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Children with Capricious Behaviour



While attending some family event you might have come across some children who constantly crib about nothing.  These children, you might think, love to weave chaos for their parents. Their moms will be begging them to behave. Dads, on the contrary, will be doing a perfect job of giving their wives a stern look as if they want a refund for their choices.

On the other hand, you might be either iron willing your heart even more of peacefully accepting celibacy or might be evaluating the reasons behind these children’s cribbing behaviour.

Many of us have ingrained this attitude to ignore children’s such kind of behaviour thinking of them to be just immature rather than having some consequential problem.

But, let’s pull off this veil of ignorance for a moment or so, and ponder upon the causes of behavioural issues among children :


A child’s behaviour is a product of his temperament. A child with a strong temperament is more likely to have behaviour problems than a child with a mild temperament. Temperament is a result of genetics.  The researchers have described three types of temperament; easy, sensitive and feisty.

Financial Strains

A report by the National Association of Social Workers suggests that children in impoverished families often exhibit behaviour problems. These children tend to be hyperactive and aggressive.

Environmental Causes

When children are in an unsuitable environment, they are prone to act out. Such as maladaptive family systems and poor child-parent relationships.

Cry for Help

Sometimes, children use bad behaviour as their call for help. For example, if the youngest child in a family feels powerless against her older siblings, she may act out. She may feel that biting, for example, is a way to get parental attention when older siblings are dominant.

These factors are just the tip of the iceberg, as the developing world brings a whole rainbow of multiple complexities there are dozens of issues among children that need to be tackled.  So, the next time you notice a child completely maddening you out of your wits take a chill pill, and do some research and maybe act as a good Samaritan to guide the child’s parents as well.

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Must Read Novels Of All Time



must read novels

Everyone has some of the other hobbies, while some might love music, some like playing and some even like reading novels. Well, this post is for the latter ones, the Novel-readers. Novels have always influenced people since time immemorial. One of the amazing things about these books is that they allow us to live the life which we choose from. Be it any genre, romance, action, thriller, adventure, or just anything, these books would let you step into the world of imagination and experience the inexperienced. Here are some of the must-read novels of all time which one ought to give a read upon.


1. To kill a Mockingbird

A novel written by Harper Lee is a 60’s classic which has been so popular that it even got a Pulitzer. The novel revolves around the plot where the father of Scout Finch, the 6-year-old narrator of the story, tries to save a black man accused of molesting a white woman. This American Classic has not only become one of the bestsellers but has also adapted into a movie.

to kill a mockingbird



2. Invisible Man

The Invisible man has been written by H.G. Wells and is perhaps another greatest hit of the era. Being published in the year 1952, it is also one of the classics. The book has also won the U.S. National Book Award for Fiction in 1953 and moreover has a movie based on it. The story is about the “Invisible man”.

invisible man


3. Jane Eyre

Written in the year 1847, you must be thinking, “why this?”, but this novel is one of the best classics which have been written by Charlotte Brontë. This novel revolves an orphan girl named Jane Eyre, who is adopted by one of the families in that period. She faces adverse conditions pretty much something which orphans face.

jane eyre


4. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

This is a story which almost everyone must have heard while they were young. A novel by Lewis Carroll in 1865, this novel is about a girl called Alice who falls into a rabbit hole and enters a world full of fantasies. She is the protagonist of the novel who encounters peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures as she explores the world.

alice in wonderland- must read novels


5. Harry Potter series

Written by J.K. Rowling, This is one of the best series for not only reading purpose but also because it will make your vocabulary strong. This series has been so much popular that there are movies based on all the books. This series is all about Magic and Mystery and nail-biting thrillers.

harry potter- must read novels


6. Moby Dick

This novel is was published in 1851 and was written by Herman Melville. The story is a narrative of the sailor Ishmael’s for an obsessive quest of Ahab, captain of the whaling ship Pequod.  This novel is also famous by the name of Whale novel.

the whale novel

These are some of the must-read novels which you must read if you are a novel loving person. Also, check out this post of top 6 must-read Books/Novels of 2019.

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Must-Know Parenting Trends For 2020




Parenting is a skill that people keep on learning. And so, it makes sense to be up to date about latest trends and information. There is so much to understand and appreciate about this part of our life. This new year has thus thankfully brought with it lots of new trends already. Moreover, they are quite helpful for everyone in the family. So, let’s get started!

