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Best Watches Of 2019 To Gift Your Loved Ones



This may come as a surprise, but you don’t necessarily need to spend more than 10,000 INR on a watch, and it is not a must that said timepiece has numerous complications, nine dials, hidden features and the ability to tell you the current relative positions of the planets in our solar system. What a watch must do, however, is service the wearer and complement their lifestyle

Yes, generally, high-end watches will perform to a higher level, employ more expensive materials and exhibit more detailed finishing, but this does not mean that there aren’t superb wristwatches in any price bracket if you know what to look for. This is where we guide to the best watches at a reasonable price. We have done the digging for you, to make sure that, whatever you decide to invest, your watch serves you right and looks the part.

1. Swatch Sistem Dark


Via pinterest

Back in 2014, to mark its 30th birthday, Swatch did something remarkable. It created the Sistem51, an automatic mechanical watch movement with exactly 51 parts, which just so happened to be the same number of components employed in the company’s first quartz watch. To industrialise a self-winding movement is impressive, to make it with so few parts is almost unbelievable. As is the price. Our current pick? The stealthy Sistem Dark with 30 metres water resistance to protect that innovative movement.

2. Casio G-Shock Classic

Via Techcrunch

G-Shock’s most popular oversize analogue/digital series has been reinvented. Based on the Hyper Complex G Shock design, the Punching Pattern collection has a sporty new strap, which is good as the 200-metre waterproofing makes this watch good for pro diving. The oversized buttons have a checkered anti-slip surface, while the 1/1000-second stopwatch, 100 lap memory, world-timer, five alarms and auto light features, where the watch face illuminates when you tilt your wrist towards you, should serve in almost all rugged pursuits.

3. Baume & Mercier’s Clifton Club In Bronze


Via world tempus

The sportier family of Baume & Mercier gets a distinguished look with an all new edition in bronze. Exemplifying one of the biggest trends of the year, these Clifton Club bronze watches come in four dial versions—black, brown, blue and green—with two strap options for each, in either calfskin or rubber. The comfortably-sized 42mm bronze case is water resistant to 100m, and houses a Swiss-made automatic movement that offers a 42-hour power reserve. There is also a date feature at three o’clock. With the hands and riveted applied indexes infused with Super-LumiNova, the dial, which has a recessed centre, displays the brand’s emblem proudly at 12 o’clock.

 4. Titan Regalia Chronograph

Titan watches are some of the most popular and best-selling ones in the market. This watch is characterized by its stainless steel silver and gold color design. This gives it the appearance of a luxury watch. And not just the appearance, but the quality too. The chronograph quartz display is stylish and attractive. This watch is made from strong material. It has a high user rating on Amazon, based on hundreds of reviews. That’s why you can trust it as one of the best watches for men in India. Key Features include a silver-colored dial, round-shaped case, Quartz movement type, Chronograph display, Stainless steel case material and a 30 meter water resistance.

5. Fastrack Black Magic

Fastrack is another top brand for watches in India. If you’re somewhat intimidated the prices of men’s watches on this list, then this will be a refreshing option for you. It’s cheaper than the other watch; it’s a great budget option for a men’s watch. Despite being lower priced, it has a great design and quality. It has a simple analog design and a brown leather band. The design is not too complicated, it has a very clean look. This makes the watch look minimal and stylish. Key Features are a round case, mineral glass material, black dial, a brown leather band and an analog display.


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Ranveer Singh Turns 35 Today!



Credits- LY
Talking of quirky fashion and not taking the name of Ranveer Singh in the same breath might be almost as good as having a massive folly. His energy, passion and drive is unrivalled in Bollywood, and perhaps even in the world. Everything about him screams larger-than-lifeand his sense of fashion just shines the spotlight on that. He has amassed countless accolades for his acting and out-of-the-world fashion sense. Ever since his Hindi film debut with Band Baaja BaaratOn the 35th birthday of the actor, we want to appreciate and acknowledge a man whose personality and style have influenced countless fashion designers. Mainly, to step up their game when it comes to styling him in a way that suits his quirky personality.
Ranveer Singh is just as comfortable in a kurta and ghaghara as he is in a tank top and jeans. He has been debunking fashion stereotypes with his originality and flamboyance. Perhaps, he is the only man who can still pull off a top hat in this century. Even the more subtle looks of the actor hold in them a bit of pizzazz. Moreover, if it’s a neon light thrown into the mix, or mask, there seems to be nothing the guy can’t pull off.

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Saturday Night Fever 🕺🏽

A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on

The panache and popularity of the 35-year-old actor has put him on the list of Celebrity 100 of Forbes India since 2012. Ranveer Singh exudes faith no matter what he does or wears. Moreover, to such an extent that he pulled off to the GQ Best Dressed Men ceremony in 2015 wearing a silk robe and fuzzy Sylvester slippers.

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Shade Card

A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on

Deepika Padukone‘s sister Anisha started early birthday celebrations on social media for brother in-law Ranveer. Addicting an Instagram story as his birthday clock struck at midnight. Anisha, who only occasionally posts on social media about Deepika and Ranveer, posted in her Instagram story a simple and strange birthday wish for Ranveer. Writing: “Janadim ki hardik shubh kamnaye Jijaji
Ranveer Singh

(Instagram: Anisha Padukone)

Spreading joy across Katrina Kaif also took to instagram and wished Ranveer on his birthday. With a story written, “Happy, Happy, Happy @ranveersingh… Never stop spreading joy.. it makes the world better.

