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First Solo Travel- Do’s And Don’ts



“ I’m in love with the cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.” – John Green. Yes, Travel is an investment in yourself. A solo travel all by yourself is frightening, but it is also empowering.It is going to teach you how to rely on yourself , build up confidence and show you that you’re stronger than you thought you were. On your first solo travel or the one’s you take after them, You are in control of your time; you decide how to spend each day; you choose where to eat and what activities to do. Flexibility of a solo travel is it’s greatest benefit. However, travelling solo comes with additional responsibility because you are sole in charge of your safety and whereabouts. Here, we give you The Do’s and Don’ts of your first Solo Travel to help you minimize the worries and last minute hassles during your travel and to maximize the joy and happiness of your first solo travel.


1.Tell your friends and family

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It’s understood without saying that you should have a working phone with a potable charger while you are traveling alone. Make sure to call your telephone provider and set up international roaming on your device or buy a sim card that works overseas. Equally important is telling your friends and family members about your whereabouts and schedule. Your family or friends can  always establish a “cue” word, so in case anything happens to you, you can send the cue word and they can take action.

2. Prepare a schedule

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Though spontaneity is the key for solo travelling, preparing a basic schedule of your places to visit and things to do is a must as you do not want to end up getting confused about the wide range of options or not miss out any important places. Depending upon the schedule it is easier to pack the itinerary. google your place of visit, learn everything possible about the weather, people,language, places to visit etc. Plan your visits accordingly depending upon the time and number of days you are travelling. Plus knowing your plan for the day in advance gives you confidence and less time to hassle around.

3. Learn a local language

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A multilingual person is always welcoming. It might not always be possible but learning a local language of a place that you’re about to visit is very helpful as it is a great way to increase your communication with the locals. They are of great help to explore new places. If you can’t learn much of the language always try to learn small phrases like “Thank you” “Please” and “Sorry”as they are always helpful for shopping and getting back if you are lost. Having a translator app in your phone is also a good choice.

4. Document the whole journey

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Solo traveling turns you into a storyteller. Documenting is a great to have a memory of your first solo travel. Make sure you take lots of picture and videos of your best moments out there. Collect tickets, tissues from local restaurants and similar things for your travel journal. This is the best way to relive those amazing moments you spent not worrying about the rest of the world. Also do not be too engrossed in this process as you need to take some time out for quiet and peaceful ‘you’ time.


1. Be Alone

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I mean that’s the whole point of traveling solo right? But staying in public places will help you feel safer and grounded besides lurking out in unknown places especially after midnight is a little risky. Remember that someone back at home has to know about your whereabouts at all times. and if you ever feel like you are trapped in an uncomfortable situation and want to get out of a conversation you should always say something along the lines of “I’m meeting my friends here, was a pleasure to meet you though!” or “My parents are meeting me here for dinner so … BYE!” and get going

2. Put out real time images on social media 

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Posting real time images on social media can get a little shady when stalkers are out there on the internet. Always post images where you does not show the name and place of the hotel you’re staying during the trip. Post images and videos after you leave that particular place or posting after you return back also is helpful. By doing this, you wont be inviting any trouble and your safety and privacy will be ensured.

3. Share secrets

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Although making new friends on your solo trip is great, make sure that you are drifted away from the purpose of this trip. Never share any information about your workplace, parents or your address. Things like religion or political interests should be avoided during any interaction either with the local people or other travelers. Just interact casually and be diplomatic wherever you can. This will help you to enjoy a worry free trip.

4. Get intoxicated 


None but you are responsible for your safety during your voyage. Drinking or doing drugs is not advisable as it could lead to dangerous situations. Knocking down one or two drinks to celebrate is allowed but as long as you can go back to your hotel room safely. Why take the risk of getting drunk and embarrassed in front of unknown people, Besides you can utilize the time and money in a more efficient way. Say no to alcohol and a big fat yes to adventure.

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Dog Travel Tips: Travel Long Distance With Your Dog!



Dog travel tips
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Who doesn’t love travelling with their furry friends? And for that some dog travel tips are very important! Long road trips are enjoyed by some dogs, while others quiver at the mere prospect of getting into a car. But anyway, if you want to drive long distances in a car with your dog, then good preparation and attentiveness is required before and during the trip.

These are few dog travel tips to help your furry friend!

Dog travel tips

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Make sure everything is packed

You need to make sure you’ve got everything they may need on their journey to keep your dog happy. Usually on the long road trip and once you’ve finally arrived at your destination.

