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Celebrity YouTube Channels You Gotta Subscribe



YouTube Channels

YouTube is a rage and being a YouTuber is the latest buzz. From school kids to teenagers and even working adults, YouTube craze has smitten each one. We have seen a bunch of Hollywood celebrity have their own channels and then the latter half of 2019 witnessed a bunch of B-Town celebs making their way to YouTube and launching their own channels.

With digital space expanding at a made rate, this step of joining one of the biggest OTT media platforms seems sensible. It not only helps in marketing but also is a great way to connect with fans and give them insight into day-to-day life.

Here are a few of our favourites Youtube channels!

Will Smith

A Will Smith YouTube channel? You don’t say. Over three million people are subscribed to the channel, so if you aren’t, it’s time to change that. There’s more to the channel that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air clips, although there is a video that explains how he got the role. Will posts about a range of things from his 50th birthday party to how he conquered his fears by skydiving.

Alia Bhatt

With a whopping 1.5 million subscribers already, Alia’s YouTube channel is a hit amongst fans! She shares her a day on the set, skincare routine, a BTS vlog and a very engaging Q&A.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is new to vlogging in comparison to others on the list, but you will want to subscribe to her channel now, especially if you love all things beauty. Rosie simply describes her channel as “beauty from the insider out.” Given her job as a model, she has had access to some of the best pros in the biz. And you know that she is brimming with tips and product recommendations. A number of the industry’s biggest experts have already made cameos in the videos.


Kartik Aaryan

Another celeb to jump on the wagon is Kartik Aaryan. With a pool of movies in his kitty, this channel might be a lot to maintain. But so far fans are loving his travel vlogs and are looking forward to more such content.


Jacqueline Fernandes

Soon after Alia launched her channel, fans saw a glimpse of this Sri Lankan beauty release a teaser of her YouTube channels. She likes to keep it pretty cool and engaging and unscripted! We love her candid vibes.


Kylie Jenner

The Kardashians are likely to be the first family that comes to mind when you think of multi-hyphenate families. What aren’t they involved in? They’re all over social media and apps. So, it makes sense they’re into vlogging. Kylie Jenner’s YouTube channel promises exclusive clips from her app. She has been on YouTube for a few years but the channel has recently undergone a bit of a change. Recent videos include a tour of her purse closet, a Q&A session with her bestie Jordyn Woods and a note to her daughter Stormi Webster. She has whopping 6.62 million subscribers.


Camila Cabello

Hands up if you go to YouTube for music? Then subscribe to Camila Cabello’s channel for more music and more of her. It’s the place to watch all of her music videos in one place. Additionally, she offers behind-the-scenes clips. There are Q&As, teasers and live streams. There’s also a rap that she promised she would do at the VMAs. She has whopping 12.2 million subscribers.

Which channel are you following religiously?

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Suhana Khan’s Short Film Is A Profound Piece Of Cinema




suhana khan's

Suhana Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter landed her first role in a short film. The film named, ‘The Grey Part Of Blue’ has been directed by Theodore Gimeno and stars the aforementioned star opposite Robin Gonella. “As they embark on a two-day long road trip, a young couple finds themselves forced to face the realities of their relationship,” is what the synopsis of the short film says on YouTube. The short film is approximately ten minutes long and has since racked up around half a million views in a span of two days of its release. You can have a look at the film below –

On the release of the short film, director Theodore Gimeno wrote in the YouTube caption section of the short film that, “Really excited to finally bring to you this project I’ve been working on for the past year! I’ve been immensely lucky to work with such an amazing group of people: cast, crew and friends that helped me turn this idea into something real! So that’s really awesome. And hopefully, you will have enjoyed it too! Thank you!”

Before the release of the film, there were also posters released for The Grey Part Of Blue by the director Theodore Gimeno. Tale a look at the Instagram release of the posters for the short film –

View this post on Instagram

#thegreypartofblue art by @olsdavis

A post shared by Theodore Gimeno (@theodoregimeno) on

View this post on Instagram

#thegreypartofblue art by @olsdavis

A post shared by Theodore Gimeno (@theodoregimeno) on

Suhana Khan who is studying Film-Making in New York has also played the role of Juliet in Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo And Juliet.’ Her father, Shah Rukh Khan was all praises for the cast and crew’s performance in the play. Take a look at the Instagram post down below shred by Papa Khan himself –

Apart from acting, Suhana Khan previously had a photoshoot with Vogue Magazine which didn’t sit too well with the masses. Many believed that the film star’s daughter hadn’t done much yet to deserve her own photoshoot. But we can all agree that she’s off to a great start. Suhana Khan’s acting in the short film has been well-received and praised by fans and newcomers alike. We can definitely look forward to her bright future.