Ranveer Singh

(Instagram- Katrina Kaif)

Anil Kapoor’s delightful birthday wish for Ranveer is wining the Internet all over! He took to Instagram and shared some throwback pictures of him with Ranveer. Moreover, with a caption, “Happy Birthday Tiger!!!!! @RanveerOfficial To many more years filled with crazy dancing, bear hugs, love & happiness!!! Have the best day! Lots of love! P.S Birthday hai toh kya hua, where is your mask!?”

Moreover, his fan club, Ranveer Ka Fan Club, paid homage in the most honorable way imaginable to their favorite star. They also donated computers to a  school which supports education for disadvantaged children.

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The Existential Crisis Of Fashion Industry



The words Covid and crisis are going hand in hand since the past few days. Similarly, the situation has brought an Existential Crisis to Fashion Industry. Read the how and what about it in this post.

The Existential Crisis Of Fashion Industry

What is an Existential Crisis?

It is a phase when an individual questions the purpose, meaning and values of their life. In this case, it is the whole of fashion industry who is facing this crisis. It is not necessarily a negative phase. However, it comes close to depressive disorders and conditions.

Why is there an Existential Crisis In Fashion Industry?

In the pandemic and post pandemic era, a lot of things are being questioned and believes are in process of refining themselves. The essential industries are in demand at the moment and things like fashion are not really the concern right now. Therefore, the priorities of people are changing.

More and more people who are providers of fashion are having a similar complaint. For example, No one wants to buy new clothes or be up to date on the fashion trends while they are locked in their homes. In addition, other major changes in the fashion industry are that the productions have stopped, the shops are not opening, there are no buyers even if you are willing to provide. The overall demand of fashion gone down. 

In conclusion, all of this has brought an existential crisis to the fashion industry.

In addition, talking particularly about India, people here are obsessed with the quality and durability of fabrics. This of course, cannot be known without touching and feeling the fabric. So, there is little substitute for the physical buying and shopping.

Being in Style

All fashion lovers will agree that there are somethings that will never go out of fashion. However, in this industry, most things are those which go out of fashion. There is a specific time for each fashion trend. Just like people don’t go shopping for sweaters and shawls in winter, people may not buy the existing fashion produced after the lockdown is open.

The returns

Rather than gaining nothing, retailers are putting the existing stocks on sale at heavy discounts. Though there are some gains, the losses are a lot more. Therefore, the returns that people are getting against fashion products are too little.

Change in Choices

There is a change in the kinds of apparels that buyers now prefer to have. Purchases in the lounge wear section have increased a lot. On contrary, those mass produced due to high demands are left in the warehouses. Since the sales have gone down and there is a lock- down, brands have reduced advertising or completely stopped it. Therefore, there is a crisis for advertisers as well.

Newer Ways of Promotion

The industry and its stakeholders are coming up with new ways to keep the consumers engages. For instance, check out The Best Of Met Gala Challenge.

In this way, stakeholders are making sure that though fashion consumption has gone down the craze of fashion remains intact.

New Accommodations

The industry to keep its existence intact is accommodating newer things. For instance, coming up with new ideas of sustainable fashion. In addition, most brands are getting in production of masks and safety essentials that are currently the need of the hour.


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Here Are 6 Trend-Setting Outfits In Movies




Outfits & costume can really add weight and charisma to a character. Directors and the studio try really hard to hit the nail regarding costumes. So, here are some trend-setting outfits from movies which everyone mimicked.


Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad


via- Daily Express

Even though ‘Suicide squad‘ did not succeed with the critic’s consensus, it had one of the most iconic outfits. Also, it won an ‘Oscar’ for ‘Best Makeup and Hairstyling’. With Harley Quinn‘s quirky and fun yet dangerous charm, naturally, people fell in love with her. Women all over the world started to cosplay as her for Halloween parties and Comic-cons.


Joker, Suicide Squad





via- Metro

Right after Margot Robbie‘s ‘Harley Quinn‘, we have Jared Leto‘s ‘Joker‘. Even though the audience wasn’t a big fan of this portrayal, they really started to like his look. Men and Women BOTH started to cosplay as this joker. But it was usually coupled cosplaying as the Joker and Harley Quinn for Halloween parties.


Neo, The Matrix


via- CinemaBlend

A revolutionary movie which changed cinema forever. The protagonist ‘Neo‘, played beautifully by Keanu Reeves, was a fan favorite. Everyone instantly wanted be as cool as ‘Neo‘. Even though they couldn’t fly or stop speeding bullets, people wanted look and feel as Neo.


Chandni, Chandni

via- India TV News

Sridevi and her exemplary style in Chandni won hearts all over the country. It was her who brought in the love for chiffon sarees and continued the same in Mr. India as well. Chandni was an epic love story of sacrifice which resonated with masses as did Sridevi’s style. After the movie, the demand for chiffon sarees was at the peak and seen around a lot.

Pooh & Pooja, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham


via- Filmygyan

Pooh’s backless or Pooja’s Sharara, take a pick! K3G, was a classic family drama movie with so many fashion tips. Pooh might just also be the most iconic one in the list. Her dressing sense and her attitude was a perfect match. Also, The traditional heavy Sarees or the Band Gala suit worn by Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan in the movie caught everyone’s eyes.


Deepa/Roopa Malik, An Evening in Paris


via- Sukanya Verma

Sharmila Tagore’s swimsuit was a huge success after her movie An ‘Evening in Paris’ where she wore a one-piece. Moreover, her Filmfare cover; the first-ever bikini shoot covered, was the talk of the town when it was released. Her bold move then had open gates for women and started a trend that still exists. This might be the most important one in the list.

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