Alia Bhatt Embraces #TheSOHFIT40DayChallenge! 




We’re already two months (and a half) into the New Year, and it’s time to track those fitness resolutions. If you’ve been snoozing your resolve of heading to the gym or packing a healthy salad for lunch, then you need to pay heed to this fitness trend that’s created an online buzz. Yes, of course, we’re talking about the #TheSOHFIT40DayChallenge!

SOHFIT was started on a very simple premise: there has to be more to getting fit than spending fruitless hours on boring workouts and impossible-to-implement diets. SOHFIT’s highly personalised and individually tailored programme are about keeping it simple and going back to the basics. At SOHFIT we strongly believe that every wellness regime has to have an X factor, at SOHFIT that X factor is having fun.

40 Days Of Exercise

The SOHFIT 40 Day Online Challenge is our way to kick-start your fitness journey and get you faster, fitter and stronger. 40 days is a great amount of time to prove to yourself that change is possible, and it might not be as hard as you think. We will achieve this through an online training and nutrition program that is realistic and manageable for the everyday person.

What’s better than taking up a fitness challenge to amp up your lifestyle and adopt practices that are good for your health. This 40-day challenge is all about commitment towards a healthy lifestyle and following some rules to help you achieve your fitness goals. Many people would be wondering why 40 days? It is because it takes that much time to make this your habit.

Some People Who Embraced #THESOHFIT40DAYCHALLENGE 


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‘All progress takes place outside your comfort zone!’ – keep working hard @kat_diaries the journey has just begun. ———————————————————————— #repost • @kat_diaries So for the ones who ask me about my fitness and the ones who have been following my fitness since the last one year…. I have just finished the 3rd sohfit challenge This challenge is about eating clean which is nothing processed, no alcohol obviously, and no sugar. And no dairy ….They give you clear guidelines on the things you can’t eat and they even help you with recipes and food partners and there are sohfit options even available on Scootsy so in all they make things so much easier for you. You are a part of a online community who is accountable about what they eat and exercise daily… this helped me as when I am accountable I realised I behave better 😉😂 It’s been a fabulous three Challenges and I keep going back as I have seen results in my body and even my mind I am definitely the fittest I have ever been physically This challenge has never been about being thin or losing weight it’s been about being fit and strong Another myth is that ppl think they aren’t fit enough to join this community…. when I started I was the least fit person and couldn’t even touch my toes. Today I can do so much more and I am constantly trying to better myself I love being part of the @sohfitofficial community and definitely will be doing the next one. If you guys need any more information you could email them on #notsponsored #sohfitbootcamps #thesohfit40daychallenge #sohfitterforlife

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All you need in life is consistency, hard work and dedication. This one has it in abundance and she showed it to us during #theSOHFIT40DayChallenge. You were an absolute pleasure to work with @houseofmisu . But this is ONLY a start. You’re going to get so much better ——————————————————————— #repost • @houseofmisu I’ve gotten so many queries on my #sohfit40daychallenge @sohfitofficial experience …. so I thought I’ll put it all down here … and No this is not sponsored . I’ve been working out for the last 10 years religiously . But how I’m feeling currently is something I’ve never experienced before . A BURST of energy and an attitude change . For me it wasn’t and isn’t about the weight loss But the feeling of being stronger , fitter more energetic . The challenge helps you and pushes you to achieve what your mind thinks you cannot do . I personally thought I would find it impossible to NOT eat sugar for 40 days and work out 6 days a week ! ( I managed 37 workouts ) A little conditioning of the mind and Sohrab and his amazing team and the community he’s built , guide you , push you and encourage you to make sure you reach your own goal . It’s a personal journey and it’s a sweet victory to kill it each everyday . Post the 40 days of clean eating and working out , I’ve just adapted to that lifestyle , not treating anything as a cheat meal but eating it from time to time . Not having that stigma of it being bad for you and feeling guilty . I genuinely feel it’s had an effect on my life . I’m feeling more motivated , with bundles of energy and an attitude change that if I put my mind to something I can and I will get it done . So if any of you are wondering whether you should do the the challenge my answer is and always be. YES 💯 % YES . Wherever you are , whatever your fitness level is , whatever your job is , whatever part of the world you live in . You can do it. #Sohfit Everything , All the time , Everytime #Fitness #shotoniphone #applewatchseries5 #sohfit

