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Fashion Mantras To Look Your Best Every Day




“It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules.” – Alexander McQueen

Fashion is different for all. We all have a different sense of fashion and our taste totally depends on our mood. But don’t we all have a set of fashion mantras that we swear by? These mantras help us glide through everyday life without any stress. Well, if you’ve never thought about it, let’s introduce you to our fashion mantras and maybe these will become your guide to looking your best every day. Here come the hacks.

Accessories: The More, The Merrier

You might have heard a lot of people tell you this, but honestly, the right accessory can completely change the way you look. You can wear your plain white shirt for a wedding if you accessorize it right. Yes! That’s the power of accessories. Just wear a printed skirt and top your look with a statement neckpiece and you’re good to go. Best part? You can also repeat the same outfit and look completely different from another pair of accessory!

Here Deepika has styled the most basic outfit with a pair of golden hoops & red heels, making a statement.

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it’s the time to disco!🎺

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Always Wait For The Big Sale

Plan your shopping days around sales, and there are many these days, so you don’t really have to wait for long. It’ll be easier on your pocket and you’ll be able to avoid impulsive buys. Speaking of sales, the most popular Black Friday Sale is here! Shop from your favourite brands at the Pacific Mall and avail amazing discounts.

Research Before Putting On A Look Together

Internet is a powerful tool. There are so many trends that keep coming and going. Going to a mall without knowing what you want can be time-consuming and a little heavy on the pocket.  Research before you put a look together so that it becomes easy for you to shop.

Try-On Clothes Before You Buy Them

How many times has it happened that you’ve picked something up from a store without trying it? You may be confident about your size when it’s your regular brand, but you still need to try a piece of clothing on before you pay for it. Of course, you can always exchange/return, but more often than not, we get lazy and the outfit stays in the wardrobe for years. No wasting hard-earned money, right? So, try it before you buy it!

Know Your Body Type

Trends change really fast and know what suits your (beautiful) body type. We are the kinds who believe that fashion is about feeling good about yourself. Which is why knowing what suits your body is the best way to go about it. Know your body type and pick outfits that fit them well.

Reuse and recycle

Sustainability is the need of the hour! Even with your fashion choices, you can make a lot of difference and still make stylish statements. One example: Get your mother’s old saree and make a great outfit out of that (maybe a maxi dress or a pretty skirt). You can also reuse your old T-shirt and tie a knot to turn it into a crop top. There are countless possibilities stored in your wardrobe right now, you just need to take a closer look.

Be confident

Self-confidence goes a long way. Try to embrace who you are and stay happy with the way you look. Confidence is the key to rock any look and that, my friend, is the only mantra you need sometimes!

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Mahabharata And Its Many Sides




Mahabharata is one of the greatest Indian epics. It has been told and spread from ages. In addition, it is not just the Indians but also foreign scholars who look at the book in awe. Similarly, in modern days, more and more authors are presenting the text from different perspectives. Read about this book here in this post.


The reason why the book is so popular and looked up to is that every possible dynamic of human relations, of statesmanship, of politics, warfare and diplomacy are all there in the book. Moreover, what makes it even more special is that all the things that have been written about are still relevant even today day.

However, Mahabharata was written centuries ago. Therefore, it is much different from what things are today. For instance, we got the term feminism now, women are much different than those times. Most women today even take up jobs and work for earning. In addition, due to the freedom of speech, more people can take up artistic fictional perspectives on the great epic.

Books that are Retelling of Mahabharata

The Palace of Illusions


The book is written by Author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.  The book talks about the tale of Mahabharata from the perspective of Draupadi. Draupadi or Panchaali was the daughter of the King of Panchaal and the wife to five Pandav brothers. It is a celebration of womanhood, sacrifice and the strength of Draupadi. She indeed has seen a lot of hard times and this was beautifully captured from the woman’s perspective in this book by the author.

The book was available for free on Kindle when the lockdown started and it was surely a big gain for the readers.

Get the book here. 

Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of Mahabharata


This book is one of the books written by famous mythological author Devdutt Patnaik. In addition, the speciality of the book is that it has more than  250 illustrations by the author himself. He has done a great job of simplifying the Sanskrit verses and adding details that are lesser-known.

Karna’s Wife: The Outcasts Queen

This is another of the feminist retelling. Kavita Kane is a famous feminist writer. It tells the story of Mahabharata from Uruvi, Karna’s wife’s perspective.

I, Duryodhana


The book is written from the perspective of Duryodhana who is rather not on the good side as everyone may say. Get the book here.

The Kurukshetra War series


This series written by Aditya Iyengar consists of two books. The first book is about the thirteenth day of the way when the three most sought after warriors of the Kaurava clan left the battle. Similarly, the second part of the series follows the events that take place after the thirteenth day.



Jaya means victory in Hindi. In Ajaya, author Anand Neelkantan has shown the other side of victory. That is, he has written the book from the Kauravas point of view. Get the book here.

Arjuna: Saga Of A Pandava Warrior-Prince

The book is a detailed retelling from the perspective of Arjuna. It follows his life right from his birth till his death. In addition, it also reveals a lot of the emotional side of Arjuna.

Yudhistar and Darupadi

The text is written in the form of a poem. The Hindi translation of the book is done by none other than Gulzar.

Mahabharat series


This is also another series of two books. However, it is quite different from other series. Each of the two books puts forth two opposing views of the great war. For instance, one of it tells the story from the Pandavas side. On contrary, the other one says the story from the opposite view of the Kauravas.

