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Fashion Challenges Trending On Social Media



Fashion Challenges
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With everyone stuck in their homes, fashion challenges are popping up in social media. Famous designers have come up with their own challenges. The list also includes the famous Billie Porter. Other fashion trends include the Don’t Rush Challenge and pillow dress challenge. These are becoming famous on tik tok and Instagram.

Apart from baking and cooking, it’s time to check out some fashion challenges. With the jumping of famous Billie Porter too, the challenges are in limelight.

In March, Porter asked fans to recreate his 2019 Met Gala look. The photos were shared under hashtag #BillyPorterChallenge. Moreover, famous artists such as Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry too participated in the pillow dress challenge.

The Don’t Rush Challenge

Started by a 20-year old business student. The challenge is set to the tune ‘Don’t Rush’ by Young T and Bugsey. It started on Tik-Tok and gained popularity on Instagram too. The participants show their natural looks in the videos before changing into amazing going-out outfits.

Simon Porte Jacquemus created challenge #JacquemusAtHome

The fame behind famous tiny handbags and popular mismatched heels started the challenge. Apparently, it started after he reposted photos of others creating his footwear with items found in home.

#DayTimeNightClub by Fred Segal

This legendary retailer started challenge asking participants to dress as if going to clubs. The initiative was aimed to raise funds. For every post shared with hashtag before 30 April, Fred Segal donated $5. The donation was made to Feeding America’s Covid-19 Response Fund, up to $25000.

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Introducing the #DAYTIMENIGHTCLUB CHALLENGE! ⭐️💃🏻🕺🏼 Now is your chance to bring it, even when there’s nowhere to bring it, to dress up when there is no here to go, to help in a small way when everything seems insurmountably big. Here's how it works: Take a photo of yourself wearing your night-out look at home and post it on your Instagram feed with the hashtag #DaytimeNightclub, tag @FredSegal and @FeedingAmerica, and tag 3-5 people you want to challenge to do the same. They can either accept the challenge, or donate directly to Feeding America through the #DaytimeNightclub Challenge GoFundMe page – link in bio. To support their COVID-19 Response Fun, we will donate $5 to @FeedingAmerica for each Instagram post that uses the hashtag, up to $25,000 or April 30th 2020, whichever comes first. Swipe to check out some inspiration from our team. See you at the Daytime Nightclub!

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Trendy Pillow Challenge

The #QuarantinePillowChallenge involves clinch pillow around the waist. Additionally, you are to wear a belt with it to make a strapless dress. Moreover, you can add your favourite accessories too to go with your dress. The challenge was initiated originally by MyForteIsFashion and StyleByNelli in April. Although, now the challenge has taken many forms through various hashtags. Some of these being #pillowchallenge #pillowdresschallenge and many others. Moreover, celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry and Tracee Ellis Ross too participated in the challenge.


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7 Reasons Why Men Should Embrace Pink





Pink and blue weren’t originally gender-specific colors in the earlier times. The color has caused major stigma around the specificity of gender. But the real question is who defined it to be girly? Also who said that men should not wear the color? We are in the 21st century. A major change has to bought about this. We give some major reasons why more men should embrace the color.

1. Pink Used To Be Masculine 

Via The independent

History tells us that pink wasn’t always a feminine color. Men were known to wear silk suits that had floral embroideries. Those outfits were considered very masculine at that time. History also mentions how the color was considered a warlike color since it was resembling red. This fashion and way of thinking got lost as society changed over time. The early 1900s saw the very first pink dress shirt. It become a hit. It was initially meant to target female students but it caught on more with college guys.


2. Don’t Follow The Society’s Norms

Via mankind

If there’s anyone to blame for making it a girly color, it’s the clothing businesses. They made that decision before most of us were even born. Parents started to know a child’s sex from an earlier age. So companies capitalized on this and introduced gender-specific clothing. This would mean that parents could no longer hand down a baby girl’s clothes to a baby boy and vice versa. They’d have to buy a second set. So the tradition of pink is for girls and blue is for boys began.


3. Pink Catches Women’s Attention

Via Pinterest

We know women adore pink. It appears they’ve always loved it even when it was considered masculine. But did you know our biology can sort of explain why? A recent study reveals that the color of girls clothing and toys might’ve been caused by innate bilogical preferences. Among people who like the color blue, women lean towards reddish-purple hues of blue while men prefer greenish-yellow ones. So you want to attract a woman by wearing the color.


4. You Stand Out From Crowd

Via wall-street

Pink has been used to represent power. Ribbons were given to those who ran in the New York survivor race in 1991. A year later, the same kind of ribbon became the official symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was said other events throughout the ‘90s and 2000s brought out a fierce character to the color. So you actually portray a very powerful image in the color. Be a different person and set your own path.


5. It Goes Well With Most Colors

It is a versatile color. The fact is any skin tone works with some shades of it. Men with darker complexions look good in lighter shades such as barbie, cherry blossom and lavender. Meanwhile guys on the fair side can go with deeper shades like purple rose and hot pink. Choosing a right shade of the color is essential as it could either build or break the entire attire. Aside from picking the right shade, wearing it requires steely self-esteem.