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There are some people in life who are absolute fighters, and @anjalipatelmehta is no exception. She has experienced just about every setback you can imagine and yet she has never given up or handed us excuses. Anjali’s dedication to her health and fitness has been exceptional over the past two Challenges – but we’ll let you hear it from her! ———————————————————————— “As an active working mum and a chronic spinal injury patient since 2000, with low immunity, RA and generally prone to injuries, as well as being on the road a lot for work, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to commit to the Challenge. It’s been a particularly tough health patch over the last 3 months but I wanted to join the 40 Day Challenge to see if I could manage. Being post-op and at the age of 41, I was worried to see if my metabolism would hold. Despite all the obstacles, I stayed focused on the food and managed the workouts. At the end of 40 days – 2 inches fitter and 3 kilos lighter – my clothes fit better, I feel stronger, I have continued to play sport and most importantly have stayed injury-free throughout. Coach Nonie has been a super influence on me and SOHFIT has got me into a gym for the first time in my life. Three months after major abdominal surgery, the Challenge helped me get back on track and work towards regaining some of the strength I had lost. It was incredibly challenging eating out most of the Challenge, but it wasn’t impossible and I still managed to achieve the results and get back onto a cleaner lifestyle. Hope to keep at it and continue making smarter choices because this is such a positive lifestyle at the end of the day, and I feel stronger and a lot more energetic. Hope to do the next one in a few months again! Thanks to the whole team for keeping me injury free and motivated!” #thesohfit40daychallenge #sohfit #strongertogether #pushyourself #bethebestyou

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One of those absolute CRAZIES! I think it’s safe to say she’s everyone’s favourite at the Bandra camp – she also makes sure everyone knows she’s around with all the cribbing (kidding). One of the hardest workers in the room and she’s changed so much in the last 18 months – I don’t need to say that, you can have a look at the videos. Hats off to you @anoopashetty and I know you’ll never believe me but you’ve gotten so much fitter, faster and stronger (and a lil skinnier cause that matters so much to you!). Here’s what she thinks – atleast she isn’t cribbing for once: ———————————————————————— “I have been a Bandra boot camper for 18 months now. Sohrab would always stress on how fitness and nutrition went together, however, I never paid any attention to the latter which resulted in my weight & fitness levels staying the same. I completed the 21 day challenge and later enrolled in the 40 day challenge as I wanted to push my body to its limit! These last 6 weeks have been intense and challenging. There have been times when I wanted to just give up. But this amazing Sohfit community that is now like family kept me going and I didn’t want to disappoint them! Along the way I learnt that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! I absolutely enjoyed eating clean and that directly impacted my fitness levels. I run faster, I lift heavier and as strange as it may sound I love being accountable for what I eat! I have managed to break a lot of my unhealthy eating habits and have switch to healthier alternatives! I am a better version of myself today thanks to Team Sohfit! Their constant guidance and motivation has helped me achieve my 2020 fitness goals!” ——————————————————————— #sohfit #thesohfit40daychallenge #bethebestyou #strongnotskinny #fitfam #girlswholift #fitterfasterstronger

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Alia Bhatt Joining The Clan

The pretty damsel Alia Bhatt has a charming smile that can fix anything within seconds. She is one of the finest actresses in the entertainment industry adored for beauty and fitness both. It is known to one and all that Alia lost a whopping amount of weight before her acting debut. It is only possible with determination and hard work. Now that she has that envious figure, she works hard to maintain her fitness. Alia is a youth icon and she encourages the youth to take interest in fitness.

Watch her fitness video here.



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From Mouni Roy to Katrina Kaif, Stars Who Shared Their Hot Bikini Looks



Bikini Looks

COVID-19 took away our travel privileges. We have literally missed travelling more than anything else! Who doesn’t want to seek refuge in the breathtaking mountains or tranquil beaches? Since travelling resumed in several places, our celebrities hopped on the first plane to enjoy and work. However, there are a few of them who just stayed home and shared throwback pictures of them vacaying. From Mouni Roy to Katrina Kaif,  here are a few stars who shared their hot bikini looks on their Instagram handles. These bikini looks will take your breath away!

Mouni Roy

Mouni Roy is soaking the sun in Maldives. She is in Maldives for a photoshoot. Mouni shared a picture featuring her in a “cozy nook” at a luxury resort. Donning a bright yellow bikini, Mouni accessorised her look with a pair of black sunglasses as she struck a sultry pose in the backdrop of the huge ocean landscape.

