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Essentials To Carry When Planning A Vacation With Bae!



A vacation with bae sounds more of a moving milestone yet to be crossed in the course of your relationship. Firstly, Congratulations you did make it to this point. Also, both of you must have taken enough trouble to finally have reached this point where you are ready to camouflage yourselves and spend some quality life alone- away from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities. Not to mention that the underlying pressure of making this the best vacation of your life must definitely be freaking you out.

Well, here are we as harbingers, delivering you free assistance and full support to make these days of your lives the most memorable ones. Come, have a look!

1. Sexy Lingerie

Credits: Sexy Lingerie

What’s a baecation without some actual fun. Sexy lingerie turns your partner on the most and would make them linger for longer! Not to mention, those regular undies are rather meant to be worn while having a nice happy time at your apartments, while you “Netflix and chill” but not on a romantic vacation!

2. Swimsuit

Credits: Nayali

“NEVER FORGET TO PACK A NICE SWIMSUIT ON A ROMANTIC VACATION WITH BAE”!! A beach or a cool poolside party with your partner is nothing without you wearing a nice, enticing swimwear. P.s. Poolside romance is sure to ignite some amazing vibes between the two of you!

3. Deodorant/ Perfume

Credits: Harper’s Bazaar

Seemingly, no one likes to be with a partner who stinks. Therefore, you can’t afford to forget that bottle of perfume or roll on if you really want to smell good whenever he is around. Afterall, sweaty and stinky armpits don’t sound like a sexy idea on a sexy vacay.

4. Sunscreen


No matter if where you’re heading to is a beach, mountain or island, this tube of goodness is a must to swear by. Vacation is sure to come to an end after some while but there’s no end to the pain that sunburns and suntans cause you once back home. Thus, carry a good sunblock lotion in your bag and thank us when you check your pictures after!

5. Unisex Toiletries

Credits: Fall For DIY

Sharing is caring but here sharing is getting closer! Well, all you have to do is carry travel-friendly bottles of shampoo, conditioner, cleanser and lotion, something which your partner too can share with you. After all, you are sharing the bathroom and hence sharing the toiletries won’t be that big a deal for both of you!

6. A Nice Dress

Credits: Showpo

What’s even a romantic vacation without a romantic, candle-light dinner date? Well, pack up your bags with the nicest of your dresses, to be indeed prepared for an amazing date night!

7. Scented Candles

Credits: AliExpress

Nights are meant to be lazy, romantic and somewhat psychedelic. One needs to soothe and relax in their partner’s company with a glass of wine in hand, to actually communicate and know the most about one another. Good thing to know ~ infused, scented candles are meant to initiate the part!

8. Razor

Credits: Dorco

Tiny strands of hair on your body can be a major bummer, especially if you are planning to wear that sultry swimsuit. A razor can be the silver lining during your critical fashion emergencies.

Well, well, we seem to have overloaded you with major tips to follow when planning on a vacation with bae! Hurry, plan yours. ASAP!!

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Sara Ali Khan Inspiring Us With Vacation Workout




While many of us choose to find reasons for a cheat meal, especially during vacations. Here is Sara Ali Khan who is currently enjoying her vacation in NYC, but guess what? She is not missing out on her vacation workout. How cool is that?

In fact, the actress has also posted a pilates workout video with her trainer Namrata Purohit on a Monday morning, right before her vacation time.

Sara is definitely setting new fitness goals for everybody out there! For all those making excuses for hitting the hotel gym or walking miles during a vacation, now do you have an answer? We assume No!

Well, the workout and fitness sessions just did not stop here, Sara is also working out in NYC with her girlfriends. Here, have a look:

vacation workout

Image Source- Times Of India

More power to you girls!

Image Source- Times Of India

We have seen Sara taking care of her fitness routine in her earlier vacations as well. Though the form of her vacation workout was swimming, cycling and climbing rocks. This girl can do it all!

However, what we truly perceive here is how important it is to stay disciplined even during vacation. Yes, cheat meals are allowed but a good vacation workout helps you recover the weight gain and extra calories which you have eaten during your fun times with friends and family. Leading to no more regret!

So are you going to follow Sara on your next vacation?

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Vineyards Every Wine Lover In India Must Visit




Wine is one drink that has many fans in and across India. From red to white to sparkling to rose, wines come in all different varieties. And so do vineyards! India now has a few very pretty vineyards that are worth visiting. So, if you haven’t been to one, now is the time to plan a trip to one. Also, many vineyards also have a fully functional resort where you can plan a mini-vacation.