Never take them on trips during vaccination

Although travelling with puppies is great, ensuring you get them used to car trips ahead of any long road trips can be tough. Make sure you wait until all their vaccinations are full. Usually, this will be by the time they are around 14 weeks old.

Waiting until your puppy is completely house-trained is also advised, so you don’t run up a big hotel bill!

Start with Short Trips

Take your dog to a quick drive to the store, veterinarian, to another doggie park or even to training lessons for puppies. This ensures that your dog gets used to car trips as best as possible.

And hopefully some trips are expected to take them somewhere fun and exciting, so they understand that the car is fine.

Protect them from Sunshade

Temperatures inside cars will still be much higher than outside temperatures, even though it’s not a especially hot day. It is recommended to put a sunshade inside your windscreen before you drive so that inside the car it’s a little cooler.

You can also buy some sunshades for the back windows. So that during the car ride your dog will not be lying in patches of sun. Install these the night before your trip as for windscreens above.

Tire up their energy

By making sure your dog has used up all their pent up energy, he’ll be more likely to just go in the car to sleep.

Via Pinterest

Keep them entertained

Keep the radio on if you don’t talk for the whole ride. Also, let your dog chew on an antler bone. Else, a kong filled with delicious treats, or some of their favourite toys. The act of chewing alone, after a while, should tire them out.

Don’t forget toilet breaks!

Have plenty of toilet breaks specifically, every 90 minutes to 2 hours. Also, this will need to be reduced if your dog is less used to long road trips.

You should also let your dog do their business as soon as possible when you arrive. If they are desperate, even the most toilet-trained dogs could go inside.

Dog travel tips

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Carry plenty of water

Dogs would also need plenty of water as they ride in vehicles. In case of traffic or delays, you can ensure you have enough to cover the entire journey plus some extra. And if you buy a bottle that has a bowl compartment attached to it, it will make things simpler for you. Mainly, because the dog can almost drink straight from the bottle.

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Belum Caves: An Underground Hidden City



Belum caves
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From sheltering men to their Gods, caves in India have been special right from ancient times. Indian cave systems usually bring to mind the north-eastern state of Meghalaya with its extensive network of caves; surprisingly the southern state of Andhra Pradesh has the second largest system of caves in India, the inconspicuous Belum Caves.  The word Belum derives from the Sanskrit ‘Bilum’ which means caves, so it is just a repetition to call these caves Belum Caves. Belum Caves is a network of underground calcareous caves at the deepest point, more than 3 kilometres long and 29 metres deep.

Belum caves

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Moreover, at present, about half of this length is publicly available. Visitors from nearby Gandikota are attracted to this site. Mainly those who intend a day trip that will visit both of these locations. This area has made the availability of limestone and water very suitable for cement factories.

Best Season to visit Belum Caves

Here the hot climate is as rugged as the terrain. Belum caves, situated in the southern part of India, remain hot for most of the year. Also, the best time to visit it will be between the months of October and February when the weather is good. Further, the temperature in the underground caves is marginally higher than the temperature at ground level. It is due to continuous carbon dioxide accumulation at the bottom of the caves.

How to reach Belum Caves

Gandikota is usually carried out as a day trip from Chennai or Bangalore, the two major cities nearby, in combination with a visit to the nearby Belum caves. The best choice is a day trip from each of these cities and it can be achieved using a hired taxi, but if you want to make it back on time, you have to start very early. The nearest railway stations are Tadipatri, 30 kilometres from here, and Banganapalli, 33 kilometres away. You can find taxis and buses from Tadipatri, while there are frequent buses from Banganapalli. Most of the buses stop at Kolimigundla, from where the Belum Caves shuttle service is open.

Belum caves

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Punnami Hotel, run by the Andhra Pradesh government’s department of tourism, APTDC, is the only choice if you want to remain close to Belum Caves itself. But Punnami only offers dorm-type accommodation, and if you want a decent bed, you’d better go to Tadipatri which is a little far away.

Belum caves

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Languages Spoken

The citizens here speak Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, and even English to a good degree. You will be shocked at the number of multi-lingual guides available here. Even the people are courteous enough to ask us what language you would prefer.


The canteen owned by it is directly next to the APTDC hotel. The canteen serve a multitude of offerings. As well as a few breads, both North and South Indian. It would be a shame not to taste the world-famous mango of Banganapalli after visiting a place so similar to Banganapalli.

To know more about the historical importance, main sections etc, checkout their official website.

Don’t forget to look at our travel section for more such posts.

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