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Dabboo Ratnani is Back With The Celebrity Calendar of 2020



Dabboo Ratnani

Dabboo Ratnani is one of the famous Bollywood Photographers. In addition, every year he clicks a few renowned personalities from the industry. All these pictures become a part of his exclusive yearly calendar. This ritual of publishing a celebrity calendar started back in 1999. After that, there is literally no looking back.

Most of the leading magazines get their covers clicked by Dabboo Ratnani. For instance, he has contributed for Filmfare, Femina, Elle (India). In addition he has done assignments for Cosmopolitian and The Man as well.

Above all, Dabboo has also been the Jury for the for Miss India contest in 2006. In addition to this, he has also judged the show ‘India’s Top Model’.

Dabboo Ratnani

Dabboo Ratnani with wife Manisha for calendar 2020 event.

The Family Man

after this, let’s take a look at the celebrities whom we will see in the Calendar 2020.

The Celebrities in the Calendar

A lot of celebrities are a part of this calendar. For instance, Bhumi Pednekar, Aishwarya Rai, and Alia Bhatt. In addition to them, Kriti Sanon, Ananya Panday, and Vidya Balan have also been clicked.

In addition to this actresses, there are actors like Varun Dhawan, Abhishek Bachchan, Hritik Roshan, Kartik Aryan and many more.

The Calendar

The calendar of 2020 is treat to the vision. For instance, there are a number of bold pictures. Similarly, few of them are mesmerizing monochromes. There are close face photo shots which are equally pleasing. The calendar hosts a lot of celebrities from the newer generation. Also there are others who have entertained us since years.

Alia Bhatt

Bollywood’s favorite star kid being ‘BE-YOU-TIFUL’ just as always. For instance, with dreamy eyes and a few rays of sun on her face, Alia lights up this photo by Dabboo.

Varun Dhawan

Showing his well toned body in just a hat is Varun Dhawan.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The most beautiful woman in the world is here to kill us with her magical eyes. Her looks make us fall in love with Ash all over again. Once a Diva, always a diva. Therefore, Aishwarya, is truly an epitome of beauty.

View this post on Instagram

❤️😍😘🥰👸🏼 Love Love ! Thank you for being a part of my journey right from the beginning ❣️ 💓🌈❤️📸🗓 Repost @aishwaryaraibachchan_arb ✨🥰Congratulations on completing 25years on your fabulous journey my dearest Dabs🎊💐💝🤗and 21 years being family with your calendar celebrating you 💖and Manisha and your kids…💕 God Bless and Shine on✨🌈✨Love always 💝✨ 🧿🤩 #dabbooratnanicalendar 📸 @manishadratnani @dabbooratnani #2020 #dabbooratnani #manishadratnani #dabbooratnaniphotography Artist #AishwaryaRaiBachchan Photography @dabbooratnani
Assisted by @manishadratnani Team Details Makeup & Hair @mickeycontractor Team ARB @archsada 
Team DR @myrahratnani @kiararatnani @shivaanratnani Production @dabbooratnanistudio #25yearsofdabbooratnani #dabbooratnanicalendar2020

A post shared by Dabboo Ratnani (@dabbooratnani) on

Abhishek Bachchan

In addition to Aishwarya, her husband too features in the calendar.

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🖤 😍 Love You AB ❤️📸🗓 Repost @bachchan My 19th calender shot for my dear friend @dabbooratnani It's become like a yearly family ritual! Congratulations Dabboo and @manishadratnani on this year's calender. Dabs, from shooting my 1st ever magazine cover to today. We've come a long way brother. Big love and full power to you. 🤗 #dabbooratnanicalendar 🧿💙 #dabbooratnani #manishadratnani #dabbooratnaniphotography Artist #abhishekbachchan Photography @dabbooratnani Assisted by @manishadratnani Team Details Makeup Vinod Upadhyay Hair Team @aalimhakim Outfit His Own Team AB @basuri_patel & Vinod Team DR @myrahratnani @kiararatnani @shivaanratnani @flashratnani Shot on @fujifilmxindia Production & Location @dabbooratnanistudio #25yearsofdabbooratnani #dabbooratnanicalendar2020

A post shared by Dabboo Ratnani (@dabbooratnani) on

Bhumi Pednekar

Truly Bold and beautiful.

Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal has sure set the temperatures soaring. In addition to the temperature around, the water’s temperature too is rising.

Parineeti Chopra

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♾🖤♠️💣🎩👌🏼❤️📸🗓 Big Love ✨ Repost @parineetichopra Shooting for Dabboo’s calendar usually means I am leaving for my NYE holiday that night! Haha🤣🤣 Always the last shot of the year. Thanks once again Dabboo and Manisha. This time I am all sorts of♟🎧🌑🐾🎩♠️ @dabbooratnani @manishadratnani #DabbooRatnaniCalendar Tap for credits. #dabbooratnani #manishadratnani #dabbooratnaniphotography Artist #parineetichopra Photography @dabbooratnani Assisted by @manishadratnani Team Details Makeup @savleenmanchanda Hair @hairbyseema Styling @mohitrai @eficientemanagement Team PC @yashrajfilmstalent Team DR @myrahratnani @kiararatnani @shivaanratnani @flashratnani Shot on @fujifilmxindia Production & Location @dabbooratnanistudio #25yearsofdabbooratnani #dabbooratnanicalendar2020

A post shared by Dabboo Ratnani (@dabbooratnani) on

Saif Ali Khan

Kriti Sanon

Kartik Aryan

Different looks, Different Personalities. Kartik Aryan taking up the style quotient thrice than usual.

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❤️👌🏼❤️👌🏼❤️ 👌🏼 #lovelovelove #threemusketeers Repost @kartikaaryan Buy 1 Get 3 !! RAGHU🕺🏻VEER👨🏻‍💻 KARTIK 🎭 #dabbooratnanicalendar 🔥 @dabbooratnani @manishadratnani #dabbooratnani #manishadratnani #dabbooratnaniphotography Artist #kartikaaryan Photography @dabbooratnani
Assisted by @manishadratnani
 Team Details Makeup @vickysalvi22 
Hair @milankepchaki Styling @the.vainglorious Shot On @fujifilmxindia Mirror @tushardas009 Jacket And Shirt @diesel
Shoes @ylatifootwear
Shirt @paulsmithdesign
Pants @canali1934 Shoes @premiataofficial
Suit And Tie @hugo_official
Shoes @ferragamo
Team DR @myrahratnani @kiararatnani @shivaanratnani 
Team KA @payaloberoi @kwan_diaries Production & Location @dabbooratnanistudio #25yearsofdabbooratnani #dabbooratnanicalendar2020

A post shared by Dabboo Ratnani (@dabbooratnani) on

Kiara Advani

Here’s the controversial picture of the year. The shot made headline for being plagiarized. However, the photographer defended himself well by posting the picture from where he got inspiration for this shot.

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🔥☘️ ❤️📸🗓 Repost @kiaraaliaadvani A leaf out of #DabbooRatnaniCalendar! @dabbooratnani @manishadratnani 🤩 @kiaraaliadvani ❤️📸🗓 #dabbooratnanicalendar 📸 @manishadratnani @dabbooratnani #2020 #dabbooratnani #manishadratnani #dabbooratnaniphotography . Artist #kiaraadvani

Photography @dabbooratnani
Assisted by @manishadratnani

Makeup @sonicsmakeup 
Hair @aasifahmedoffical @runwaylifestyl 
Stylist @lakshmilehr @style.cell
Team KA @jubindesai @ashviniyardi 
Location @rustomjee_spaces Shot on @fujifilmxindia
Team DR @myrahratnani @kiararatnani @shivaanratnani @flashratnani Production @dabbooratnanistudio #25yearsofdabbooratnani #dabbooratnanicalendar2020

A post shared by Dabboo Ratnani (@dabbooratnani) on

John Abraham

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💯 #lit 🌋 🤩 Love it! Thank you John for always being a sport and creating incredible calendar shots together! Love Ya! ❤️📸🗓 Repost @thejohnabraham Thank you Dabboo for this one !!! @dabbooratnani @manishadratnani . . Fitness @thevinodchanna Hair by @prerna2510 Makeup #Venky #dabbooratnanicalendar #dabbooratnani #manishadratnani #dabbooratnaniphotography 
Artist #johnabraham

Photography @dabbooratnani
Assisted by @manishadratnani
 Team Details Makeup Venky Hair @Prerna2510 
Team JA @minnakshidas @thevinodchanna 
Team DR @myrahratnani @kiararatnani @shivaanratnani Production & Location @dabbooratnanistudio #25yearsofdabbooratnani #dabbooratnanicalendar2020

A post shared by Dabboo Ratnani (@dabbooratnani) on

Ananya Panday

Rocking the athleisure style with heels is Ananya Panday.

