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7 Holi Hacks You Must Know



Holi hacks

Searching for Holi Hacks? Well as the festival comes even closer and as people are filled with excitement, we thought of telling some hacks which might be useful. It is indeed necessary to enjoy, but it is even important to be safe for with safety comes enjoyment. So try out these simple and easy Holi Hacks and enjoy this Holi to the fullest!


1. Try to wear full dresses

Holi dresses

Wearing full dresses could really be the need of the hour at times in Holi. This is definitely one of the best things which you must look upon for it would protect the skin from direct contact with colours. Try to wear old and comfortable clothes along with thick denim. They really help a lot when you have to protect your body against the colour.


2. Apply coconut or olive oil

Oils to apply holi hacks

Before you walk out and play Holi, try to oil your body and hair with coconut or olive oil. You can even mix both and apply it on your body even on privates. This would definitely help wash the colours easily off your body and would not allow the colours to stick to your body. If you do not have these oils you ought to buy one now.


3. Do not wear contact lenses

specs in holi

Avoid wearing contact lenses, even better do not wear them at all. Try to put on an old pair of glasses with a frame for they are the best during this festival. Contact lenses might have a chance to hurt your eyes for they may break into the eyes. Furthermore, there might be chances of colours getting into your eyes causing itchiness and allergies. Thus your spectacles will protect against them too.


4. Cover your wounds

band aid

It is very much advisable to not to leave your wounds open while you go out to play Holi. Remember, safety always comes first. So before you walk out and enjoy the festival of colours, cover your wounds first if you have any. Put on a band-aid or two at places where there are minor cuts. If the colour gets into those places, there may be chances of infection and a feeling of burning sensation.


5. Apply petroleum jelly on nails


You might be wanting to play Holi with your friends and relatives but there might be one thing which is stopping you do it, the colour on the nails. Yes, long after you have enjoyed the colour, the colour on your nails doesn’t want to leave. For this, apply some petroleum jelly, like Vaseline or something. This does not let the colour stick to your nails.


6. Use organic colours

Holi hack organic colour

Perhaps the best and the safest way to play is to play with organic colours. The synthetic colours are not all a good choice when it comes to playing and applying on the skin. Organic colours are way better as they do not have the harmful chemicals which may damage your skin.


7. Treatment after the festival

face packs

While most of us enjoy the day of the festival what we all ignore is the amount of damage it has done to our sensitive skin. Our skin is way more sensitive than we even think it is. Well, this is one of the most important Holi hacks for it tells you to take care of your skin and body after you had a gala time enjoying with your friends. Apply several natural homemade treatments on your skin to re-nourish them.


Check out this post on how to be safe this Holi with the outbreak of Corona. You may also have a glimpse of the festival from the Ambani’s House. And last but not least we wish you a Very Happy Holi In Advance!

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Why More Women Should Embrace Menstrual Cups



Menstrual Cup

The reusable, bell-like devices unfold in the vagina to stanch the menstrual flow. They are as effective as sanitary pads and tampons, according to a new analysis and less expensive. Yes! They are Menstrual cups. Many of us would have heard about it, but are afraid to try it. Most women, especially in India, use sanitary pads on their periods. These pads are not the most comfortable, but that is a personal opinion and choice. However, these pads area huge part of the waste produced by households, and they cannot be added to composts either.

1. These Cups Are Cheaper

Via Pinterest

A menstrual cup costs INR 500 on an average, which may seem a price higher to pay, as compared to a pack of 10 pads, which you may get for Rupees 100 or 150. however, when you look at the long-term cost, pads definitely cost you way more than a menstrual cup. 1 menstrual cup can be used for years, while 1 pack of pads will last you for no longer than 1 monthly period. The initial investment could help you overcome the cost incurred every month.

2. Menstrual Cups Are Sustainable

Via Medical News

When you use a menstrual cup, there is no waste generation. The blood is collected in the cup and then flushed into the toilet. This helps reduce waste generation and management effort that goes into it, not to forget, the cost that goes into it, as well. As we talk so widely about sustainability, we have to ensure that we use the resources we have in such a way that we are able to replenish them for the generations to come. We also have to come up with ways and methods that make things and activities sustainable, and not one-time use. Menstrual cups can help us achieve both objectives.