Check out these Vineyards you can go to-

1. Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Probably the most famous name when it comes to wine tourism in India. Sula Vineyard was established in 1997, and today it is the producer of top wines in India and abroad. Furthermore, adding onto its fame is the yearly Sula Fest, which is often termed to be the Mecca of Wines. The festival is organized in February with exquisite cuisine, delectable wine and a lot to shop for. The highlight surely is an exciting artist lineup.

However, if you’re not visiting during the fest, Sula Vineyard anyway stays open for visitors, offering wine tours, and India’s first wine resort called Beyond Vineyard Resort.


Credits- Around Pune

2. Four Seasons Vineyards, Pune

Located 25 km away from Pune city, Four Seasons Vineyard is your own little heaven. This is a resort cum vineyard inspired by the Great Gatsby. Also, this splendid property features 14 grand rooms, swimming pool, spa and a party hall which can accommodate up to 1000 people. Wine lovers don’t seem to have enough of the wine trails, tasting room and the merchandise store.



3. Chateau D’ Ori, Dindori

A dome-shaped winery watered by three artificial lakes Chateau D’Ori is located in Madhya Pradesh. The property was built in 2007. It houses the largest merlot plantation in India. Thus the chateau D’Ori is considered among premium wine brands. So you can taste the best of it in the intimate tasting room in the property.


Credits- Vicinito

4. Grover Vineyards, Bengaluru

One of India’s oldest wine producers, Grover Vineyards was established in 1988. However, in 2012, Grover Vineyards tied up with Vallée de Vin (producer of Zumpa Wine). It became an even stronger brand and compete with Sula. The vineyard spans over an area of 410 acres. This thus means the wine tour is indeed quite extensive, lasting for as much as 3.5 hours.

Credits- TripAdvisor

5. York Winery

This is yet another popular name that’s taken when talking about the best vineyards in Nashik! York Winery is located near Sula Vineyards. Looking over the magnificent Gangapur Dam and rolling hillocks. This is an award-winning winery applauded for both red and white wines it produces. York Sparkling Brut is one of its most-loved sparkling wine made entirely from Chenin Blanc grapes.

Credits- Youtube

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5 Reasons To Visit Bhutan Just Like Virat & Anushka!





Bhutan, a Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas’ eastern edge, is known for its monasteries, fortresses and dramatic landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys. In the High Himalayas, peaks such as 7,326m Jomolhari are popular trekking destinations. Paro Taktsang monastery (also known as Tiger’s Nest) clings to cliffs above the forested Paro Valley.

We all love taking a break from our busy work schedule and spend some quality time with our family and friends. Just like us, Bollywood celebrities also enjoy spending time with their loved ones. And one power couple that has given us major travel goals recently is Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli.

Earlier this month, the duo was seen having a gala time in Bhutan. Both Anushka and Virat shared several photos from their getaway on social media.





Here, check out 5 reasons why you should visit Bhutan 

1) When you travel through Bhutan, you will find many spectacular views that will take your breath away. Here you will find steep mountains crisscrossed by networks of swift rivers. The climate in this country is always good for the travellers. However, October to December is the ideal time to visit Bhutan.

2) The beautiful country of Bhutan offers several tourist attractions. From Paro Taktsang to Gangteng Monastery and Punakha Dzong, the travel bug inside you will get fully satisfied here. Interestingly, the capital of Bhutan, Thimpu has one of the largest statues of Buddha made of bronze and gilded in gold towering over the city.

3) Bhutan is also an amazing place for foodies. Ema datshi, the national dish of Bhutan is a very spicy delicacy made with cheese and chilies. Even if you don’t enjoy spicy food, you must try Ema datshi for sure.

4) The rich heritage and culture of Bhutan is an important reason why one should visit this country. More than two-thirds of the Bhutanese citizens follow Vajrayana Buddhism and around one-third follow Hinduism. One can easily get to see the Bhutanese culture and traditions in their dressing style, way of speaking, and cultural activities.

5) Bhutan is also an amazing place for adventurists. There are many places in Bhutan where one can get a great trekking experience. Even Anushka and Virat went trekking during their trip.

Bhutan is a beautiful country on the eastern edge of the Himalayas and is popular for its monasteries, fortresses and breathtaking landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys. And just like Anushka and Virat, this Buddhist kingdom should be on the top of your travel list too.


We are surely planning the itinerary soon. Are you?

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