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Dive & Pose In The Pool Like Alia On Your Next Vacay!




I could float in the pool for hours, just letting the water carry me. – Jill Scott

Summers are almost over and everyone is planning one trip to the pool and beaches. From championing athleisure-heavy looks featuring platform sneakers and tracksuits to nailing the runway-approved tie-dye trend, Alia Bhatt’s wardrobe is one that every millennial need to take tips from. In the last couple of months, Alia Bhatt’s sartorial sensibilities have become more fashion-forward than before. Whether it’s her newly-developed love for chunky dad sneakers or her revamped approach to streetwear, Bhatt has clearly mastered the art of millennial dressing.

Much recently, Alia Bhatt graced the cover of Vogue India magazine for a  Millenial special issue. The theme of the photoshoot was Aqua and Vogue CEO Anaita Shroff Ajadania nailed it withe every look she styled for Alia.

Here are a few looks you can surely copy on your next trip to the pool! 😉

The Lisa Marie Fernandez dress is everything a pool lover wants. It’s shades of blue with a flowy silhouette and wavy hair. Completing the look is an en Inde design scarf worn on the wrist

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Titled ‘Gold at the end of the rainbow’, we are sure she’s worth the rainbow! The Lisa Marie Fernandez golden monokini with Amit Aggarwal designs is creating magic.

Well, If only we were this flexible!! We are absolutely eyeing that Fausto Puglisi hot pink number!!

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Next Alia was seen in glittering blue bikini by Julie MacDonald with a no-makeup look and no accessories. ‘Into the Blue’ and how!

This one is the stunner that garnered the most number of likes and appreciation from all her fans and Insta’ community!

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Trust Alia to turn people green with envy in cooling blue water! We are drooling over this look! The Gaurav Gupta, neon green dress with dewy makeup is making it all look perfect.


Also, check out the snippet of her conversation with Rega /jha, ex-head of Buzzfeed India. Jha shared a small snippet for her Instagram family and talks about her experience meeting Alia. The conversation talks about Alia’s struggle s a young, carefree girl in B-town, to the pros and cons of filmy background and most importantly about mental health issues. A talk long due, we believe!

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my favourite thing to learn about is how people in extraordinary circumstances reckon with them. so of course I loved meeting @aliaabhatt and I loved writing this tiny piece. I also really, really love these photos. full piece is in the new @vogueindia — swipe for excerpts. also, here, a paragraph that we sacrificed for the word count: The thing with being 26 is no matter how well we know ourselves, there are surprises yet to be had. There will be bigger flops, achier heart-aches. We will find dreams we hadn’t dare utter have come true. Tragedies we thought only befall other people will make their mark, somehow, in our own softening skin. Life will not spare us the suffering that rears wisdom though we may be spared the wisdom itself. It is in this new knowing and not-knowing that some of the toughest work of being alive kicks in, and it’s work that even A-listers with 38 million Instagram followers aren’t exempt from. The work of holding a mind together. Tempering its bad, nourishing its good. The gentle, patient self-examination; the nurturance of and by friendships; the will and courage to detach from external validation and censure both. These are the conditions for contentment. Money, beauty and fame less so. Maybe we need to hear this much more often from those who have all three in absurd excess.

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The magazine also stars Katrina Kaif, Ranveer Singh, Dutee Chand and Huda Kattan in this November’19 special! Tell us which is your favourite pool look?

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The Best Jazz Cafe/Restaurants To Visit In India



In India, music lovers are only just really waking up to genres of music other than Bollywood and international pop. The independent music scene in India has been growing by leaps and bounds recently, but the craze for jazz precedes this trend by decades. This is indicated by the fact that in 1947, there were around 60 jazz bands in Mumbai itself! In metro cities like India, Bangalore and Pune, jazz lovers have kept alive a thriving culture of appreciation and enjoyment of jazz music.


Shisha Jazz Cafe, Pune

Shizza Jazz Cafe

via- LBB

Amazing vintage vibes with a chill ambiance and great live music, Shisha Jazz is one of the must-visit restaurants in the city of Pune. They have live jazz music performances every Thursday and also hold an amazing jazz music festival in August. This is one of the best places to hang out with your music lover friends. The food is also great, the staff is courteous and the service quick.