3. Menstrual Cups Are Hygienic

Via Healthline 

Menstrual cups are also more hygienic when used correctly. They can ensure a 100 per cent leak-proof period, which we all know is not a reality with sanitary pads. We all have those days when the sanitary pads cause rashes, redness, itchiness or irritation on our skin. Menstrual cups are, definitely, way more comfortable than sanitary pads once you get the hang of it, and can save you from all the added problems of the monthly period.

4. Less embarrassing Odour

Via Pinterest

You won’t have to worry about embarrassing menstrual odor wafting out at the most inopportune times since the fluid doesn’t get exposed to air as it does with pads and tampons. Moreover, pads and tampons absorb all your vaginal fluid along with the blood, which may disturb the delicate pH and bacterial balance in your vagina. You need to change tampons every four to eight hours, depending on flow. You can go up to 12 hours with a menstrual cup before emptying.

5. No More Harmful Chemicals

Menstrual Cups

Via Pinterest

Cups don’t contain latex, BPA, dye or other creepy additives. Not to mention, almost all tampons contain bleached rayon a material that creates the possibly carcinogenic byproduct dioxin. Plus, that is bleach you’re shoving up there. Menstrual pads aren’t any less innocent, only slightly less invasive. TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) is a bacteria-spurred illness that can kill you. If your tampon has even a slightly higher absorbency than your actual flow, you risk shredding. Tiny bits of cotton can cause small cuts in your vaginal walls—a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria causing TSS.

6. Fewer Leakage Worries

Menstrual Cups

via Pinterest


With proper insertion, your menstrual cup should form a suction. Meaning, all liquid should pool directly into it without a hitch. When a tampon shifts or becomes saturated, that’s when leaks can happen. Does the idea of collecting your flow in a cup gross you out? Then likely collecting it in a cotton vagina plug or slab of adult diaper does, too. In that case, good luck. Cotton in tampons can strip your vaginal walls of naturally occurring lining, making your lady bits more susceptible to disease.

7. Menstrual Cups Aren’t That Bad

Menstrual Cups

via pinterest

Cups are just as comfortable as tampons or pads once you get the hang of them. You can maintain cups in a public restroom, but you probably won’t have to because you can keep it in for so long. Just wash your hands and wet a paper towel to bring into the stall with you. Then you can safely empty your cup into the toilet, wipe it out with the towel and pop it back in for another dozen hours.

The only way to know if a menstrual cup is a right device for you is to buy one and give it a try! They come in various formations and sizes, so sometimes, if the first one doesn’t suit you, the next one will do the trick. You can find them at drug stores or buy them online.

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Free Apps To Limit Your Screen Time



Via Pinterest

During this pandemic many of us have become addicted to social media and our mobiles. It is harmful for our physical as well as mental health. Social media apps tend to consume your mental energy to a vast level. For such reasons, you may need to limit your screen time. Moreover, start using apps that track your screen time for your own good. Furthermore, these are free apps! They are diversified in terms of functionality to restrict the screen time. Several screen time apps enhanced the interface while others have increased the cost of using the program. Apps of this nature have been created, with the need to restrict the screen time on children’s phones. So, if you’re concerned that your kid will spend more time fiddling with his phone than normal. Additionally, if you’re concerned about your own health as well but don’t know how to restrict screen time. These apps will help you monitor your screen time and further make a schedule to execute your daily plans.

Read the guide below to learn some of the best free apps to restrict screen time on both Android and iPhone


For a lot of stylistic features and the ability to control the screen time for children, you can be confident that this will help you with other restricting issues. For example, you’ll be able to block or limit screen time using Screen Time. The app is also capable of monitoring Suspicious SMS and can help parents get warnings from suspicious messages such as word bullying.

Free apps



Designed simply to please the Unglue Parental Control App makes screen time limits to our list of the best free software. The app has been built with an agenda which encourages children to have fun on the internet, with moderation.

