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Facts You Didn’t Know About Chandrayaan 2!



India’s very own Chandrayaan 2 was attempting to make history. This accomplishment etched India in space history by being the only country to send a rocket to explore the south pole of the moon. And moreover, at a fraction of the cost of other similar rockets.

Chandrayaan 2, according to plan was all set to land on the moon’s surface yesterday after 48 days. It, unfortunately, lost communication just 2.1 Kms before it’s landing. However, that doesn’t make the mission any less of a success.

But till then, here are some facts you should be knowing about ISRO’s biggest space venture yet:

Chandrayaan 2- Exploring The Unexplored Part Of The Moon

Chandrayaan 2 is the first lunar spacecraft that was to explore the south pole of the moon, something that no country has ever done before. The first mission, Chandrayaan 1, which was launched in 2008, helped confirm the presence of water on the moon’s surface. But the south pole of the moon is permanently shadowed and is reported to contain almost 250 tonnes of water ice in the numerous deep craters. The main mission of Chandrayaan 2 was to confirm these reports.

The Mission Is Headed By Two Women Scientists

The efforts and contribution of project director M. Vanitha and mission director Ritu Karidhal have been tremendous. Karidhal was also the deputy operations director for Mangalyaan.  With this mission, M. Vanitha made history by becoming the first-ever female project director at ISRO.


Credits- Boldsky


It Was Made With Less Than Half The Budget Of Avengers: Endgame

The Chandrayaan 2 mission only cost Rs 960 Crore. Thus, making it the cheapest spacecraft ever built for a lunar mission of this scale. This might still seem like a lot. But to give you a clearer idea, the film Avengers: Endgame had a budget of more than Rs 2,400 Crore.

The Role Of Pragyan and Vikram

Chandrayaan consists of an orbiter, lander and rover. Vikram is the lander module that was to station itself on the surface of the moon. It contained the rover Pragyan within itself and was to deploy it as soon as it successfully landed on the moon’s surface. It is named after the father of the Indian space programme, Vikram Sarabhai. Pragyan, on the other hand, is a six-wheeled rover that has the duty of scouting the surface. And, directly communicating the information to Vikram. All these parts would carry a series of payloads that would’ve studied various aspects. This would include lunar topography, seismography, mineral identification, surface chemical composition and temperatures of the moon.


Credits- Firstpost

It Could Find Particles From Four Billion Years Ago

The moon is a living floating piece of evidence. The craters and particles are scars of the ever-changing universe and they could tell us a lot about our past. Pragyan the rover was to scan the topsoil by blasting it with lasers. Apart from water, Pragyan would search for elements that could have been part of a magma ocean. This, from almost four billion years ago.

However, shortly before touchdown, the robotic lander Vikram—part of the Chandrayaan-2 mission—fell out of contact with mission control. Nevertheless, the Chandrayaan-2 mission’s orbiter remains safely in lunar orbit, with a year-long scientific mission ahead of it. And we are proud!

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PUBG To Roll Out Latest Update Very Soon



PUBG players worldwide are eagerly waiting for new changes in this action-packed game. As it is structured in a season-wise pattern, this will be it’s Season 9. Ever since rumours came out, the internet has been rife with guesses and the like. People are speculating that this ultimate battle royale game will launch the updates around September 13th.

More about Pubg version 0.14.5

This quite grand update is going to seriously rev up the PUBG experience in big ways. The way players have been transporting so far is going to change drastically. As each new update and season brings something great to this widely popular game, the expectations are set high already.

Fly with your squad in helicopters

A YouTuber who goes by Mr. Ghost Gaming has revealed a few big details. He did so using the Chinese version of the game. The game will now allow players to fly around in helicopters. Earlier, you may have noticed unused and unmoving choppers in the game. Now, these helicopters are more than just specks on the map.

Heavy weapons mode vs. Classic mode

A lot of people are saying that this exciting update will only be seen on the special heavy weapons mode. This mode is where all the high power weaponry is found. From the MGL and M79 grenade launchers to M3E1-A rocket launcher, it has some of the best. If that is true, will the Classic mode not have it? Many users online have suggested that the update can be added to the game in the form of an arcade mode as well.

Whatever the mode they choose in the end, there is no denying that the update itself is brilliant. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for days around September 13, then!

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Explained: The Technology Behind The Lion King




Simba and Nala stole our hearts more than twenty-five years ago with the iconic Lion King. What made the movie work then, and what made its remake that was released in July work – is the technology.

The minds that devise how to put to use all the relevant and available technology into use in a way that will best bring out all the emotions, facial expressions, feelings, and simply the whole personality of a small cub when paired with background music and voice-overs – they take the movie from just another release to one of the most awaited ones this year. Though overall, there have come to light quite a bit of mixed reviews regarding The Lion King, the common consensus has been that the graphics of the film are impeccable.

A Virtual Lion King Production Process.”

The team behind The Lion King described the making of the film as a “virtual production process.”

Director Jon Favreau told journalists that they aimed to apply the technology used. They wanted live-action filmmaking to the virtual recreation of Serengeti they would develop.

Recreating Serengeti

A dedicated team went to Kenya in order to conduct extensive research on the features of the landscapes and wildlife there. A huge number of photographs were taken which would later help the graphics team. The effects team to reimagine that place accurately for a worldwide audience.

Artificial Intelligence


The director revealed that AI was used to feed the 3D model of the lion in various scenarios. For scenes like crying or being hungry which were then used in the film, in order to help the computer make a connection between intent and behaviour.

Huge effort and thought go into creating a film like this. Bringing together filmmaking tools and animation in order to create a whole new world.

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GCam: A Blessing for Mobile Photographers Everywhere




Have you ever wished you had a better phone camera? You look at your 12 MP camera, and can only dream about having one that has a terrific portrait mode, shoots better in the dark, and brings out all the details you want to.
Luckily, GCam can make all of that come true.

GCAM – Process Your Images in HDR+

You just need to install the version of Google Camera tailored for your phone. All photos get processed in HDR+. Even if your phone’s brand boasts about high-quality cameras, the quality in which GCam processes them will stun you.
Phones like iPhone X and the Pixel series have excellent camera quality. With GCam, any mobile photographer can seriously boost their work’s quality and beauty.

GCam versus Stock Phone Camera (Via madcanada on Reddit)

How to Install GCam

All you have to do is go to YouTube or Google, and type in “GCam link for (your phone’s model)”.
You will see various links and videos – and they will help you out.
The process of running it on your phone may be a bit tricky. You have to check whether or not your phone’s software is compatible, certain settings need to be changed, etc. But trust us, it will be all worth it.
If you are worried about security or viruses – don’t be – it is safe and secure for your phone.

Via Reddit user lilduckk

How does It Help Mobile Photographers?

The GCam links you find online have been coded by experts from all around the world. They know what features help in elevating mobile photography. When you can process photos in 48 MP on a phone that has a 12 MP rear camera, it gives you confidence. You are more likely to explore different ideas and concepts. Because you have a camera that will not fail you, you will step out of your comfort zones as a photographer.

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