Tiger Shroff

Vidya Balan

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🌈💖🌷😍❤️📸🗓 Repost @balanvidya with This is my 2020 #DabboRarnani calendar shot 😘… @dabbooratnani @manishadratnani #dabbooratnanicalendar #btswithdabboo 🤍 🤩 #dabbooratnani #manishadratnani #dabbooratnaniphotography Artist #vidyabalan Photography @dabbooratnani
Assisted by @manishadratnani
 Team Details Makeup @harshjariwala158 
Hair @bhosleshalaka 
Styling @who_wore_what_when @shounakamonkar @pranayjaitly 
Team DR @myrahratnani @kiararatnani @shivaanratnani 
Team Vidya @sandhu_aditi @shalivanpatil @findingshanti Shot on @fujifilmxindia Production @dabbooratnanistudio Location Rustomjee Elements #25yearsofdabbooratnani #dabbooratnanicalendar2020

A post shared by Dabboo Ratnani (@dabbooratnani) on

Hritik Roshan

Similarly, like Tiger Shroff, the greek god is here to rock the 2020 calendar.

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❤️🖤💯 💥 ⚡️❤️📸🗓 Love You Duggu ! Thank You for being a part of my journey as my muse, friend & most importantly for being an inspiration 24×7 ❣️ #25yearsofdabbooratnani Repost @hrithikroshan मैं और मेरी तन्हाई अक्सर यह बातें करती हैं. की आज यह Abs होतीं तो कैसा होता।. . अगर यह होतीं तो ऐसा होता, अगर यह होतीं तो वैसा होता ।. जबकि मुझे ख़बर है की ABS नही हैं… कहीं नाहीं हैं।. . लेकिन यह पागल दिल है की कह रहा हैं की वो हैं .. मोटे पेट के नीचे कहीं हैं…। . मैं और मेरी तन्हाई अक्सर यह बातें करती हैं ! . . Thanks dabs for this amazing shot ! #missingthedays @dabbooratnani @manishadratnani #dabbooratnanicalendar #dabbooratnani #manishadratnani #dabbooratnaniphotography Artist #hrithikroshan Photography @dabbooratnani
Assisted by @manishadratnani Team Details Makeup Vijay Palande Hair @kantamotwani @kromakaysalon Styling @shaleenanathani 
Team DR @myrahratnani @kiararatnani @shivaanratnani Team HR @jayasaha @kwan_diaries Production @dabbooratnanistudio #dabbooratnanicalendar2020

A post shared by Dabboo Ratnani (@dabbooratnani) on

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma is rocking the Sequence gown with her intense looks. In conclusion, Anushka is here to kill with her looks.

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🦋❄️💙💎🧿 Thank You Anushka ! Looking Forward To Create Some More Iconic Shots With You! Much Love! Repost @anushkasharma 2020 Calendar Shot 📸 Happy 25 years of doing what you love @dabbooratnani ! Here’s to many many more ✨ #25yearsofdabbooratnani #dabbooratnanicalendar #dabbooratnani #manishadratnani #dabbooratnaniphotography Artist #anushkasharma Photography @dabbooratnani
Assisted by @manishadratnani
 Team Details Makeup @danielcbauer @artistfactoryindia 
Hair @amitthakur_hair 
Styling @alliaalrufai Assisted By @shraddhalakhani Shot On @fujifilmxindia Outfit @fjollanilaofficial @fjolla.nila @vandafashionagency 
Team DR @myrahratnani @kiararatnani @shivaanratnani 
Team Anushka @ritika_nagpal @yashrajfilmstalent Production @dabbooratnanistudio Location Mehboob Studio #dabbooratnanicalendar2020

A post shared by Dabboo Ratnani (@dabbooratnani) on

Jacqueline Fernandez

Beside the horse decked in the perfect clothes, Jacqueline sure knows how to rock any look.