6. Pink Works Well For Formals

Pink makes a great addition to outfits that have brown, khaki, monochrome or dark shades of blue. That’s why it’s appropriate for both formal and casual styles. If you’re more not comfortable, experiment with smaller, subtle pieces that are worn away from the skin such as a pocket square or a pair of pink socks. Another easy option for injecting some personality into formal attire is a pink tie. It is a sure way to up your game.


7. Casuals Are Fun Too

Via Pinterest

Pink is also a romantic color. It’s a blend of red and white which combines passion with purity. So it’s no surprise that many weddings incorporate pink neckties for the groom and groomsmen. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to be out wearing pink. The sun makes it pop out some more and you feel great in it. Try pairing a pink polo shirt with blue jeans, or a pink Oxford shirt with white chinos. These combos allow the color to stand out and give off that warm, youthful vibe.


So wear pink with pride. Let’s save this color from the stigma that came out of business greed. When it’s worn the right way pink makes any good style an awesome one. Also read- 5 Must Own Jeans For Every Woman

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5 Must Own Jeans For Every Woman




We practically live in one pair of jeans, plus according to most brands, you don’t even need to wash them that often. One less thing to worry about! But there are so many styles and cuts that exist. However there are 4-5 styles that are more or less basics. And hence, something all of us should own depending on our body types. Check these out here.

1. Skinny Jeans


Via- Boohoo

Skinny jeans, as the name suggests, are skin hugging and fit you snugly. They take the shape of your legs and trace it all along. If you have lean and sexy legs that you cannot wait to flaunt, these are for you. Skinny jeans come in low, mid, and high rise waist cuts, all of which are usually stretchable – which makes them twice as good.

  • Suitable For – Women with an hourglass body shape, who are petite or anyone with slim legs can wear skinny jeans.
  • Avoid – If you have a round or pear-shaped body.


2. Skinny Crop


Via- Shein

Skinny crop jeans are very similar to the regular skinny jeans, except they end before your shins. Some of them come with a fold that adds to the aesthetic. In terms of the design and technique, there is not much difference between these and the regular skinny jeans. Distressed, white, and black jeans in the skinny crop category are excellent choices.

  • Suitable For – Women with an hourglass body shape, those who are petite or anyone with slim legs can wear skinny or skinny crop jeans.
  • Avoid – If you have a round or pear-shaped body.


3. Straight Leg Jeans



Do you love jeans that are snug and hug your body? But you do not have the body and confidence to pull the “super-skinnies” or “skinnies.” We have the answer – straight legged jeans. Trust me, they are a saving grace. They are in-between skinny and boyfriend jeans or flared cuts. They make your legs look longer than they are.

  • Suitable For – Suit most body types because of the way they are designed.
  • Avoid – If you don’t need to worry about this.


4. Jeggings

Via- Walmart

Jeggings are basically your leggings in denim fabric. So, you follow the same styling pattern with jeggings as well. Wear tops that are a little below your hip if you are conscious, but you can treat them just like your super skinny jeans. Most women swear by them because they are incredibly comfortable and come with a waist band instead of the standard buttons system.

  • Suitable For – Suit all body types because they take your shape and fit well. Perfect for pregnant women.

scious about your legs.

  • Suitable For – Suit all body types because they take your shape and fit well. Perfect for pregnant women.


5. Boot Cut

Via- Magicpin

What was initially considered mommy jeans slowly became a hot favorite among women of all age groups. However, the new boot cut style are more tapered than the original boot cut styles, keeping in mind the millennial trends. These come with a great fit till the knees and then subtly open out past your calf muscles. You also get these in cropped format, and they flare out a little above your shins.

  • Suitable For – Suit all body types because they take your body shape and fit well. Perfect for curvy women.

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Here’s The Ultimate 90s Lookbook



90s Lookbook

The 90s was a decade of the best pop music, Tv series, movies and undoubtedly the fashion statements that left a huge impact on us that we continue to recreate them till today.

Even if you don’t relate to the 90s, there’s a nostalgic haze that it brings with it.

The Rachel Green of Friends and Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and The City; the pop stars of bands like Venga Boys, Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child; independent artists like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera; and models like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Salma Hayek had surged the need and desire to buy whatever they wore.

It is not like the 90s relic is over. Even today unknowingly, we pull off the denim on denim look, the crop top, the bra-ve outfits (brave move indeed) unknowingly!

Here’s a complete 90s lookbook for the glowing pop princess in you:



90s lookbook

Straight out of Phoebe Buffay’s wardrobe, maxis complement body well and are flowy and cool in the summer weather.


The oversized mom jeans and the denim jacket aren’t a product of today but of the 90s. The 90s lookbook loves the oversized denim on denim.



Who shouted Spice Girls? In a way you’re right! Bright colours and tight-fitting crop tops are every girl’s favourite.



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Princess Diana in London, July 1997

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These basic pullovers with brand logos look so comfy. Something grunge-like this instantly gives you 90s look you always wanted.



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Gisele Bündchen casting Polaroid, 1994

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This is a 90s staple accessory and doesn’t even need an explanation.



Do you know what they tell you about the plaid skirt? Your wardrobe’s empty without one! Guess Cher Horowitz in Clueless gave you enough evidence.



The beauty of long socks is that they go well with all kind of footwear: heels, sneakers and bellies.


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