Free apps



ScreenTime software is among the best screen time-limiting Android Free apps. It has a free 14-day trial period in which you can take advantage of the free bundle or get a subscription.

Free apps



With a litany of features, this comes among the best free applications for iPhone to limit screen time. The software has a sleek interface and there’s even a demo to check out the software before you decide whether to use it. This is also cross-platform applications, and has some unique features.

Free apps



It is an iOS app that has a very special feature-Moment Coach to limit screen time. It’s a feature designed to help you get some of the time lost over your phone use back. It tells you on how to develop a good relationship with your phone or how you are using it.

Free apps



This iOS app with features such as robust monitoring abilities of tracking calls, texts, etc. FamilyTime is considered one of the best apps to limit screen time on your phones.


For more details and features about more apps, read- apps to limit screen time on android and iphone.html

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Pleasant And Welcoming Changes in Language!



Changes in Language

Language is a means of communication in all species of animals. Be it humans or other animals, all use language. However, humans are the only species that are blessed with a rich vocabulary. In addition, the human system of language is also universal to a great extent. For instance, the Hindi spoken in different parts of the world may be different. For example, the tone, the use of words, the accent. However, in all these cases the underlying rules of the language are universal. A means that brings together and binds different words of the language is a dictionary. In this post, discover the Pleasant And Welcoming Changes in Language through this very means.

Pleasant And Welcoming Changes in Language

What changes in language are we talking about?

There are a lot of rapid changes which the language of today has gone through. However, the language that we are referring to here is only English. 

In Dictionary Terms…….

Changes in Language

There is a trend of releasing the “Word of the Year” that dictionaries follow. This is usually done by the end of each year. For example, in 2013, the “Word of The Year” was Selfie. However, this year, 2020, has been more eventful as it has to it more than just one Word of the Year.

There are already a lot of changes in the language that have taken place.

The popular US dictionary, Marriam-Webster Dictionary, has made its fasted update in these times of pandemic. For instance, the word Covid was coined by the WHO on February 11. However, by 18th, the word has spread across the globe and had also made a place in the dictionary for itself. This progress is the fasted ever.

In addition, they are also considering to add newly seen words like ‘doomscrolling’ and ‘doomsurfing’. Both of these are pretty recent words. The first one appeared on twitter in 2018. Later, the second one has been recently seen in March for the first time ever.

A huge shout out to the Marriam Webster Dictionary for their decision earlier this year. When a young university graduate sent them a mail pointing out the inadequate nature of their definition of ‘racism’, a pleasant change in language took place. According to the new graduate, the definition should include ongoing systemic oppression as a part of the definition. Later, the editors agreed to this. This extension of the definition will be soon available in the dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary is looking forward to an update with words like ‘WFH’, ‘Social Distancing’, ‘community spread’, ‘contact tracing’, ‘self-isolate’ and ‘contactless’ in the new edition.

In the Press…….

This one is a subtle yet important change. The news and the press companies will not be capitalizing the ‘Black’. For instance when race ethnicity or culture is being referred to.

The Scrabble Shines As Well………

We all know of the popular game scrabble. The North American Scrabble Players Association has come up with a new stand. They have a demand for restricting the use of 238 words that may stand out as racist or sexist slurs. For example, the N-word, ‘bitch’ or ‘culchie’ are all not welcome. However, the stand they have taken is indeed a welcoming one.

In India…..

Changes in Language

It’s not just in the US or UK, but also in India. For instance, a popular company has brought changes in their language. This is a big change in terms of their identity but a pleasant one. For instance, the brand ‘Fair and Lovely’ has taken a decision to drop ‘Fair’ from their name. The word has been a part of the brand’s identity and many households for many years now.

Brands ………

In addition, other brands that are re-branding are Uncle Ben’s rice, Beso de Negra cookies, Redskins lollies, Chico’s sweets, Eskimo Pie ice-cream, Aunt Jemima syrups and Darlie toothpaste.

Indeed seeing the change in language when it comes to using of derogatory terms or black mascots is a proud one. The idea of saying no to racial stereotyping for gaining profits shall soon end is all we happily hope.

In addition, read Anti-Racist Books That Everyone Should Read!

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