Sunny Leone

Well! Now we wont be able to decide if humans are better or books! In other words, the bold Sunny Leone makes full justice to the look.

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Bollywood Lights Up In Fight Against Covid 19!




India has been fighting Covid 19 with full spirit and positivity. A proof to this fact is that our PM, Mr Narendra Modi called for everyone to light diyas, candles, torches and flashlights on 5th April at 9 PM for 9 minutes. This act was meant to just strengthen everyone’s spirits and also to spread hope and light. And as expected, this national exercise was followed by everyone. So, obviously Bollywood joined in too. Our B-town stars came out in full support and furthermore, shared their pictures.

Our Instagram has been flooded with pictures and videos of our favorite celebrities. Everyone did their bit with hope for Coronavirus to leave us soon.

Check out the recent pictures-

View this post on Instagram

#AkshayKumar #9MinutesForIndia #IndiaFightsCorona

A post shared by Manav Manglani (@manav.manglani) on

Power couple Ranveer-Deepika, Akshay Kumar and Nushrat Bharucha lighted candles and diyas. They hoped for a better tomorrow.

Furthermore from the PM himself to cricketers Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli also took part. Their wives, Anushka Sharma and Ayesha Dhawan also lent support.

Next up we also saw snaps shared by Kartik Aaryan, Kriti Sanon and Katrina Kaif. They also showed support for 9Baje9Minutes to fight against Covid 19!

Ratan Tata, Vaani Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor also came forward. They shared these beautiful snaps.

View this post on Instagram

#ArjunKapoor #9Baje9Minutes #instadaily #manavmanglani

A post shared by Manav Manglani (@manav.manglani) on

Lastly, among various other celebrities were Arjun Kapoor, Saina Nehwal and Urvashi Rautela. Well, it almost looks like everyone celebrated a festival of hope. And we think it was definitely needed right now. Also not just Bollywood, people from all other industries also came forward. Hence, this was a successful campaign. What do you think?

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Also, for other such pictures visit!!

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Best Comedy Movies On Netflix



(Image Source- Pinterest)

We all have been going through tough times right now. The prevailing pandemic has increased a lot of pressure and anxiety even when we are sitting at home safely. Do you know what would keep our moods alive? Comedy Movies! After all, what’s better than some jokes and a lot of laughter!

These are top 7 Comedy Movies on Netflix for you to binge-watch!



Released in 1982, this comedy movie is pitch-perfect from the beginning to the end. The movie casts Dustin Hoffman who impersonates himself as a female figure and navigates the world and is on the journey of self-discovery. The movie is a perfect balance of comedy and drama. The film also earned Jessica Lange an Oscar.

Comedy Movies

Young Adult

Released in 2011, this movie revolves around Charlize Theron who is a divorcee and an alcoholic ghostwriter who one day decides to go to her hometown where she gets into relationship her now-married high school boyfriend. The movie is sure to give you some mixed emotions, from comedy to the heartbreaks.

Comedy movies

Kung Fu Panda 2

This 2011 animated sequel is even better and funnier than its predecessor. Now, a fully-fledged member of Furious Five, panda Po finds out terrible secrets of his own past all the while he works. The film tackles serious subjects like adoption, with love. The movie is a good one to watch with kids.

Comedy movies

Frances Ha

The movie revolves around a dancer who is forced to shift to a new place. The film shows how she gets her life together and is a delightful comedy gem of the Indie variety.

Comedy movies

Hot Rod

If you wish to watch something incredibly silly, this one could just be your go-to movie. The movie is all about an aspiring stuntman who runs around with his friends and dreams of performing mouth opening stunts. That’s it. But it is sure to give you some hilarious laughs throughout.

Comedy movies

Always Be My Maybe

The film shows two childhood best friends and the story of how they drifted apart but, finally came together again in their adulthood. The film has some well-packed drama to offer the viewers.

Comedy movies

As Good As It Gets

The story is about a selfish and OCD novelist who learns how not to be a narcissistic jerk. The film shows a range of emotions from comedy to romance and strength.

You can also watchshort films you can watch during lockdown. Click on the link for more!


