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8 Best One-Day Trip Places From Delhi To Tune Into!



Looking out for best go-to road trip places adjacent to Delhi? Well, then you’ve surely landed yourself to the perfect place. No wonder, a single-day trip with your gang becomes so important when you have a long weekend and have nothing else to do! All you then need is a bunch of your goofy friends in a car of your own or probably one on rent and then off you go, exploring the places in and around the National Capital, rather making your upcoming week completely rejuvenated!

Here’s to a quick sneak peek into the most anticipated list of places nearby Delhi for a one-day trip~

1. Neemrana, Rajasthan

Credits: Agoda

Situated 122 km from Delhi on Delhi-Jaipur highway, Neemrana fort is a stupendous resort near Delhi and is actually a 15th-century heritage hotel, lest making you walk right into the History of those times. The palace has 7 wings built over 12 layers tiered into a hill and thus is one of the most unique one-day trips from Delhi. Well, what you’ll find eye-catching and sporting here are- hanging gardens, swimming pools, an ayurvedic spa and also India’s first zip line.

2. Manesar, Gurugram


One of the fastest-growing industrial towns in India, Manesar has also emerged as a voguish weekend and one day trip from Delhi, mainly due to the presence of the Manesar Heritage Hotel and Spa, which attracts a hell lot of tourists. The typical, traditional Rajasthani architecture never fails to make the viewers fall head over heal in love with the same.

3. Nuh, Haryana

Credits: Maps of India

Nuh is a small city which flaunts some important historical monuments and ruins. A one day trip from Delhi to Nuh will indeed be an experience worth cherishing, especially for the history buffs. The shaking minarets are something specific to Nuh. Other monuments and places worth mentioning in Nuh are the Chui Mai Pond or Tank, the town of Sheikh Musa, Kotla and a few religious sites.

4. Kuchesar, Delhi

Credits: Kuchesar Mud Fort

Kuchesar is a heritage village located in the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh. The following is famous for the mud fort built by the Jat rulers here. This 18th-century mud fort is surrounded by 200 acres of greenery and is built to protect the Jats from British attacks. Moreover, 25 km from Kuchesar is a place called Brijghat, it’s a beautiful picnic spot by the river Ganges set in midst of mango orchards.

5. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Credits: National Geographic

It takes about 3 hours to reach Agra from Delhi, and another 5-6 hours for a fascinating one day trip. Agra is home to one of the wonders of the world, Taj Mahal and many other magnificent structures including Agra Fort and other Mughal structures.

6. Murthal, Gurugram

Credits: SinghStation

Murthal has lately become one-of-the student hotshots and the most awaited one-day road trip from Delhi, courtesy the mouth-watering, buttery paranthas which are rather heavenly. The roadside dhabas here serve some of the best food on earth! Not to mention, the place remains active even at 3 in the morning!

7. Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

Credits: Goibibo

Vrindavan is a holy destination related to Lord Krishna. It is full of temples dedicated to Lord Krishna, and other mythological structures including Iskon temple, Mirabai temple, Gokulnanda temple, Radha Raman temple and Vrindavan Dham. Well, Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna is right next to Vrindavan, and you’d surely not want to leave without visiting the same.

8. Noor Mahal, Karnal


A luxury 5-star hotel situated in Karnal, the Noor Mahal is for those of you who want a pompous trip, rather glamorous. With its imposing architecture which is a blend of Rajasthani and Mughal styles and the ultra-modern facilities like a swimming pool and tennis court, it’s definitely a place worth splurging for a day trip.

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Flygskam: The Guilt That Comes With Air Travel




In Sweden, flygskam is the new buzzword. A new wave of environmental consciousness is taking over in this European country, and spreading to others as well. Literally, flygskam translates to “flying shame”. Through this, activists and the general public alike are aiming to reduce the number of flights in the sky. Greta Thunberg, the awe-inspiring student activist, has also spoken up about it.

Why are people feeling flygskam?

Via The International Council for Clean Transportation

In USA, it is not the occasional flyers who are causing these massive carbon footprints in the sky. It is the elite few, those who fly over eight round trips in a year. Around the world, the annual flyers are increasing too. Household incomes in developing economies are increasing, leading to higher chances of them boarding a plane instead of a train. At this rate, things will get way worse faster. Because as flyers and routes increase, then this industry will most likely take over the carbon footprint left by cars, etc.

Air travel is disastrous for our climate


The effects of high flying rates have been far and wide. Our atmosphere is not built to accommodate such an amount of fuel emissions in the sky. Apart from that, a huge number of birds are also put at risk every time a plane takes off.

The solution to flygskam is tagskryt

By Susanne Walstrom

Tagskryt is another term that evolved as the shame regarding air travel grew. It literally translates to “train brag”. As you can guess, it is about shifting to trains. Swedish celebrities and others alike are posting about it online too. With #tagskryt, you can see many online pages trying time combat climate change one less flight at a time.

How are airlines responding?


