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Celebrities Love Maldives, Here’s Proof!



The Maldives has been one of the most favorite travel spots for everyone including our celebrities! It’s a stunning yet calm peaceful place where one can see the best of nature. The bunch of 1192 islands and 26 atolls is what Indian celebrities are vouching for. They prefer this island country probably because they don’t find the crazy paparazzi here. Just escape to an island and forget that you are there on earth.

Who doesn’t need their own private space after continuously being in the limelight constantly? In such a case Maldives serves to be one of the best options that there is out there. And our Bollywood and TV celebrities love exploring this beautiful island range. Here’s proof.

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover escaped to Maldives to have a romantic honeymoon. And they not only gave us couple goals but travel goals as well. The couple went to Maldives soon after their marriage and was seen chilling. Enjoying themselves on the beaches and sea resorts.

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Baked !!! #monkeylove #us

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The couple recently visited again for Bipasha’s Birthday.


Sonakshi Sinha is definitely one Bollywood celebrity who loves travelling way too much. She not only travels around the world for her work. But, from time to time she is seen taking time off to travel to the most exotic locations of the world.

Another lively actress that is often seen travelling around the world. Alia Bhatt was in the Maldives last year where she with Ranbir Kapoor and Ayan Mukherji.

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best boys (& good girl) 🌞💜

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Kusha Kapila and hubby Zoravar took a vacation after 2 long years. And they chose none other than Maldives for the same. She also posted a vlog on her vacation.

Soon after their marriage, the couple decided to take a romantic getaway. And they chose Maldives for it. Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi’s pictures are giving us some big-time couple goals.

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Here Neha can be seen flaunting her baby bump!

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The actress known for her fitness and health was seen flaunting her bikini body in Maldives.

Another beauty to visit these stunning islands. It is none other than Katrina Kaif. She looks like an absolute stunner here.

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🎂+ 🇲🇽 =💛

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Bigg Boss fame, Dalljiet Kaur was also seen vacationing here recently.

It is a rumored fact that Nikhil Chinapa loves Maldives. And visits there several times. Here he can be seen scuba diving.

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If you’ve never tried it, please please please Scuba dive when you get the opportunity to. And please don’t do the “discover scuba dive” – just do the Open Water Certification. Your life will change forever 🌊🐢 . Also, if you’re a parent, try and introduce your child to the ocean and life underwater when they’re 11-12 years old. I promise you, they will become better human beings and regardless of what they do later in life or what career path they choose, becoming divers will give them a huge boost up in life and change their personalities for the better ☀️💙🎈🙂 . If you’re in India and want to dive, get in touch with @fleetfootadventures. They work from Bangalore but they also take people from across India to the Maldives to dive. Check out their Instagram page. #divediary #fleetfootadventures 📷: @rjdeigg

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Parineeti Chopra also chose this exotic location for her vacation!

So we really guess these celebs love Maldives, don’t you?

Other celebrities like Zaheer Khan, Hina Khan, Kriti Sanon. The Pataudi Family,  Shah Rukh Khan, Kiara Advani etc have also visited this island recently.

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Greece Is Welcoming Tourists From June 15th!




Greece is all set to get its tourism industry back on track by opening to tourists June 15 onwards! It is a tourism-reliant country and in order to boost it, the country actually preponed its reopening date. Greece had initially planned to open up on July 1st! But don’t worry, they’re only going to allow international flights into the country gradually from 1st July.



The Deets

As per CNN, the Prime Minister of Greece—Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressed the nation regarding the updated date. He also mentioned that they would only be allowing tourists from countries that have low rates of COVID infection. Also, the tourists coming in will not be required to go through any quarantine or testing. But they will be carrying out spot tests in the tourist areas as per requirement.

Not just this, but the Greek government is also focusing on strengthening its healthcare service in tourist destinations. As per Harry Theocharis, the Tourism Minister, as many as 600 beds will be separately available to aid Coronavirus care.



Greece On Reviving Its Tourism Industry

The tourism industry in Greece makes up almost 20% of its GDP. It is believed that every fourth job in Greece belongs to the tourism industry. The country highly depends on its tourism and it is coming up with new measures to revive it in the best way possible.

The Greek government plans to subsidise the salaries of the tourism industry, catering industry as well as the industrial sectors. They also plan to reduce taxes for those in the hospitality and travel sectors. Also, along with Greece, Iceland to plans to open its gates for tourists June 15 onwards!

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The Countries That Are All Set To Re-Open Again



Coronavirus has definitely shaken the entire world. While you might not expect full normalcy, find out about countries that are picking up their pace in getting back to normal. Countries that reopen while COVID-19 is still circulating will likely face strong waves of virus again. However, the relaxation of some public health measures may also be normal as countries learn how to track and control the virus.



Via Agoda

Canada remains in lockdown till now. The country closed the border with the USA. Canada is allowing some in house travel, but the summer tourism season in places like Ontario remains in serious jeopardy. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced during a news conference on May 19 the border between the U.S. and Canada will remain closed until at least the third week of June. The border remains closed since March 21. Additional 30-day extensions are not out of the question.

