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5 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World That Ought To Be In Your Bucket List!



Your bucket list deserves to be something outlandish, extravagant and truly exorbitant. Why not begin with food? And with the hope of getting to eat the best, it automatically is assumed that one also needs stupendous dining with the same. One would be astonished and elated at the same time to know that people have actually invested their all to bring together the lavish cultures all across the world by the simple amalgamation of stupendous ideas fulcrum by the economy.

Get a quick peek into the world of extravagance and utterly delicious food, with of course a highly-priced menu as you read ahead!

1. SubliMotion, Ibiza, Spain- $ 1700 Per Person

Credits: VIVA/ Lifestyle And Travel

Chef Paco Roncero’s SubliMotion is comfortably ensconced in 3019 or even 4019 as causally showcases and flaunts the priciest meal in existence. The 12-seater restaurant is essentially a blank canvas that changes its settings with each course – the scene shifts from the bottom of the ocean to a lush garden to a futuristic club to a carnival to high-tech fictional worlds accompanied by original music, VR and stagecraft. Also, the experience of eating here is enhanced with a little twist like receiving an edible ticket to enter this modern restaurant.

2. Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan- $724 Per Person

Credits: Kyoto Kitcho

Kaiseki is the Japanese version of a multi-course tasting menu. Four different kaisekis is offered at this highly peaceful and elegant eatery, each increasing in price and lavishness. Styled like a traditional tea ceremony house, the restaurant’s Chef Kunio Tokuoka believes every dish that is served to his customers is a work of art and represents the sights and smells of Japanese culture. This one’s surely gonna be in your bucket list for long- until of course you actually afford it!

3. Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China- $800 Per Person


It’s rather the only restaurant with a multi-sensory experience for its patrons, Ultraviolet is one of China’s most outrageous restaurants, and also one of the most expensive dining experiences in the Eastern Hemisphere. Its 10 nightly guests are driven to a secret location, where they sit around a table in a minimalist dining room and enjoy a 20-course avant-garde meal by Chef Paul Pairet. As diners enter the room, lights turn on to make the room come alive, transporting guests between simulations of various soothing climatic conditions.

4. Masa, New York, U.S.A- $809 Per Person

Credits: The New York Times

The most exuberant and lavish dining experience in the Big Apple is this omakase restaurant by the very man who pioneered the Haute sushi experience, Masa Takayama. No visible menus exist at Masa in order to give you the authentic omakase experience. And the chefs only cook whatever ingredients are available that day. Moreover, the décor of the three-Michelin-star restaurant is deliberately simple to ensure the ‘food’ is the main focus of the experience.

5. Maison Pic Valence- Paris, France- $500 Per Person

Credits: Pinterest

Entering now into its 130th year, Maison Pic is currently led by the third-generation of Pic cooks, Anne-Sophie Pic and is the perfect example of why Paris is often considered the home of fine dining. The chef takes an experimental approach to her menus, combining unusual flavours and delivering dishes that are appealing to the eye. To sample the delights created by this three Michelin star chef, you will be seated in the surroundings of a Mediterranean garden to enjoy your nine-course tasting menu.

P.s. Travel, explore and keep ticking places off your bucket list!

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Things You Can Do On An Airplane




If you’re headed on a super long airplane ride and don’t want to do the usual, worry not. You can very well ditch your phones and the same old movies. Thus, here are some innovative ideas as to what you can really do on your next airplane ride.

Watch a new series. Pick one TV show you’ve been meaning to watch and download the first season to your iPad.

Listen to a podcast. Sync up a few TED Talks or download your favorite podcasts. You’ll enjoy listening to them as you gaze at the clouds outside your window.

Play a game. If you’re traveling with someone, bring a compact game to play in-flight.

Plan something. Plan the décor of your next home, a dinner party, a surprise birthday, or a work project. You will also be super productive.

Edit your Instagram photos. If you took hundreds of photos on your trip, use an app like VSCO to edit and make them picture-perfect. Thereafter, drop the photos into Planoly to create the perfect Instagram grid.

Try journaling. Write down your thoughts about the trip and keep the memories forever.

Learn to meditate. There’s no better time to give meditation a try than when you’re stuck seated for hours.


Credits- Usatoday

Write a heartfelt letter or email. Take the opportunity to express your gratitude to someone, write an apology, or let someone know you care.

See? There’s so much you can do on an airplane without being on your phone! 

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Going On A Vacation? Store Your Documents Wisely




It does not matter whether you are going to another state or a different country – safeguarding your documents like passport, visa, and ID cards is very important when on a trip. Losing these things causes great stress, costs you time and money and ruins the holiday instantly!

So, here is a guide to keeping these important things safe and secure:

Make copies of your documents – loads of them

Via Google

You must have multiple copies of all your documents on you. These documents include your passport, visa, birth certificate, credit cards, etc. You must also have a set of passport-sized photographs with you as well.
Another good idea here is to have copies in both color and black and white. Having copies helps because, in case of any emergency, you can go to the embassy for new documentation.

Carry a copy with you always

Via Google

Whether you are going for a walk or a city tour, you must have a copy of your documents with you at all times. Get a travel document holder to make carrying and accessing them easier. You can also scan the documents and back them up on your phone. That way, you will at least have a digital copy with you. Be sure to add a password to that album or folder.

Go waterproof

Via The British Belt Company/Google

You are going to a distant land with new laws and regulations. Do not risk your precious documents just like that. Use ziplock bags or waterproof files to keep them safe from rain damage or coffee stains.


We go on trips to relax, learn about new cultures, and broaden our horizons. So enjoy, take pictures, and be curious when in a new place. But planning and thoroughness are important, because things like losing or forgetting documents can turn everything upside down.

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Indians Cut Down On Traveling Due To Economic Slowdown




economic slowdown

We all are aware of the economic slowdown of the nation. What we don’t know is that it is affecting the travel industry as well. Indians have surely cut down on their vacations and trips. This took place due to the intense circumstances in the economy of the country.

Yes, recession has surely hit the nation. That is why the citizens of India are trying to save as much money as they can. Hence, from a week-long lavish foreign tour, people have come down to weekend getaways and road trips only.

According to Nishant Kashikar, Country Manager – India & Gulf, Tourism Australia, “A key trend witnessed in this segment is their (Indian travelers) ability to take shorter and frequent holidays, planning much earlier (for every possible long weekend), and leveraging the sharing economy model and the low cost carrier (LCC) segment. Value-conscious Indians are now planning smartly by booking their trips well in advance and leveraging flash sales and discounts, instead of opting out of travel completely.”

This is how the Indian repo rate and economic growth graph looks like:

The above image is a clear indication of the economic slowdown of the nation. Travel industry is directly affected by this slowdown. This is because people spend lavishly on their trips only if they are financially sound. Also, financial stability allows them to exceed their monthly budget.

Daniel D’Souza, President and Country Head, Leisure, SOTC Travel said, “Families, couples, and millennials, especially from tier I and tier II cities, are opting for short getaways to destinations like Goa, Gokarna, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Khandala, Lonavala and Pondicherry to unwind.”

He further added, “We have observed an increase in demand for homestays as travelers, today, are looking for the most authentic domestic travel experience. They prefer good accommodation at affordable prices, added facilities, and convenience of the local regional flavour.”

Well, this is definitely not a good news for the travel industry of India.

For more such news, visit here.

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