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Guilty As Charged: 5 Bad Habits When Charging Our Phones



phones battery

We get it: there is so much to do on our phones, that we will do whatever it takes to keep using them. But some of these things bring down the battery life of your phones over the long run. Read on to know the things you should stop doing to prolong your battery’s life:


  1. Letting the battery die before charging it

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As soon as your phone gives you the first low battery alert, close all your apps, turn off the internet, and put it away for charging. Your Instagram scrolling and chatting can wait: your phone is dying and it is best to charge it as soon as possible.


2. Recharging it constantly throughout the day


On the other end of this spectrum are people who charge their phone even when it is at a decent 50% mark. Once or twice during a long day is fine, but do not make it a daily thing. Doing so will damage your battery. Charge your phone when it is drained up to 20-25% only.


3. Using the phone while it is charging

This is damaging to your battery and very dangerous for you. There are so many incidents where phones have blown up because people were on call while it was charging. Keep yourself occupied with another activity while your phone finishes charging.


4. Leaving it charging overnight


Yes, it is convenient to wake up to a phone fully charged. But you still have to resist the temptation, so that your battery’s longevity is maintained.


5. Using any charger that’s lying around

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Keep your phone’s own charger with you. Do not use a substandard one, or of a different company or make. The difference in ampere and voltage will affect battery performance over time.


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Chandrayaan-2 Spins History In Lunar Orbit




chandrayaan 2

India’s spacecraft to the moon Chandrayaan-2 successfully entered the lunar orbit on Tuesday, clearing a crucial move for it to land on the moon’s surface on September 7.

The spacecraft will hover around the moon’s orbit for the next few weeks, before it is slowly lowered onto the lunar surface. Chandrayaan-2 is an integrated spacecraft comprising an orbiter, a lander – Vikram named after the father of India’s space programme Vikram Sarabhai and Pragyan, a rover that will roll out out once the lander touches ground.

chandrayaan 2


India’s first moon mission Chandrayaan-1 suffered damage to a few instruments after it faced issues with the heat shield of the spacecraft on entry into the lunar orbit. Space scientists had attributed to the lack of adequate information on the heat generated due to friction when entering the moon’s orbit, a crucial data the US declined to offer. This time around, Isro officials had enough data from its first mission to make the lunar entry smooth.

“We did what all humanly was possible, but at the same time since it is new mission and it is a terrifying moment for us,” said K Sivan, Chairman of Isro.

A series of orbit manoeuvres will be performed on Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft to enable it to enter its final orbit passing over the lunar poles at a distance of about 100 km from the moon’s surface, Indian Space Research Organisation said.

“The landing day is fixed and the location of the Moon is fixed, but our launching day delayed to achieve the same landing day, we worked on the time based on that,” Isro chairman K Sivan said. “After landing images will be made available by the Rover”.

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New features To Be Rolled Out On Whatsapp Soon




whatsapp android

World’s most popular messaging platform, Whatsapp has over 1.5 billion active users globally. It has almost become synonymous to messaging and completely eliminated the traditional messaging system. It’s almost impossible to imagine our lives without Whatsapp. Every now and then, Whatsapp announces new features to keep the readers hooked to the app and provide them an enhanced experience.

Whatsapp has recently announced five upcoming features which will be available on our apps soon.

Facebook Story Sharing


Credits- The Verge

Just like Instagram, Whatsapp too will now have an option to directly share the story updates to Facebook stories. Facebook is the parent company to both Whatsapp and Instagram and is now working on the vertical integration of these apps to Facebook.

Contact QR Codes

Going on the lines of WeChat, another messaging app, Whatsapp will soon introduce QR Code feature which will allow users to add contact by scanning the QR code of other Whatsapp users. This will help eliminate the earlier tiresome process of manually adding contacts. Users will be able to reduce a good lot of time and efforts through this feature.

Dark Mode


Credits- iDownloadBlog

Called the Night mode with a completely black theme, Whatsapp will soon introduce the popular feature, Dark Mode. Already built-in in iOS and Android,Whatsapp will have its own dedicated dark mode feature. This feature is currently in testing stage for Beta users.


Similar to Instgram, Whatsapp will soon introduce a very popular feature in its list of new updates i.e. Boomerang. Once launched, this feature will be available in the Video Type Panel along with the convert to GIF feature.

Fingerprint Authentication


Credits- Digital Information World

Currently available on the Beta version, Whatsapp will soon roll out the feature of fingerprint authentication which allows users to gain access to or lock the app through their fingerprints. This feature will also allow users to decide if they wish to see their chats through the notifications bar.

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iWatch To Be Launched In Titanium & Ceramic Next Month?




A little while ago, we found out that Apple might launch the next iPhone on September 10. Now, however, the news suggests that Apple might launch the next Apple Watch along with it. According to a recent report by iHelp BR, the Apple Watch will come in ceramic and titanium models. Apple’s next series of smart wearables will come in 44mm and 40mm sizes and run watchOS 6 right out of the box.

The report gives out information about the two new materials that next iWatch will come in. These reports are based on a couple of animations found in the Apple Watch’s initial setup process.


Credits- iHelpBR

The copy in the leaked animation reads, “44mm titanium case. Designed by Apple in California.” It then shifts to, “44mm ceramic case. Designed by Apple in California.”

Apart from a tiny Apple logo in the centre of the animation, no other detail is revealed in the animation.

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