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A Glance At Marvel’s Anticipated Phase Four



With the release of Spider-man: Far From Home, marvel studios has finally wrapped up the hugely successful and record-breaking Phase 3. But this also means a whole another beginning. One filled with not only movies but also tv-shows that will prove to be just as important as the films. There’s a lot that Marvel Studios has planned out for the upcoming two years. And we fans couldn’t be more ecstatic with the news.

1. Black Widow

The much-awaited black widow movie will hit the theatres in 2020. This will be the first movie in Phase Four and it’ll be set right after the events of Captain America: Civil War. With actors like Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour and Rachel Weiss to name a few, this movie is sure to treat the fans just right!

2. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

This is the first tv show that’ll release on Disney plus i.e Disney’s new upcoming streaming service. It will follow the adventures of Sam Wilson as ‘The Falcon’ and Bucky Barnes as ‘The Winter Soldier’. Unlike previous marvel tv shows, these shows will have an equally important part to play in future marvel movies and phases. Oh, we will also have Zemo, the much-debated over villain of civil war and agent 13 i.e Sharon Carter coming back in the show.

3. Eternals

This where marvel starts playing with new ground and introducing sparkling new characters in a way that only Marvel can. The Eternals boasts of a supremely talented cast with the likes of Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie.

4. Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings

Set to release in the year 2021, this MCU movie will give us our first Asian superhero. Moreover,  the real ‘Mandarin’ who was mentioned in Iron Man 3 will be the main villain in this movie.

5. Wanda-Vision

phase four

As the name suggests, this tv show will follow our protagonists Wanda and Vision. If that’s not exciting enough, Monica Rambeau will be joining the show all grown up. The events of this show will lead into the next instalment i.e Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

6. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

The movie will be marvel’s first foray into the horror genre. It will starr Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda as they navigate the waters of the rumoured multiverse.

7. Loki

phase four

Perhaps one of the most beloved characters in the MCU, Loki is all set to have his own tv show.*Spoiler Alert For Endgame* It will follow the adventures of Loki and what he did after he stole the tesseract in the alternate timeline.

8. What If…?

phase four

This will be an animated show with different actors within the MCU voicing their own characters. What’s unique about this show is the fact that it presents us with what-if situations to key events in the MCU. For instance, the first episode of ‘What If?’ will revolve around what if Peggy Carter had taken the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers.

9. Hawkeye

This show will explore Hawkeye’s time as Ronin which we were given a snippet of in Endgame and will also introduce Kate Bishop who in the comics is mentored by Hawkeye and she takes up the name Hawkeye as well.

10. Thor: Love and Thunder

phase four

The final film of MCU’s Phase Four, this movie will not only give us Thor and Valkyrie but will also bring back Jane Foster. And not just as anyone but Jane Foster will also take up the name of Thor and lift Mjolnir. Also Valkyrie will be our first lgbtq+ superhero in the MCU.


Just a note, if you don’t seen any of your anticipated sequels it’s most likely that they will be slotted in Phase Five. Moreover, Kevin Feige even hinted at Fantastic Four and X-Men being in the works and a confirmed Blade movie.

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Janhvi Kapoor Sizzles In Red Saree For Umang 2020





Umang 2020 is here and all the celebrities have come together yet again in beautiful attires and joyful expressions. One of which is our beautiful debutant actress Janhvi Kapoor. The very talented Bollywood fashion stylist Mohit Rai and the topmost fashion designer of the industry Manish Malhotra made the shining star look no less than a diva in a red saree.

Have a look at Janhvi Kapoor’s look:

View this post on Instagram

Saree dreams coming true 🌹 #sarinotsorry

A post shared by Janhvi Kapoor (@janhvikapoor) on

Janhvi’s makeup is done by Tanvi Chemburkar and hair by Hiral Bhatia. The soft curls and minimum makeup look makes her stand out even more, making the look very elegant and pretty. We even love the fact of how the saree is so simple yet so glamorous, don’t you all agree with us?

While Janhvi captioned her posts saying, “Saree dreams coming true 🌹 #sarinotsorry” on the other hand, her stylist Mohit Rai captioned the posts saying Red like the passion we feel for good fashion! @janhvikapoor red hot and burning it up in @manishmalhotra05 @mmalhotraworldfor #Umang2020.