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The Top 10 Corona Virus Myths Busted



The world is distressed with the outbreak of the latest corona virus. More than one lakh people have been tested positive and WHO warns the numbers could increase significantly. Majority of the world is under some sort of a lockdown. Social distancing is the only way to contain the rapid spread of the virus.

What spreads faster and wider than the novel coronavirus, especially in a huge country with a massive population like India? Fake news, of course. As with any major phenomenon, rumours, gossip and unscientific beliefs are making their way into people’s screens and minds. Listed here are some of the most commonly associated myths surrounding the diseases and the real truth you need to know. Do share it and help someone in need!

1. Face Masks Protect You From Virus

Standard surgical masks cannot protect you from SARS-CoV-2, as they are not designed to block out viral particles and do not lay flush to the face. That said, surgical masks can help prevent infected people from spreading the virus further by blocking any respiratory droplets that could be expelled from their mouths. So wearing a mask when you are sick from cold or fever is recommended. Any close caretakers in the proximity of the affected person are also advised to wear masks.


2. The Virus Was Probably Made In Lab

No evidence suggests that the virus is man-made. Viruses can change over time. Occasionally, a disease outbreak happens when a virus that is common in an animal such as a pig, bat or bird undergoes changes and passes to humans. This is likely how the new coronavirus came to be. In short, the characteristics of corona virus fall in line with what we know about other naturally occurring coronaviruses that made the jump from animals to people.


3. Kids Can’t Catch The Corona Virus

Children can definitely catch COVID-19, though initial reports suggested fewer cases in children compared with adults. For example, a Chinese study from Hubei province released in February found that of more than 44,000 cases of COVID-19, about only 2.2% involved children under age 19.


4. Vitamin C Prevents You From Catching COVID-19 

Researchers have yet to find any evidence that vitamin C supplements can render people immune to COVID-19 infection. In fact, for most people, taking extra vitamin C does not even ward off the common cold, though it may shorten the duration of a cold if you catch one. That said, vitamin C serves essential roles in the human body and supports normal immune function.


5. A Vaccine For COVID-19 Is Available


For a vaccine to be tested and approved for human use, it takes several years. Rushing the process would be added stress to the scientists. There is no vaccine for the new coronavirus right now. Scientists have already begun working on one, but developing a vaccine that is safe and effective in human beings will take many months. Moreover testing it on animals and clinically ill patients will still be a long road ahead.


6. Ordering Chinese Products Is Dangerous

Researchers are studying the new coronavirus to learn more about how it infects people. As of this time, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that the likelihood of becoming infected with COVID-19 from a commercial package is low since it has likely traveled over several days and been exposed to different temperatures and conditions during transit. Moreover, the corona virus is not viable for more than 42 hours.


7. COVID-19 Will Vanish In Higher Temperature

COVID-19 cases have appeared in many tropical countries like Singapore, Thailand, India. So the idea that it will completely go away in the summer is not true. When it comes to virus transmission factors such as temperature, humidity and type of surface must be considered. Virus-laden droplets on surfaces can remain anywhere between 2 hours to nine days according to the WHO. These are likely to dry out rapidly in warm weather, possibly reducing its chances of being picked up.


8. Antibiotics Treat Corona Virus


This is not true. Antibiotics work only against bacteria. What we are dealing with now is a virus, which an antibiotic cannot kill. The reason antibiotics are prescribed when someone is infected with, say, the influenza virus, is that this leaves you vulnerable to other bacteria in your system, so the infection becomes two-pronged. The virus kills epithelial cells that line the respiratory tract making it vulnerable and bacteria can grow very easily on it. But in this case, an antibiotic is of no use.


 9. Meat Can Spread Corona 


COVID-19 is a respiratory infection that can only come from direct contact with droplets released by an infected person. While it may have originated in animals and then transmitted to people through dietary means, it is not transmitted from person to person through food or meat. So there is no reason why you should stop eating non-vegetarian food. The only precautions to be taken should be to ensure whatever is eaten is fresh, properly cooked and is stored or transported with correct hygiene protocols.


10. Mosquitoes Transmit Corona Virus


No. To date there has been no information nor evidence to suggest that the corona virus could be transmitted by mosquitoes. The World Health Organization says the above fact. The new coronavirus is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose.

                     Related article- Corona Virus Symptoms That Everyone Must Know!


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