Less screens parenting

There is no denying that gadgets and screens have become an integral part of learning. But that should not mean kids stay glued to them all the time. Because that habit can lead to less time spent elsewhere. Therefore, more and more parents are looking towards alternate methods of learning and teaching. Thus, books, talking, nature, are all viable options.

Parenting with self care

So many times parents lose themselves in the process of parenting. They seldom leave out time for themselves. This increases their stress levels as well. Moreover, it also does not go on to teach kids how to take care of themselves. And thus, this is important. Self care should not mean splurging money for spas or masks. It is about meaningful time. Taking a nap, setting the right priorities, having enough nutrition – everything counts.

Hands on learning

Books and videos do help us. But after a certain time, kids need to step into the field. Moreover, doing that helps them understand things better. Thus, encouraging kids to apply what they learn is always important.

Eco-friendly lifestyle

Using little to no plastic or saving water – children should be taught these things. And when parents practice them, children only follow suit. Moreover, in times of massive awareness about climate change, this trend is here to stay.

One with nature

Parks and wildlife are for everyone. It does not matter which age group. Spending time outside is thus very important. Nature not only improves our health, but also fuels creativity.

Less comparison

Be it with other kids in the class, or with other parents. Comparison hurts us and seldom helps us. The best way to improve is to compete with ourselves. So, telling kids how they can do better is more desirable than comparing them with others.

Break the binary

Many parents are now foregoing gender roles. For example, let children pick their own toys and books. And not choose for them according to their gender. Moreover, this gives children more freedom to express themselves.

So, these are some of the top trends for parenting this year. We hope you implement them in your own life wherever possible.


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Basic Emotions: Know What You Feel!



We meet a lot of people every day. After greeting them the first thing that we do is ask “How are you?” naturally referring to their state. This state is generally suggestive of emotions. Have you wondered if there are basic emotions or even complex ones?

The instinctive answer that we always give is “Good”.  But do we ever think about what this good is? What goes behind this simple ‘good’?

Most importantly, is GOOD even an emotion?

In one of the last articles, I introduced the concept of Mental Well-being and how to maintain it. In this one, I will be reintroducing you to the emotions that we all feel. Keeping it short, I will be mentioning the 6 basic emotions that one feels.

What is an Emotion?

Emotions refer to your mental state. Biologically, they are connected to your nervous system. We experience emotions as a consequence of the chemical change that takes place in the nervous system. They are a result of our thoughts, behaviors and actions.

The Array of Emotions

There are various emotions that we have felt in various situations. There are very many emotions both positive and negative ones. Some of these are happiness, pride, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, shame, surprise, awful, optimistic and many many more.

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I’m re-posting this as I’ve been sending this to loads of people recently. It’s so useful since most people can only name a few emotions. This can help you narrow down exactly what you’re feeling, which means it’s easier to communicate what you need and easier to have greater self-awareness which can lead to deeper healing. #wheelofemotions #feelingschart #whatifeel #therapy #psychologytoday #counsellingpsychology #counsellorsofinstagram #crossroadscounsellingservices #londoncounsellor #selfawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness#breakthestigma #itsoktofeel #depression #anxiety #personalitydisorders #chronicillness #bpd #borderlinepersonalitydisorder

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As you can see every emotion in the array comes under an array of basic emotions. So the next time that you feel any emotion it could be anyone of those under the basic emotions.

All the Basic Emotions

There are 6 basic emotions

  1. Happiness
  2. Sadness
  3. Fear
  4. Disgust
  5. Anger and
  6. Surprise

The Issue in Identifying Emotions

Identification of emotions by people is rather broad. It does not much matter when it comes to positive emotions. For instance, if are feeling happy, we don’t sit down and segregate the happiness that is due to curiosity or happiness that is due to being accepted or powerful. Happiness is happiness and it is to have rejoiced. After all, everyone has the right to pursue happiness!

But with negative ones, it might be quite frustrating to know that you are feeling something negative but you don’t exactly know what feeling it is. Take for example anger, it might be just some jealousy, a little resentment, feeling a bit mad or you’re just annoyed. But people are fast at coming to conclusions! All they see that you’re angry most of the times.

Basic Emotions we feel

All this comes from an ignorant unawareness that we all have about the vast array of emotions. We generally tend to generalize this long list under the narrow basic emotions. So its time that we update our emotional knowledge and take a step closer towards feeling right.

Promise yourself that the next time you or anyone you know expresses their emotions, you don’t generalize. Give them time and identify the emotions right!

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