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How To Tackle Emotional Blackmail In A Relationship




Emotional blackmail is when a person tries to manipulate you to make you do things their way. They use your feelings to control your behavior. And this kind of nature might be seen in some relationships where one partner manipulates the other to get their work done.

The examples of emotional blackmail are very subtle and they are generally exhibited in one’s body language and disappointment. So, people should prevent this kind of behavior when they feel that they are manipulated in a relationship. So, here’s everything you should know about it.

Examples of emotional blackmail and how to handle this?

Emotional Blackmail: Definition, How It Works, and More

via- Healthline

Signs of emotional blackmail

These are the subtle signs of this behavior:

Demand: They will demand from their partner to not meet a particular friend or do a specific thing. This would be conveyed in a subtle way.

Resistance: If the other person tries to resist it, then their partner will push again indirectly to make that happen.

Pressure: Next, they will pressurize directly. There are high chances that they will try to criticise or demean the person.

Threats: When nothing is working, they will directly threaten to get the things done.

Compliance: Then, they’ll have to agree with their partner and listen to what they say. The conflict will be over and their partner will be nice to them for doing what they want.

Repetition: When such a situation arrives, they will know how to play with your mind to make you do their work. They will keep controlling their behaviour.

Other examples of emotional blackmail

Some people use other tactics to manipulate their partner’s feelings such as the following:

Punish: They will punish their partners for not obeying their orders.

Self-Punishers: Here, people will punish themselves to make their partner feel bad for not listening to them.

Tantalizers: People will use kind gestures and words to manipulate their partner’s mind. They will be extremely nice while demanding something.

What to do?

Emotional Blackmail

via- Valenti Matchmaking

Handling this kind of situation is quite tricky. You have to be calm and think wisely to react to such things. So, here’s what you can do:

First, keep calm and take time to think about what your partner wants.

Start a conversation with him or her. Try to convey your feelings. Tell them how you feel when they demand something illogical.

Show them that love doesn’t include blackmail. It may seem common knowledge, but we do forget at a rapid rate as things are always going left right and center when we are alive. You need to instil the knowledge that whenever they demand something from you, they must be prepared for yes or no and not threaten you or start whining about hurting themselves when they get a response they did not expect.

You can also seek professional help to resolve these matters.


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7 Great Ways To Be Kind To Yourself Today




Elizabeth Gilbert writes in her bestselling book, “Eat, Pray, Love”, that one day she walked into a building in New York City in a hurry. She was dashing toward the elevator when she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror. However, she didn’t immediately recognize herself. Instead, she thought: “Oh, look! I know her. She’s my friend.” In order to recognize yourself as a friend, you have to be kind to yourself. If you’re not sure how to do this, you’re in the right place. Look at some ways you could be a little kinder to yourself today.

Carve Out Some Time For Yourself


Via Pinterest

Time is precious we all know. But how much have you invested in yourself? Give yourself the best gift anyone could give- time. Every day carve out some time for yourself and do something that brings you joy. You can draw, journal, write short stories, play a musical instrument, or do anything else that you love to do. Be kind to yourself by giving yourself some “me time” each day.

Believe In Yourself 


Via- Success Unlimited mantra

When things are as challenging as they are, sometimes the best course of action is to simply believe in yourself. Remember what you have done to get where you are and know that the same belief will get you to where you want to go. Once you start to believe again, step outside and scream it as loud as you can so the world can hear your conviction.

Give Yourself Recognition

Via SnackNation

Often, we’re quick to acknowledge the achievements of others, but slow to acknowledge our own. That has to stop. Become aware of your own achievements and give yourself recognition. When you do something you’re proud of, stop for a minute and dwell on it. Praise yourself and relish the achievement. Complement yourself. Pat yourself on the back and say the following: “Kudos to me!”

Positive Affirmations

Via pInterest .

Optimism is the key to any journey. The journey of self-kindness definitely needs a positive outlook. Give yourself that much-needed pep talk. You know the one. The one that starts with “I am great and I can do whatever I want” and ends with “And I know in my heart all of this to be true.” Not only will it change your trajectory but it will also drastically improve a bad mood.

 Respect Yourself

Via Confucius Quotes’

Self-respect is valuing yourself for who you are, and not allowing others to dictate your value. It’s trusting yourself, thinking for yourself, forming your own opinions, and making your own decisions. In addition, it’s refusing to compare yourself to others. Finally, self-respect is about keeping your promises to yourself and following through on what you tell yourself that you’re going to do. Be kind to yourself by deeply respecting yourself.

Soothe Yourself

Via Pinterest

Did you have a tough day? Did you get into an argument with a co-worker or a friend?  Bombed your presentation? Was it one of those days in which everything that could wrong, did go wrong? Be kind to yourself by soothing yourself. Do the following: Soak in a hot tub. Add scented bath oil. Give yourself a scalp massage. Rub your feet. Do something to relax and rejuvenate.

Accept Yourself

Via Robbie Holz

Only in true acceptance lies happiness. Love is unconditional acceptance. Accept yourself as you are. You have strengths, and you have weaknesses. Sometimes you succeed, and sometimes you fail. Sometimes you’re right and sometimes you’re wrong. Allow yourself to fully be who you are. This is the beginning of your journey towards self-love and kindness.

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