Well, certainly she is portraying this red in such a passionate way that it feels like the fire of fashion. There are also some really pretty pictures of the actress with other glamorous Bollywood stars on the red carpet. Let us also have a look at that and sneak peek into Umang 2020.

We cannot wait for the show to air as just like every year, once again the Hindi film industry has decided to entertain and reward the police with their annual festival called ‘Umang.’ The annual charity show, organized by the Mumbai Police for the police force and their families. The year 2020, marks the 5th edition of the grand event.

Many other actresses such as Katrina Kaif, Madhuri Dixit, Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan were also seen flaunting their designer sarees with beautiful makeup and pretty hair. We hope the Bollywood industry keeps on participating in such events and charities in the coming time to time.

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Eminem Releases Surprise Album, ‘Music To Be Murdered By’



Fan of the Rap-God? Here’s a little surprise for you. Without warning, Eminem surprise-released his 11th album on midnight Thursday. Ending weeks of rumors and speculation on when the rapper would unveil the follow-up to 2018’s Kamikaze.

As he was leading relatively quiet life. Most of his fans suspected that there is a great possibility that a new album is being created. Moreover, he did shock the world with his latest release! While some may not be too impressed by the content, others have been blown away by the sheer speed of his lyrics in one of his new tunes.


The album’s title and cover art allude to the 1958 Jeff Alexander album, Alfred Hitchcock Presents Music to Be Murdered By. Eminem tweeted an image of the album cover featuring Hitchcock holding an ax and a gun to his head. Stating the album cover was “inspired by the master, Uncle Alfred!”


It also uses portions of Hitchcock’s spoken-word contributions to the ’58 album, in interludes titled “Alfred.” The album ends just as Hitchcock’s did: with the filmmaker saying, “If you haven’t been murdered, I can only say better luck next time. If you have been, goodnight, wherever you are.”

Listen to the album here-

Though the new album has received many critics. It is mostly because of the same use of lyrics creating issues and speculating other singers as well as critical situation. But, only one day after the release and with no promo whatsoever. All the tracks off Eminem’s new studio album entered the Top 100 chart of Apple Music in the US. The 20-song album also features many guest appearances such as, Ed Sheeran, Black Thought, Q-Tip, Royce Da 5’9″, Anderson .Paak, Young M.A., and Juice WRLD.

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What A Man Gotta Do Is Out!



what a man gotta do

The trending song, “What a Man Gotta Do” is out! So before we move any further ahead why not stop and pay it a visit. So here we have provided you with the link to it, enjoy and later on as you finish it, read this post for every detail you missed.


Now as you have already seen the video, it is time for us to reveal many of the hidden secrets of the clip.  This song finally came out this 16th January 2020, after the teaser went viral within a week. The clip is inspired by the classics of 1970s and ’80s namely the “Grease“, “Say anything” and “Risky Business“. The whole Jonas Family, the Jonas Brothers and their wives, are seen together in the same clip after “Sucker”.


Nickyanka does it the “Risky” way

As the song starts, we see Nick entering the video in front of his wife, Priyanka, without wearing trousers. This is a clear scene of Risky Business. Just similar to Tom, we see Nick also lip-syncs the song. Priyanka was also seen following the same move as his.

risky business

nick what a man gotta do

Later we see Nick dance in front of the fireplace something which is similar to the way Joel, the role played by Tom, does.

what a man gotta do


The Duo Joe and Sophie recreated Grease

Later Joe and Sophie are seen dancing, recreating the scene of the Grease’s dance competition. Almost everything had the same setup and even Sophie had an old vintage pony, just like Olivia.

what a man gotta do

Also, the three brothers, are seen singing the song which is something which happened in “Grease” as well. In the classic, this role was played by the gamblers and Johnny Casino.

what a man gotta do


1977 — Sha Na Na Performing in Grease — Image by © Alan Pappe/Corbis

This was all about the post for “What a Man Gotta Do” of the Jonas Brothers. For similar posts related to Jonas Brothers these, click here.

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