Costa Rica


Via Nations online

Costa Rica began easing some coronavirus measures on May 1, allowing theatres, cinemas, hair salons, gyms and athletic centres to reopen under reduced hours and strict sanitary guidelines. This move came after the country’s active infections declined for 11 consecutive days. The ban on foreign tourists is currently expiring on June 15. But there’s no surprise if it gets extended.

El Salvador


El Salvador has fewer than 400 reported cases. The country took early steps to curb the pandemic and in fact, El Salvador was one of the first Central American countries to go into lock down before any cases of coronavirus were reported. The travel here is not specifically forbidden, no international flights are currently pass in or out of the country.  The visitors would be subject to the same strict isolation and movement guidelines as locals.

Australia and New Zealand

Via Lonely planet

These two countries have been working hard to fight the coronavirus. They have achieved what seems impossible. Australia and New Zealand are still closed to international travelers and non-residents. The countries are beginning to loosen restrictions on movement within the countries themselves. A proposed travel bubble around the two countries would allow citizens of each to travel to the other, although a 14-day quarantine is likely to be required.


Via Pinterest

One of the European countries most affected by the outbreak, Italy is beginning a multi-phase effort to reopen. A number of businesses including bookshops, laundries and shops selling children’s clothes have reopened, and restaurants and bars have opened for takeout. While foreign travelers have not technically been banned from entering Italy, many airlines have canceled flights while other countries have closed their borders with Italy. Travelers entering Italy must spend their first two weeks in quarantine.


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Greece will reopen its doors to international visitors from 15 June. Greek Prime Minister said visitors would not need to have undertaken a coronavirus test. Nor will they have to be quarantined after arrival. The first airport to open will be the Athens International Airport. Also, room July 1, all Greek airports will be open to flights from abroad. Tourism accounts for 20 per cent of Greece’s GDP, so the move will boost employment and the economy.


Via CEO Insight

Portugal has slowly started opening hotels, bars, nightclubs and restaurants over the past few weeks. The country is now open to international arrivals. Some health checks will be introduced at airports but there will be no compulsory quarantine for those flying in. Beaches will reopen on 6 June and the public will be required to social distance, keeping 1.5 metres apart. Locals can check in advance as to whether their nearest beach has space using a new app.
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Types Of Tea In India



Types of Tea

It is believed that Chai (Tea) was first founded some 5000 years ago in an ancient royal court of India. The reigning king experimented and created this recipe as an Ayurvedic tonic. Years passed, the concept of tea became a national treasure for everyone. It was drank as a daily beverage by everyone; tea/ types of tea did not believe in any form of discrimination.

Later people felt the need of experimentation with their ‘personal’ beverage. They added different types of spices and thus, different types of tea were born.

In 1935 British East India Company established tea plantations in Assam to establish Great Britain’s monopoly over the National Drink of India in order to free India from the chains of tea commands of China.

This led to the evolution of different types of tea in India, and it is safe to say that almost every state has a tea to its name now.



Noon chai, also known as shir chai, gulabi chai, Kashmiri tea or pink tea, is a traditional tea beverage originating in the Kashmir Valley. It is perfect for winter evenings and you can drink it alongside biscuits.



Types of tea

Kahwa tea is a flavourful Kashmiri green tea. It is an exotic mix of Kashmiri green tea leaves, whole spices, nuts and saffron which an exotic combination of taste, aroma and health benefits.



Butter tea, also known Gur Gur Chai in the Ladakhi language, is a drink of the people in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibet and other Western regions of modern-day People’s Republic of China. It is associated with warmth on a cold day and good times spent with Tibetan friends, or the adventure of travel in Tibet or Tibetan communities in India or Nepal.



Doodh pati Chai is different from saada chai: it only uses milk and tea. This tea does not include water. The roots of this tea are from Punjab/ West Pakistan.



Types of tea

Kangra tea is a tea originating from the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Both black tea and green tea have been produced in the Kangra Valley since the mid-19th century. Kangra tea was given the Geographical Indication status in 2005.



Darjeeling tea is a well-known tea variety that is exported around the world which grows in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. Darjeeling tea is unique because of its leaves. They can be processed in different ways, resulting in black, green, white, or oolong tea.



Types of tea

Indigenous to the state of Assam, it is mainly produced in the Brahmaputra valley. Loose Assam tea gives a malty strong flavor. Black Assam Teas are ideal for breakfast and drinking in the morning. Loose Assam teas are popular for their rich maltiness.



This recipe is inspired from the famous tea shop in Pune ‘Chai La Pune’. Tandoori chai is unique variety of Indian tea local to the people of Pune. In this recipe, tea is prepared in the usual Indian way. After that, a clay pot is heated (usually in a Tandoor) and prepared tea is poured in the clay pot so that it absorbs flavors of the hot clay pot.


Which tea are most looking forward to try? Meanwhile you can read about snacks to munch with your tea here: 8 yummy tea time snacks for lazy evening


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