Ileana D’cruz

Ileana D’Cruz took to her Instagram handle reminiscing her travel days. She captioned,

Tb to when pool days and getting gloriously toasted in the sun was no big deal
#goodtimes #normalcy#fingerscrossed

Moreover, she wore an orange-black bikini making her fans weak in the knees.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline owns a great sense of style and never fails to impress us. Her sultry black bikini amazed us!

Tara Sutaria

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Afternoons 🌴🐚✨🌸🌊☀️

A post shared by TARA💫 (@tarasutaria) on

Tara Sutaria wore a brown polka dot bikini posing on the beach. She looked ravishing!

Anushka Sharma

Mommy-To-Be Anushka Sharma showed-off her baby bump in a black bikini. The pregnancy glow on her face was quite apparent. She is leaving no stone unturned to give Kareena Kapoor a competition.

Sara Ali Khan

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Gulab in Gulabi on Gulabo 👄🌷🐙🦩

A post shared by Sara Ali Khan (@saraalikhan95) on

Sara Ali Khan celebrated her 25th birthday in Goa with brother Ibrahim Ali Khan and mom Amrita Singh. Sara is beach baby which quite apparent from pictures on her Instagram handle. She is frequently seen dipping in the pool or posing on water balloons.

Sophie Choudhry

Sophie Choudry is known for her sultry looks. She wrote a lengthy captioning remembering her travel days. She said,

“To travel is to live…” ✈️
On world tourism day as I go through my photo gallery it’s hard not to smile and shed a tear as all the memories come alive. For someone who is on a flight at least once a week, this year has been so challenging. But I try to stay positive by believing that I will get back my travelling joy, that I will see my fave cities again & that I will make new memories in countries I haven’t been to before. Til then from #Maldives to #Monaco, #Paris to #Saigon, #StMoritzto #Salzburg & #London to #Agra and more , grateful for the beautiful sights I have seen. Here’s just a few of my faves❤️ #worldtourismday#wanderlust #sophiechoudry#sophstylin

Katrina Kaif

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🌊 💙

A post shared by Katrina Kaif (@katrinakaif) on

Beach baby, Katrina Kaif loves to be around water. She looked super hot in a white bikini, the actress flaunted her curves in the mesh swimsuit.

Amyra Dastur


A little sun, wind in my hair and a good dose of vitamin sea. #2020

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan also shared her throwback picture vacaying at a beach. We all know that she is a travel junkie and of course, she misses every bit of it. She has teased her fans several times by sharing her super hot bikini looks!

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Accessories For Men To Complete The Formal Look




Less is more. Is this true with male jewellery? How do you know which ones to wear? How many should you wear? Jewellery and accessories can provide subtle touches that tie an outfit together in a great way.

From your rings to your cufflinks, to your watch, jewellery can amp your style as long as you wear them right. There are many different forms of jewellery, but that doesn’t mean you have to use ALL of them. Knowing how and when to wear jewellery can be the difference between a confident look and a loud look, the latter being the one in which most men should try to avoid. Developing a sense of how to wear jewellery and accessories is essential, but first, we’ll look at the different types of accessories and jewellery, and describe their functions.



Watches for Men

via- Iprice Malysia

The watch’s most basic function is to tell time, but when dressing formally, it can do much more than that. A watch can subtly complement an outfit and add class to a man’s appearance. The best watches for formal attires are simpler watches. Not watches with a million designs or hands or numbers. 12 numbers, 3 hands, and a nice plain face will nicely complement an already nice outfit.



Accessories For Men: How to Wear It

via- The Art of Manliness

Rings are interesting pieces because they usually represent something significant. You can agree that it makes our Godfather, Al Pacimo, look more classy.

Men usually don’t go out to a store and buy a ring for themselves, but instead, they’ll receive a ring as a special gift or from a special event. Class rings, wedding rings, and championship rings from sports teams are all significant pieces that should be worn with pride in a situation where formal clothes are called for.



Accessories for men

via- Sheeba Magazine

When wearing French Cuffs on a dress shirt, cufflinks aren’t just an accessory, but a necessity as well.

A French-cuffed shirt is usually called for during formal times, so being able to wear cuffs for such occasions is a bonus.

There are plenty of designs and colors available when it comes to cuffs, and most will work as long as they don’t call attention to themselves.


Tie Clips

Accessories for men


The main function of a tie clip is to keep a man’s tie from being blown over his shoulder by the wind when he’s outside.