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Top 10 Christmas Movies To Binge-watch This December



Christmas movies

Christmas is all about the movies. Obviously the Christmas cheer comes into it, but you can’t beat snuggling up with your family or friends and watching a classic movie of the season. Here we take you through the hits and remind you of some Christmas movie gems. There’s horror. There’s comedy. There is never a lack of options good, bad, or confusing that can fill the many hours of the holiday season.

1. A Christmas Prince

Via Pinterest

This was one of Netflix’s first forays into the Christmas genre, and upon first glance, it’s full-on Christmas vibes and this could be overwhelming. But if you really sit back and let go of the fact that you can call literally every twist and turn, then you come to realize that A Christmas Prince is actually the perfect holiday season movie. There’s no plot to follow or anything: it’s just full-on Christmas spirit, bottled in the story of a journalist and a rogue prince in a country that isn’t even real.


2. Office Christmas Party

T. J. Miller and Jennifer Aniston play feuding siblings who have different perspectives on how to run the company they inherited. Tasked with winning the business of a high-stakes client, Miller’s Clay sets out throw the office Christmas party to end all office Christmas party an event so debauched that it might end their company, too. This is one of the most interesting and fun movies to watch with your buddies.


3. The Night Before

Via Collider

The Night Before is messy in the way you’d expect any Seth Rogen movie to be, but it’s also the stoner-Christmas movie that’s worth putting on your list. It’s also a perfect story for those guys you know who just refuse to grow up and eventually have time come and kick them in the ass to remind them that they’re not kids anymore, and if they were, Santa would absolutely not be stopping at their houses.


4. Die Hard

Christmas movies

Via JOEli

Die Hard is everything every Christmas movie should always be forever. It’s a mix of the baddie from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas; the unbeatable hero who shows up to teach everyone a lesson from Miracle On 34th Street; the ghosts of past, present, and future who bring insight and change from A Christmas Carol; plus every redemptive struggle about family and personal evolution and good versus evil, all wrapped up in a big shiny box.


5. Home Alone

Christmas movies

Via People

For those who haven’t yet watched it here’s a quick summary- eight-year-old Kevin McCallister gets forgotten by his family who jet off to Paris without him. Whilst his family try desperately to get back to America, burglars try to break into poor Kevin’s home. However, through much hilarity, Kevin skillfully defends his home with the aid of a tarantula and some artfully crafted cardboard cut-outs.


6. It’s A Wonderful Life

Christmas movies


For those who don’t like black and white movies It’s A Wonderful Life might not seem like the most appealing choice when you’re picking a Christmas movie to watch, but trust us, this is definitely one of the top five Christmas movies of all time. Even though It’s A Wonderful Life didn’t cause much of a stir when it was first released, the movie has proved timeless.


7. The Snowman

Via Pinterest

The Snowman is a magical and simplistic movie that is a firm favourite on this best movies list. The animated movie is a great family hit, not only because of the stunning pictures and the magical world in which the story takes place but also because it’s mesmerizing music can calm even the most hyperactive of overexcited children down and send them soundly to sleep until Father Christmas arrives. This one is great to watch on Christmas Eve.


8. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Via looper

Surely this movie makes into this list for the simple reason that Chevy Chase is the star of the show. Its a fact that this Griswold Christmas movie delivers on the goofball, slapstick front like no other. In every scene, someone falls through a ceiling, off a roof or sets fire to something in a disastrous fashion. Typically, the Griswolds try desperately hard to make a perfect party for their family and inevitably, as every other National Lampoon movie proves, the harder you try the worse the day turns out.


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Did You Check Out The Good Newwz Trailer?




good newwz trailer

The much awaited Good Newwz trailer is out now. This Dharma production film staring Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, and Diljit Dosanjh is a huge ball of laughter and we can tell this from the trailer itself.

The cast, the story, the concept, the production house, we love it all and you cannot deny it at all!

But first let us have a look at the poster and the first look of the movie:

How promising and fun does that look?

Now, moving on to the Good Newwz trailer:

Well, doesn’t this seem so exciting? We can definitely not wait!

The movie is scheduled to release on the 27th December, the Christmas weekend, which makes it more fun.

Actors Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, Diljit Dosanjh and the entire team of Good Newwz including Karan Johar (producer), and Raj Mehta (director) were present at the trailer launch in their best form. Here is some glimpse of the event:

View this post on Instagram

#GoodNewwz 💥🎀🤗🤞🏻

A post shared by KIARA (@kiaraaliaadvani) on

Seems like the entire cast is having a lot of fun and we are sure that this will be visible on the screen itself.

So, are you excited for this comedy drama to hit the big screen?

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