Airline operators and companies are actually responding well to this movement. Flybe is cutting the routes where train travel is more feasible and eco-friendly. Moreover, it has promised to look at new routes and go through them only if air travel is the best option for everyone involved.

We hope this trend catches up soon in India as well. Doing our bit to save the environment is very necessary!

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10 Songs From Early 2000s That Deserve To Be On Your Travel Playlist!




A road trip deserves some quirky, exciting, music that goes right through the bones and motivates you all along. Therefore, a travel playlist becomes an indispensable part of a road trip. Not to mention that major part of storytelling and bonding happens over trips like these, much more when there’s a stupendous song on roll in the backdrop. The backseat singalongs and nomadic anthems are very much a part of the same but then a fiery playlist makes your trip shorter and worthy and memorable enough.

Let’s just take an insight into the list right from the early 2000s that makes you go all psyched with inquisition.

Britney Spears, “Toxic”, “Oops, I Did It Again”

The fashion quotient that marks the era is all over in this video. Bare midriffs in baby tees, spray tans and baggy sweats; the fashion, the music, all impart the same vibe. The songs are most likely to sail you through the entire road trip with an ardent fervour and zest!

Gwen Stefani, “Hollaback Girl”

“Uh huh this my sh**. All the girls stomp your feet like this”, we all know the lyrics to this one. And there goes your road trip in full motion and an extent of enthusiasm that’s immeasurable.

Lil Wayne, “Lollipop”, “A Milli”

‘Lollipop’ is the song you can bump an entire decade later, and even after those yet to pass. It’s a golden.

In the 2007 hit, ‘A Milli’, Weezy likened himself to “Nigerian hair” and “a venereal disease” – the guy was hip hop’s trailblazing.

Snoop Dogg, “Drop It Like It’s Hot”

Drop It’ earned a place just inside the top 50 songs of the entire decade according to Billboard’s computations. It stands proud at the 48th position.

Amy Winehouse, “Back To Black”, “Rehab”

The song calm you, soothes your insides for the entire course of the journey. The song also gives you a perfect hopeful background, merges well with the serendipity of the scenic beauty thus.

The singer’s self-penned single, an autobiographical look at her own refusal, ‘Rehab‘ is also worth a million listens. The booming popularity of the song makes it worth a listen even today!

P!nk, “Get The Party Started”

The P!nk breakthrough doesn’t keep you much away from proper party feels.

Justin Timberlake, “Sexy Back”

The song is raunchy, groovy and involves all of you through the entire course of it!

Soulja Boy, “Crank That”

2pac, “California Love”

Convince enough for a stupendous travel playlist. Well, we only expect a “Yes”!!

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Travelling Alone Does Not Make You Sad or Lonely





Travelling is not something you are good at. It’s something you do. Like Breathing. Gayle Foreman

Travelling is often the most anticipated activity by humans. But why do we cling to outdated stereotypes when it comes to the solo female traveller? The female solo traveller has been characterized and stereotyped through film and literature for centuries now. If she is travelling alone, she must be a loner (a loser, even), or looking for love and/or self-hood, or the most propagated archetype of them all—heartbroken. Perhaps nothing in recent pop culture has promoted these stereotypes more than Elizabeth Gilbert’s monstrously successful Eat, Pray, Love.



But what if a woman is travelling solo for none of those reasons? What if she is simply indulging in her curiosity for other cultures and looking for enrichment? Gasp! In this day and age, she’s probably even married or in a relationship and just wants to get out and explore on her own. Solo travel is on the rise more than ever, according to the 2015 Visa Global Travel Intentions Study, and roughly 24 per cent of people travelled alone in their most recent overseas vacation (that’s 15 per cent more than in 2013).

Solo travelling is life-altering, educational and enriching, and wildly freeing. Oftentimes, it’s scary, and sometimes even dangerous, but you can think of a few things in life that can offer such a transformative and rewarding experience.

Let’s start with your fears. Travel, solo or in a group, is loaded with uncertainties from the minute you leave your house. Some are more grave concerns—disaster could strike or you could get sick or injured. And, there are more trivial issues: language barriers, getting lost in a place you don’t know, eating foreign foods, understanding social do’s and don’ts in a new place and even flying. All very valid concerns that feel amplified when travelling solo. But perhaps that’s why it’s so much more rewarding when you succeed at tackling all of this by yourself. You’re forced to test yourself and confront your fears.

Every solo dinner or meal since, especially in a foreign place, will make you little more at ease. You find yourself letting the walls down, allowing self to be open to every part of the experience: give the food a try, allow yourself to really get lost, put your cell phone away, take in everything around you or read a book, and enjoy the silence that comes with travelling alone.

Credits: Explore With Diana

Ten Tips for Traveling Alone

  • Avoid Lodging With a Single Supplement.
  • Stay Somewhere With Multiple Positive Ratings.
  • Stay Somewhere With Free Wi-Fi.
  • Meet Other Travelers.
  • Relax While You Eat.
  • Start Your Day Early.
  • Do Something You Normally Wouldn’t Do With Others.
  • Take Plenty of Pictures.


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