Aside from their ability to keep a man’s look together when he’s on-the-go, tie clips add a classy look to a well put together an outfit, and also tend to add a very business-like look to the working man at the office.

The most acceptable colors for a tie clip are usually gold or silver (and silver goes perfectly with a classic black suit, white shirt and black tie) but other colors are acceptable as long as they compliment the rest of the outfit.



Accessories for men

via- Pinterest

When a hat is worn today, it almost seems as if it’s a salute to the style of past generations where men would always wear hats if they left the house. Although the hat may have lost its appeal over time, it hasn’t necessarily lost its style.

A good hat can add flavor to an outfit, and it can also have many practical uses, such as keeping the sun out of your eyes, keeping your hair neat on a windy day, and keeping your head dry on a rainy day. You can’t deny, Indy’s hat had its own personality.


A Good Cologne

Perfumes For Men

via- Mensopedia

When you’re wearing a suit, you cannot wear a fresh, sporty fragrance. You need something intense. With notes like Vanilla, Leather, Wood, Spice, oud & Tobacco to be your priority. That’s what your perfume needs to have to be in sync with your outfit.



The single most important part of any accessories or pieces of jewellery is to make sure that they complement an outfit, not distract from it or override it. The most important part of a formal outfit is the suit, and everything else – the tie, the belt, the shoes, the pocket square – everything, is designed to complement the suit.

Thanks for reading

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A Brief History Of The Iconic Anarkali Dress




anarkali dress

The history of Anarkali suits and its existence takes back somewhere to the Mughal era. Dressing then and now has a vast difference. But we still do have that essence of Mughal dressing reflected in our dressing and styles of Anarkali Salwar Suits. Today’s demand of Anarkali designer suits is high. It is not only a traditional outfit but has become an essential or staple for casual wear too. This brought a rise in the fashion of Indian traditional wear as an evergreen fashion trend in salwar kameez types.

The Kinds of Anarkali Styles

   1. The Empire Line Anarkali Dress

Via My Glitz

This one has a basic yoke length just ending under the bust-line from there the kalis start getting flared as they go downwards till the hemline for the whole circumference hem. This can be in any kind, a different fabric is used normally for the yoke. This looks great if you need to create more emphasis on your bust-line this is good even to hide those round stomachs.

2. Mid-waist Yoke Anarkali 

Anarkali dress


These are the yokes which length on the mid-waist and flare-up in kalis from beneath the mid waist section till the hemline (Check out the Anarkali Salwar Suits Types). These have a good trend for which they suit all body types. This gives a firm neutral look with someone who has a heavier bottom.

3. Lower Waistline Anarkali 

Via Pinterest

These lower waistline yokes on an Anarkali salwar suit would be like corsets and flare from the waist, this is a party style. These can be found in designs where there are a net base and cutwork to look. This is for someone slim and petite, it holds a proper fitting shape from up till your lower waist. The traditional handcraft embroideries and embellishments to the typical pattern cuts of Anarkali salwar suits has been in fashion from an earlier era which has been revived every season still keeping its charming spirit to influence fashion of India.

4. Angrakha Pattern Anarkali 

The pattern was quite famous in royal wear, those asymmetric pattern yoke and panels attached making it look like a wrap-around was then revived as per the current fashion. They have a loose fit from the yoke, which ends beneath the bust line or maybe mid-waist so it is more comfy and perfect for a fuller stomach and heavier bottom. Semi-formal to formal occasions this looks very sophisticated and rich embroideries and fabrics will give it a complete heavy royal look.

5. Broad Border Anarkali Dress

Via Pinterest

A style that looks very classy and elegant. The use of heavy borders or panel work on hemline in a mixture of many other borders and panels gives this a very heavy rich look. Was very famous then and equally adored now as well.

6. Overcoat Anarkali 

The trend of wearing a body-hugging coat in a deep neck cut on top of the kameez existed for a very long time. Here the style of ethnic wear in Anarkali salwar kameez was spread during the Mughals. It’s easier to add fashion to attire by adding this overcoat waistcoat style.

7. Short Above knee-length Anarkali Dress

Via Pinterest

These flew in a fashion not very sooner but had a good stand as a trend. It is not much flared or flared up with empire line yoke to straight panels on kameez. This looks surprisingly very fashionable with dhoti salwar, Patiala and other kinds of Indo western bottoms. Love how Payal Singhal as spread the trend of short Anarkali and dhoti patialas.

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