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8 Yummy Tea Time Snacks For Lazy Evenings




Tea-time is the best time of the day for a few people. It’s like a ritual for most people, the time when they unwind, be it in the middle of the day or the end. It is the time when they relax, spend some alone time by themselves or in the company of their loved ones. And to perfectly complete your tea-time scene, with cups of hot or cold beverages, the scrumptious snack is also needed. Depending on your choice of food you can choose to have snacks which are deep-fried, baked, light, heavy or fresh from the jar for your ideal tea time. To help you more with this we have compiled a list of 8 snack items that are easy to make for the lazy days.


1. BhelPuri

BhelPuri is undoubtedly the most common chaat and also the one that is the easiest to make. It is amazing how few ingredients, when mixed together, can create a delicious dish. The chutneys that are made for making BhelPuri are the game-changers. Hence, your chutneys must be perfectly prepared. Mixing puffed rice with vegetables like onion, potato, cucumber, and tomato makes it’s healthier. Don’t forget to garnish it with coriander leaves, papadi, and Bhelsev.


2. Cutlets

Cutlet is basically a stuffing of vegetables dipped in cornstarch mixture and bread crumbs, is fried and tastes best when hot and served with chutney. The vegetarians can use mash potatoes, onions, spices and chillies together and cook it. It’s almost like an AlooTikki and a great snack with hot tea. The non-vegetarians can make it with meat and the vegetables of their choice. According to your preference you can bake, deep fry or shallow fry your cutlet.

3. Banana Fritters 

Via Delicious

Banana fritters is a snack where ripe bananas are sliced and dipped in a batter made of flour before deep frying it. It is fried till a crispy coating is received with softly cooked banana inside. The riper your bananas are, the tastier the snack would be. It can be garnished with black pepper or garam masala. It is best served when it’s warm with hot tea as it becomes chewy and soft, if left for long. Make your evenings sweeter with this easy banana snack.


4. Bread Bhajji

Bread Bhajji is one of the most delicious recipes that is served in India with hot tea. It is easy to make, can be made spicy and is served with Ketchup. Bhajji requires bread mixed with simple ingredients and is fried. It hardly takes 10 minutes and can also be served when unexpected guests arrive at home. Garnishing with black pepper and garam masala makes it tastier. The same dish, when made with potato instead of bread, would become potato bhaji. So, do try your hands on both these dishes.


5. Cheese Balls

Fried Macaroni Cheese Bites are one of the favourite recipes so make way for these little balls of heaven. For a quick appetizer, these golden-brown fried morsels are a hit. With a crispy outer layer and soft macaroni inside, it tickles all interest levels. Nothing beats this Snack recipe. additionally, you could serve it as Breakfast as well. Overall it is the perfect chai time partner you will ever need.


6. Aloo Tikki



Aloo Tikki is undoubtedly one of the most favourites on this list. In north India, Aloo Tikki is usually served with chole (spicy chickpea curry), garnished with onions, sweet tamarind-jaggery chutney and hot green chutney made from green chillies and coriander leaves. the Aloo Tikki of north India is usually stuffed with a spiced filling of peas and paneer or chana dal.


7. Kachori


Kachoris is a popular food, moong kachori is the favourite type of people. A deep-fried snack, the Kachori can be served with chutneys, pickles or sauces. Certainly, kachori is a famous dish that you can easily make at home for your loved ones. Usually, it is prepared with a filling of dal, sev and curds. It can be enjoyed with chutney of your choice or with spicy potato curry. You can try this easy recipe for parties and get-togethers, and everyone will love it for sure. Try this simple snack and enjoy!


8. Dahi Paapdi Chaat

A popular street food (chaat) that has its origins in North India, this chat is a tasty and quick snack to make. Certainly, the best part about chaat snacks is that in one bite you get to taste so many different flavours. In this delicious chaat recipe, you will get to taste the sweetness of curd, soft melt-in-the-mouth potatoes, crispiness of papdi and the Indian spices that add their own zing and spiciness to the dish. Moreover, this delicious chaat is best enjoyed in festivals like Holi and Diwali. Try making this easy recipe and impress your loved ones.


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Must-Watch Series On The Bon Appétit YouTube Channel




Do you enjoy watching cooking series? If that is your thing, you are definitely going to love the hit content that’s on the Bon Appétit YouTube channel. Their kitchen comprises of various chefs of different expertise and personalities. They all come together to create dishes, experiment with new ingredients, etc. in front of the camera. What strikes a chord with their millions of subscribers is the way all the chef’s help each other out, joke around, and mess up too. But in the end, they come out with delightfully plated results they are proud of. So, let’s take a look at the series you have got to watch!

Gourmet Makes Series

As the name suggests, the show has Claire Saffitz recreate popular candies, fast food, etc. right from scratch and make them gourmet. Claire has to get the taste, presentation, and structure of the reference right! The research, time, and effort she puts into perfecting her work is awe-inspiring! This series is all about patience and ingenuity – as Claire takes on one challenge after another. Moreover, it is heartwarming to see her colleagues drop by for taste testing, giving her new ideas, etc.

Back-to-Back Chef Series

Your favorite celebrity singer or actor has probably made an appearance on this show! Carla has her guests stand back to back with her, as she guides them through a recipe. They both make it simultaneously and then turn around to reveal each others’ creations. It is hilarious to see her guests struggle to keep up or panic over burnt eggs. But Carla is always ready to help them out and offer encouragement. Troye Sivan, Elizabeth Olsen, and Natalie Portman have all been here.