Timings: 10 AM to 11:30 PM

Cost for 2: Rs 2000


Trincas, Kolkata


via- TripAdvisor

Trincas on Kolkata’s entertainment street Park Street is one of the best places in the country to experience classic jazz music from the sixties. Also, this is the very place where an 18-year-old Usha Uthup found her voice and went on to make her mark as a singer. Other prominent performers include Biddu, Tina Charles, Benni Rozario and Eve. The place resurrected its live music scene in 2015, with the promise of holding hour-long gigs every Saturday.

Timings: 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM

Cost for 2: Rs 1500


Le Bistro du Park, New Delhi

Le Bistro Du Parc Jazz

via- Indiacom

Touted as one of the most Instagram-worthy restaurants in New Delhi, Le Bistro is perfect for lovers of European cuisine and jazz music. It’s one of the few places that hold a weekly celebration of jazz music known as Jazz by the Park every Wednesday and Friday. It’s a very romantic setting that is tailor-made for romantic date nights with someone special. Le Bistro is a very cozy place and has excellent food complemented by great service and courteous staff.

Timings: 11 AM to 12 Midnight

Cost for 2: Rs 1700


The Piano Man Jazz Club, New Delhi & Gurugram

The Piano Man Jazz Club

via- LBB

As suggested in the name, The Piano Man is for pure jazz fanatics. With the greatest jazz musicians name engraved in the bricks of the restaurant. That isn’t the only thing which sets your mood. From the lighting to the food. From the decor to the service. They’ve got the formula just right. Take your date to this fancy place. With the beautiful live music, it will enhance your experience. Also, if you are a musician. You could play here.

Timings: 12 PM to 11 Pm

Cost for two: 1800


Cafe Zoe, Mumbai

Cafe Zoe

via- Chuzai Living


This place is famous for its all-day breakfast menu and delicious European cuisine. Live performances are one of the many USPs of Zoe, alongside affordable food and peppy, casual vibes.

Timings: 7:30 AM to 1:30 AM

Cost for 2: Rs 2000

Thanks for reading!

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Countries Where Indians Cannot Travel To



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Dog Travel Tips: Travel Long Distance With Your Dog!



Dog travel tips
Via Pinterest

Who doesn’t love travelling with their furry friends? And for that some dog travel tips are very important! Long road trips are enjoyed by some dogs, while others quiver at the mere prospect of getting into a car. But anyway, if you want to drive long distances in a car with your dog, then good preparation and attentiveness is required before and during the trip.

These are few dog travel tips to help your furry friend!

Dog travel tips

Via Pinterest

Make sure everything is packed

You need to make sure you’ve got everything they may need on their journey to keep your dog happy. Usually on the long road trip and once you’ve finally arrived at your destination.

Never take them on trips during vaccination

Although travelling with puppies is great, ensuring you get them used to car trips ahead of any long road trips can be tough. Make sure you wait until all their vaccinations are full. Usually, this will be by the time they are around 14 weeks old.

Waiting until your puppy is completely house-trained is also advised, so you don’t run up a big hotel bill!

Start with Short Trips

Take your dog to a quick drive to the store, veterinarian, to another doggie park or even to training lessons for puppies. This ensures that your dog gets used to car trips as best as possible.

And hopefully some trips are expected to take them somewhere fun and exciting, so they understand that the car is fine.

Protect them from Sunshade

Temperatures inside cars will still be much higher than outside temperatures, even though it’s not a especially hot day. It is recommended to put a sunshade inside your windscreen before you drive so that inside the car it’s a little cooler.

You can also buy some sunshades for the back windows. So that during the car ride your dog will not be lying in patches of sun. Install these the night before your trip as for windscreens above.

Tire up their energy

By making sure your dog has used up all their pent up energy, he’ll be more likely to just go in the car to sleep.

Via Pinterest

Keep them entertained

Keep the radio on if you don’t talk for the whole ride. Also, let your dog chew on an antler bone. Else, a kong filled with delicious treats, or some of their favourite toys. The act of chewing alone, after a while, should tire them out.

Don’t forget toilet breaks!

Have plenty of toilet breaks specifically, every 90 minutes to 2 hours. Also, this will need to be reduced if your dog is less used to long road trips.

You should also let your dog do their business as soon as possible when you arrive. If they are desperate, even the most toilet-trained dogs could go inside.

Dog travel tips

Via Pinterest

Carry plenty of water

Dogs would also need plenty of water as they ride in vehicles. In case of traffic or delays, you can ensure you have enough to cover the entire journey plus some extra. And if you buy a bottle that has a bowl compartment attached to it, it will make things simpler for you. Mainly, because the dog can almost drink straight from the bottle.

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