from these. After that, read about touch- free greetings for stay safe here.

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