It’s Alive! With Brad

This one is all about fermentation. The camera follows Brad as he ferments all kinds of different foods and ingredients. One unique factor of the show is its editing. It is absolutely hilarious and goofy. It captures Brad’s charming and eccentric personality all too well.

Reverse Engineering

Chris is known for his expert sense of taste in the kitchen. So here, he is presented with different dishes that he can only smell, taste, and touch with a blindfold on. Then he has to recreate them all on his own.

Molly Tries

Have you heard of ostrich eggs? Well, Molly Baz has cooked them in multiple ways too. This show takes the professional chef on exciting adventures in and out of the kitchen. The way she is open to learning and exploring her skills is remarkable.

From the Test Kitchen

Brad, Claire, Molly, Carla, Chris, Rick, Priya, Christina, Andy, and Amiel take on various recipes in these videos. We gain insight into how they make such delicious food with all tips and years of experience.

So be it Andy passing sly comments in between shots or Priya calling up her parents to show off her dishes, the show is very endearing too. Learn how to make Saag Feta, Meatball Subs, molten caramel cake, and more.

Making Perfect

Last but certainly not least, we have Making Perfect. The whole crew comes together to create the perfect Thanksgiving meal, etc. You get to see how they all coordinate and cooperate with each other through the trial and errors of cooking. This comprehensive series has had two successful seasons until now.

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Quick Dishes To Prepare In Your Hostel Rooms!





If there is one thing that unites hostelers all over the globe, it will be the low-quality food served in their mess. Sad mess food and survival on instant noodles is a tale as old as time in every hosteler’s life. Finding paneer in matar paneer gravy and salt in dal is one adventure in the everyday life of people in hostels. It is almost impossible to reminisce about hostel life without mentioning the sufferings before every meal and comparing your food miseries with others. Most hostelers simply resort to instant noodles or order-in from restaurants and cafes. Not only does this lead to excessive expenditure but can also lead to serious health issues. It is found that most people gain weight during their hostel lives. So, what if instead of cutting a sorry figure over the food quality and eating expensive, junk food as the last resort, you could make some easy, healthy and quick that too in your hostel rooms? Isn’t it a dream come true for all the hostelers to be able to eat good food that is easy to make, cheap and quick? Keeping all this in mind we have curated a list of easy dishes that you make at the comfort of your time and space. These dishes can be made with easily available ingredients, promise less time and commitment and can be made even by a novice cook. So, next time when the sudden hunger pangs kick, and you miss the dinner time, do not worry. You do not need to rely on the mess food anymore, just prepare these simple dishes and enjoy your hostel life in the truest sense.

Paneer Chilli Sandwich


Spicy Chilli Corn

Nutella Banana Sandwich

Mint Chutney Sandwich

Farali Chaat

Mug Cake

Omelette in a Mug

Microwave Potato Chips

Masala Corn

While the mess food is always a love hate relation, try these recipes to satisfy the hunger!

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Places That Serve The Best Hot Chocolate




Warm clothes, a fireplace, Christmas lights and a cup of hot chocolate. This all that one needs right now. The city is getting colder by the day and a cup of hot chocolate would be perfect. Hot Chocolate is usually made of milk, sugar and cocoa powder. One can also make additions of heavy cream, dark/milk chocolate or even marshmallows.

Here is a list of places where you can find an excellent cup of this magic drink.

1. Cravity

The Hot Chocolate at Cravity is perfect for people who prefer it extremely thick and indulgent. Neither watery nor underwhelming, it is just right. However, it does feel slightly heavy but it is worth every calorie.

Location: Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Hot Chocolate

Credits- Shivangi Reviews

2. Baked Love By Vatsala

This small bakery is located in Green Park and hides in the Ashirwad complex. They have a small seating area and you should not miss their sinful Hot Chocolate. Freshly made (almost in front of you), thick consistency and use of good quality dark chocolate, make it a must-try.

Location: Aashirwad Complex, Green Park, New Delhi

hot chocolate

Credits- LBB

3. Chocolateria San Churro

This one in Gk 2 market is popular for its churros served with pots of melted chocolate. But now is the time to visit them for their classic Hot Chocolate in the milk chocolate flavor. They offer a variety of twists for people who like to experiment. You can also try the mint flavor.

Location: Gk 2, New Delhi

hot chocolate



4. Elma’s

This one is not alien to any of us. And with a slice of their popular Red Velvet perfectly goes the Hot Chocolate topped with marshmallows. Their marshmallows are made in-house which makes it a must-have.

Location: Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Credits- Dineout

5. The Mad Teapot

Popularly known as wishing chair, this beautiful and dainty cafe serves some amazing dishes. Also, their cupcakes are one thing that one should not miss. What a lot of people do not know is that they serve a warm cup of Hot Chocolate. And this drink has a hint of nutmeg, cinnamon and thick chocolate like consistency.

Location: Shahpurjat, New Delhi

Credits- Rohit Dassani

6. Café Dori

This newly opened café in Chattarpur got popular even before it opened its door. The founder of Nappa Dori has introduced this warehouse café for his love for coffee where one can buy the products too. This is a great place to sip on their hot chocolate which is made from the best quality chocolates topped with marshmallows and cocoa.

Location: Chattarpur

Credits- Nappa Dori

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